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    Planning system in England is ‘not working well’

    Well that might well be true but at the very least they should be affordable to the people who live in this county they should be of the size/type and they should be built in the right places!
  2. Denise Lloyd

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    that looks better!
  3. Denise Lloyd

    Planning system in England is ‘not working well’

    I have not got the qualifications that these guys and gals have nor do I get paid the sums of money they do - but you know what this is precisely what I have been saying for years - developers rule!
  4. Denise Lloyd

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Whilst I am assured HC is not involved in this particular fiasco still makes for interesting reading and just over the border https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunityr4c.com%2Fcounty-council-ceo-in-cover-up-conspiracy%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR02Xk53stKfdM47f8ztL3JGzuBzF1tn2Og5TIDftqqAFXjwUeTc4_RaBr8&h=AT0IZ7sAt2sCx0hJbc_bEW_RNFDWIsTpDVKroSjXAenQA8TNpheQxu6y_uTaaG1HIPX3HSnP4E0YqAIJkIrm4e7GXBqk6G31yJXZ9VvJruUjM7ItjZtm4uHcaf09oIhJ5kG6qob2RJRom_ZaPzwz7sQtvVeOB5ha7xKcMvHvsGpF3jvgaUVx_elLb0TQ26jHH99Dbmfpw5ftdvw90GJa2W9txsukkS2Fg6tQmKBYAfI6n50R-5pm1gu-nztITIxXylGJuWrLsXIXnS9ja0_pDKQOOCz46fI5XyyL_sID1QYPRUuknUkz4_RS0dg2-jmWEwjnBUKQGqmQF_9BoWl4OSF4UyYbpRoPEhGnjXtT5Ur8HTkWfPu1zHvpu5pJUH47Ge8Eh3eT7yR4Hx7_1SM_SpMComT4GwkTsJpGQG-4EYKOO9NGnnDtafQhPAYl7v1kBiYuOBwYIkjDIUStJ5Y3bcY8mYMu0i5UmkLZrt_9dLgLm6oBsI13a2RJYJFgO1JzIis9LyFL0sGa9iGLxAfVBdBIdG7ENuYtf5SbaEBKdmZaWUjxhL2Dc2O0z93vxSCvuoS5ZCBCc04oWFcwidnUN5nAtQw8Wn7xeZBVkKaW8KBQzmn0sL4AsypX-hLBuYB1IsZdyfUTi11LyihS0macFhXF5tv67MM Surprisingly the link works for me
  5. Denise Lloyd

    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    A new PA has now been submitted for this pub to be turned into a Co op Unsurprisingly there have already been many objections https://t.co/3HVwhZwloc
  6. And yet a friend of mine who was driving the wrong type of vehicle was told he could not drop a large fridge freezer off so he said can I walk it in and they said yes = somebody should write a book Tales from the Tip I wish the scrap man (with a permit of course) would surface again
  7. The tip has become such a job's worth I hear tip tales most weeks seriously needs a sort out
  8. Denise Lloyd

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Talking about contracts and all that I think HC had a hand in this contract - oops https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-46964672
  9. Denise Lloyd

    First University academic building plans

    and if in Rotherwas be much closer to the larger companies where the students are supposed to be doing the majority of their learning
  10. Denise Lloyd

    First University academic building plans

    https://t.co/tz9NXIruQY NMITE in talks about Robert Owen School - no surprises there There are so many different NMITE forums on this site would it be better to marry them up a bit? and close off the others
  11. Denise Lloyd

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Similar to the Seaboard contract all very strange and questionable
  12. Denise Lloyd

    Change at the Council

    That gravy train just keeps on rolling "Consultant Geoff Hughes Ltd September 2018 – Present 5 months Herefordshire Having spent my career in local government I have now become a self employed consultant. My initial jobs include supporting the development of Nmite a new engineering based University in Herefordshire. I am also working with Powys Council to support them with their programme of economic regeneration." Please reassure me he did not receive a massive payout upon leaving HC
  13. Denise Lloyd

    Planning for New Wards at Hereford County Hospital

    Should take the quickest possible route through planning and build post haste Financing it should not really be a problem if the Government can throw billions at a possible no deal Brexit
  14. Denise Lloyd


    what does the one in Belmont Road say? Amazing that they can do this without somebody seeing them at it - hope they are made to clean it all off on a very bitterly cold day - a great pity their energies could not be turned to do something useful
  15. Denise Lloyd

    HC Social Care Fiascoes

    Whilst looking on the HC News website for confirmation of something I heard about NMITE (which I failed to find) I happened across the 2 links relating to the Social Care recent cases. Thought I would post them before they are mysteriously removed https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2018/76.html&query=(WR0007/18) https://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/format.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2018/72.html&query=(WR18Z00057) I have not yet read them but feel they will make for very uncomfortable and worrying reading
  16. Denise Lloyd

