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  1. Blackfriars - my understanding of the law is that as the Council had it on a list of assets it no longer requires then the Robert Owen School can require, as they have, the Council to give it them for nothing. Not a penny. If I am correct then this is down to the government and their push for free schools. Bath Street - all we can do is bombard the Council with our views. To my mind it would be best to argue on the value(cash) lost if it is given to the Fire Service and we get a pig in a poke around the corner. Of course if the transfer does take place then a planning application for a new f
  2. Anyone who really cares should e-mail Cllr Bramer who is the Cabinet decision maker. I did some weeks ago. hbramer@herefordshire.gov.uk His reply to a question on the point (written by an officer) at Council last week to the effect that we don't need it for housing as enough sites are identified elsewhere was just fatuous. I don't personally have much regard for whether the building is kept or not. I just think it is a crazy proposal. If the Council no longer need the site then the best option is to sell it for housing - this will bring the greatest financial benefit for the taxpayer. A
  3. I don't know - the Council/Hereford Futures spend all that money on a flood prevention scheme and what do we get in all this bad weather. Merton Meadow car park/Newtown Road and other areas flooded for days on end. Why cannot they build something that actually works
  4. If you are not coming back into town don't worry you will not be missed
  5. You could get printer ink at Ryman, Tesco, Wilko or even Cartridge World which is in Bewell Street Pastry cutters are sold in Tesco but you could also go to Philip Morris or Lakeland I think the fact of the matter is that you will spare no expense to find fault
  6. I feel it is a shame that we get another charity shop but there must be a market for what they sell - and it is recycling. On balance I am happier to see the unit in use rather than empty
  7. Colin It seems to me that you need to get the councils policy changed Contact the Cabinet Member - Graham Powell I believe and ask to meet him to discuss the issues. Am happy to help Alternatively look out for meetings of the Regulatory Committee where these requests are often determined.
  8. Oh what a depressing picture this all paints - exactly what you lot seem to want. Nothing like a good moan. Lets look to the future - we have major companies, Waitrose and Debenhams, with the confidence to open in the City. They would not have gone elsewhere in the centre as there are no suitable sites. Yes its a shame that TK Maxx and H & M are moving but they are not closing and change happens. Two shops have just opened in Church Street and two on your list will be reoccupied soon. But nothing should be let to get in the way of your agenda which is to continually talk the city down.
  9. Is the reality of this that Independent Glenda would not want to go to an event organised by IOC Jim?
  10. Victor Well it says it here http://www.itsourcounty.org/home/policy/transport/ Perhaps before everyone decides who they are going to vote for next time they should check out exactly what the policies are.
  11. Colin I wonder how many of those cars had only one occupant. There is a perfectly good cycle/footpath into town from Belmont. Yes I know it won't suit everyone and I know it might not go to the front door of where you want to shop or work but if we are going to solve the traffic congestion we must look at the alternatives. Today the new pedestrian/cycle route bridge link to Rotherwas from Hampton Park was opened - if you live in Tupsley and work in Rotherwas it is a godsend. That should take some cars away from the roads. But ponder on this - if you vote for Its Our County then there will
  12. Does your 8 include "Iceland"????? What I see in Eign Gate is a recovered street (after Woolies closure) with I think only 1/2 empty units. That is good. Doesn't bother me what they sell.
  13. I don't believe anyone is saying (certainly not on here) that all is OK. It is not OK particularly given that the Council has to save £30 million over the next 3 years. This is not stopping buying bottled water it is much more serious than that.I have no problem with "Positive Hereford" or "WIHAHC". They are just expressing differing views. After all despite the horrors what is wrong with pointing out some of the good things that are happening. There are people who if the Council solved world famine, stopped all wars and had Council Tax at £1 per year would still complain. We need to find
  14. This is great news Can someone ask Sean Yates why he left Team Sky??
  15. A few years back there was a restructure in one of the large Directorate's. Just for fun let's call it Environment. At the time one of the assistant directors did not get a job and normally would be made redundant. But they were obviously too valuable to get rid of so was given another job but keeping the salary and position. I believe some of the funding came from elsewhere. Time moves on and the cost cutting goes on with more restructures and all of a sudden the person concerned gets almost their original job back. In the Directorate there is, obviously, the Director plus at least 5 Assis
  16. TWG - there is a problem with scrapping the cabinet system and going back to committees. That is the ruling party are allowed/required to have the majority on the committee. So you will get the same outcome as now. If you want real change they will have to be voted out. But if you look at the Council make up today what is the alternative? None of the opposition members genuinely fill me with any confidence that they would do much different or be able to manage a p up in a brewery (no disrespect meant Jim). There are a few projects that might not proceed but in the huge overspending area nobo
  17. Glenda - is that it then? Anyone who supports the Council has to be excluded? So it will become as I said just another bashing exercise with everyone pushing their own little agenda/vendetta. Who makes the decision as to who is excluded? Perhaps you should be excluded as you part of the decrepit organisation. Don't come back at me and say you have no influence and cannot be blamed. The opposition are almost as bad as the conservatives with all their cliques and self righteous - it's not our fault - attitude. As a councillor you are part of the problem. We want a solution that does not invol
  18. Sounds an interesting idea but I wonder whether it will just turn out to be Council bashing?
  19. It is the Hereford disease that holds things up. The following is simplistic but usually someone will come up with an idea for which probably the silent majority think is a good idea. However a small group for example, Here for Hereford, don't want change and are vociferous in their opposition. The Council or whoever are so scared of their own shadows that they think that they can debate away the opposition but in doing so play into their hands. Result = nothing happens for years. A good example is the by-pass. The Council are criticised for not providing one but is the strident objection th
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