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  1. Very sad to hear some individuals broke into my son's nursery last night and stole a lot of the children's toys. Here is there post from Facebook.
  2. Do we know when they're opening? I can't see it on their website????
  3. sophie910


    So the opening has been delayed, I hear as they are not ready. Shame!
  4. I work on the first floor of an office in Bridge Street. Heard a large crash at 4pm today and looked out of my office window. A guy had run over the brand new road sign at the top of Bridge Street. How could he possibly do that? Well, he pulled up right outside Bill Jackson estate agents, got out of his car and it was quite apparent he was drunk as he was struggling to stand. He staggered across the car to the sign and picked up the items which had fallen off his car from the crash. Quite a few people came out of the offices near the top of Bridge Street, but even though it was OBV
  5. I did in 2010, but they just had a look around hoarwithy road area to see if they could see anything suspicious ie bowls of liquid in anyone's garden. I didn't here that anything was found. Obviously without proof it's very difficult to get the police interested. I think we will definitely need to put together a case file from now on. But if no bodies are found this will be difficult also, as RSPCA require proof from vets etc
  6. I would like to voice my concerns about the amount of cats which have gone missing in out around Saxon Court estate since 2008. My friends and I have counted over 60 since then. 20 of these have been since December 2013! (Mostly around Garrick Avenue). Our cat died of anti freeze poisoning in 2010, which I believe was a deliberate act as three other cats on neighbouring streets died within weeks of him. At the time I went to Hfd Times and they ran an article about it. I also spoke to a councillor who told me that they were aware of a person nearby who might well be responsible. Since then it
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