    Burger king coming to Hereford

    Sorry missing the point here but why is everybody getting so excited about a Burger King? No doubt somebody will enlighten me!
  17. Denise Lloyd


    Is Interserve about to follow suit? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46494465
  18. Denise Lloyd


    According to the FT Carillion could well go into Administration as early as tomorrow which could well mean the loss of thousands of jobs not just direct employees but also the thousands of sub contracted employees. Should this be allowed to happen? Should the Government bail them? There are so many unanswered questions not least of all why have the Government continued to give them contracts when they should have known about the Company's financial state - due dilligence? The Banks have continued to prop them up why? Whichever way this goes it will affect the whole country Government holds crunch meeting with Carillion - Financial Times https://www.ft.com/content/944f4f46-f8b3-11e7-9b32-d7d59aace167 11 hours ago - The fate of Carillion, one of Britain's largest construction companies, looks set to be decided at a crunch meeting with government figures at 10am on Sunday. The meeting was brought forward as Downing Street grappled with the implications of the potential collapse of the group, which has numerous
  19. Denise Lloyd

    Kubus Polski Sklep (Eign Gate, Hereford)

    Listen all the way through or fast forward 20 minutes
  20. Denise Lloyd

    Kubus Polski Sklep (Eign Gate, Hereford)

    Radio 4 this morning https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/play/m0001cv9 Stick to listening to it
  21. Denise Lloyd


    BBC Hereford & Worcester 1 hr · Herefordshire Council is considering selling off its' 5 thousand acres of farmland. It could raise 48 million pounds - as massive chunk of the 60 million pounds the authority needs to save in the next 3 years. The land is a huge asset though and has risen in value every year for the last decade. At a meeting this afternoon the council's Scrutiny Committee will recommended either a partial sale will some starter and progression farms kept on OR the sale of the entire estate. The sale will leave 51 families without their homes and businesses. Ian and Lorraine Salmon farm 66 acres near Leominster - they've just had their first child Isobel and face an uncertain future..................... Does anybody know the outcome of this meeting?
  22. Denise Lloyd


    29 November 2018 04:58:54 |News,Property News,Rural Life Farmers relieved as Powys Council rejects plans to sell Farming Estate With 141 holdings and land extending to 11,300 acres, Powys County Council’s Farms Estate is the largest of its kind in Wales Powys County Council has voted not to sell swathes of its 11,300 acre Farming Estate amid budget concerns and will instead maintain it as viable asset.During a meeting on Wednesday (28 November), Powys County Council's Cabinet discussed the future of its 141 farms amid budget worries.Earlier this year, the Learning Skills and Economy (LSE) Scrutiny Committee highlighted plans, which included selling land, in order to ease financial difficulties.Their report said: "The proposals submitted to Cabinet appear to offer little choice other than the status quo."The Strategic Asset Management Plan notes a declining contribution to central capital receipts in the immediate future and this issue needs to be given serious consideration given the financial situation the authority is facing."However, in Wednesday's meeting, the council instead voted to look into estate diversification and investment. With 141 holdings and land extending to 11,300 acres, Powys County Council’s Farms Estate is the largest of its kind in Wales and the fifth largest in the UK.The majority of the Estate lies in Montgomeryshire, although there are several estates in Radnorshire with further Holdings in Brecknock.County Farms Estate holdings range in size from residential smallholdings to commercial farm units.In recent years, the Estate has sought to increase the size of its core holdings by amalgamating certain farms, with the largest Estate farm now covering a combined area of 227 acres.The County Farms Estate provides opportunities for young people wanting to get in to farming who perhaps don't have a family farm.Council Leader, Cllr Rosemarie Harris, told Powys County Times: "We are very proud of the fact that we can provide this opportunity."We may sell the odd house with an acre or so, but there are no plans to sell the estate, this document does not deal with that sort of thing." taken from the Farmers Weekly HC will never be forgiven for selling the Council farms and yet the Council are still pleading poverty
  23. Page of the Property Times of this week's HT will now find the finished property https://www.stookehillandwalshe.co.uk/property-details/11932836/herefordshire/willersley
  24. Denise Lloyd

    Conservative Club

    This has to be a fine example of how to treat the beautiful buildings of our county. Wonderful isn't it? Hats off to the the developers responsible for this HERE
  25. Denise Lloyd

    Businesses in trouble

    Toys R Us Maplins Chimi ................. eating place in the OLM The first 2 have gone into administration and the last one closing places throughout the country and those are the ones that have been announced today. What is causing these hard times? Should the Cons be worried that a recession is on it's way? It would be very interesting to know how many jobs in this country have been lost since Christmas and how many jobs have been created.