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  1. Its all an opinion I know; but I think it is breathtakingly hideous and reminiscent of the worst of early 1960's multi storey car parks and other utilitarian buildings of that time. I hope its vigorously opposed.
  2. If Hereford Housing plan to demolish the site because of cost or previous poor adaptions etc., I would hope this will raise the exactly same volume of objections as when the Fire Brigade planned to to do exactly the same.
  3. Thank you Cambo, for the research you have put in here and making me aware that the Cathedral School want to demolish the building entirely. As a result, I have today made my objection online to Hereford Council. I urge others who do not wish to see the building demolished to object also via the council website. My objection made today online to them: "Hereford cannot allow any more of our heritage to be destroyed, this building should be preserved and sympathetically restored to new use. No demolition should be permitted at all. I am appalled that it is the historic and respected Cathedral School, that have made this application to destroy more of the city they are in."
  4. It was a useful feature i think and should be returned
  5. Its a sad state of affairs yes, but I'm sure they chose the OLM for a commercial reason knowing they will get far more footfall. As for high town, until it is rejuvenated and the council make a substantial effort to attract businesses and investment to high town, I do not blame any business for choosing the OLM instead.
  6. Its a fair point you raise Paul, and i would agree it is the sensible choice if the controls you mentioned are returned to an acceptable level - along with a UK opt of any future EU legislation if required.. The question is however if these controls are not forthcoming so we are unable to manage our affairs to the extent you mentioned, do we still stay in then?
  7. I note Amanda you oppose an eastern crossing bypass - all fair enough. As you are a It's our County candidate though, and if that's the view of the IOC generally, they will not be getting my vote.
  8. Thanks to Jimbo by offering your opinion on the manifesto following my post – in stating you support the majority of the manifesto; this provides the clarity I was seeking. Of course I understand an IOC candidate\councillor is free not to support the manifesto, but for the voters benefit, this should be published. Are other candidates or councillors also going to commit to the simple clarity Jimbo has supplied? On another note, Roger has posed an excellent and relevant question on parking restrictions, I look forward to reading responses to that as well...
  9. With the election looming I have been looking at It’s our County’s manifesto. I understand from John Harrington (Chairman of the Executive) that all candidates and existing councillors are not required to support any element of this manifesto as there is no whip to the party. I am told it is hoped that a desire for unity within the party is stronger than the desire for independence. Let’s hope that this is the case. However I was unable to find on It’s our County’s website if individual candidates and councillors are publicly supporting the manifesto or not. Manifestos are produced to help the electorate decide on what a party’s plans and intentions are. To date I have voted for and been impressed by It’s our County’s; but I for one, would find it useful to know if each individual It’s our County’s candidate and existing councillor, supports their own manifesto. I believe that if they do not share the majority of the manifesto views, to seek election under the It’s our County’s banner would be confusing and potentially misleading. Perhaps either here or on the It’s our County’s website itself, their support (or lack of) could be published to give the voters the clarity I feel we need.
  10. Bilbobobby - Having been fortunate enough to read your post prior to your deletion (for your own sound and measured reasons I am sure) - I just wanted to say how well written, educated and objective it was - a refreshing change indeed from some of the posts I have seen here.
  11. University towns all over the country share the many problems outlined here of housing shortages and challenges to infrastructure. However many universities, despite these challenges continue to stimulate and flourish the local economy through increased spending by students and parents alike. This in turn may well attract further investment willing to attract this new influx of potential revenue.. If efforts are made, and much needed resources diverted to and spent in Hereford, and the university is delivered as published then like many many other towns and cities in the UK we will benefit from increased local spending, and the potential development and re- generation of the city buildings; and who knows even raising Hereford's sadly reduced profile to the outside world. Change and progress is often difficult to stomach, and not without its difficulties, but the alternative option – doing nothing, is worse.
  12. Good research from megilleland on this - I note that our own MP Jesse Norman has yet to make his views known on this early day motion, so I have just emailed him asking him to publish his views on this for the benefit of his constituents.
  13. Good to hear that someone is taking an interest and developing a pub which has been struggling. New investment and jobs in Hereford is welcome news.
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