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  1. Yes I fully agree, you can't really blame one individual, anyway were not missing much as I thought the site was very poor and quite biased, just my opinion
  2. Ha ha yes that is true enough, but seriously it is far too dark up on the old lines, way too dark for a woman to walking home alone, more lighting would make it feel that little bit safer, more Police patrols would be good too specially now that winter is almost here.
  3. Glad that you have clarified that Colin now can we get back to normal
  4. Nice one Col, I am glad that you have put the record straight, I was finding it a little frustrating with members claiming to know it all, when they obviously don't, I fully agree with everything you have said and yes aliases, aren't they just class :Laughing_32:
  5. I don't understand why they would not want to represent everybody, this forum is ideal. Disappointing to say the least :Thumbs-Down:
  6. Looking forward to the update.
  7. Victor has raised some valid points I think, any decisions about the pool should be made by the parish and councils that own the pools.
  8. This is excellent news, well done for the swift work Councilor this is appreciated and well done to the local fisherman for the co operation in this matter.
  9. Clearing the weeds would be a good start, thought Amey were going to do this weeks ago?
  10. How much!! beats me where they get the stupid quotes from, that's an horrendous amount of money for a notice board, especially when they are not being used like this one you have put up.
  11. I am so pleased that you have acted upon this because this is totally out of order.
  12. It is not a case of if I disagree with you or not, as I am impartial, I was merely responding to YOUR quote below; You also misread or misunderstood what Mark Schoffer had originally written I think by the reply you gave. I am pleased to hear that you are on the case though, hopefully this will be rectified asap.
  13. A little over the top, I do not think we are at the stage of it causing death but this problem of raw human sewage in the ponds is one of some urgency, certainly it can not go ignored. As for kids swimming in the ponds or rivers for that matter, its easy to say "Also parents should know where their children are at all times" but once they get to teenagers, any parent with teenage kids will know how difficult that can be, I remember the things I used to get up too when I was that age ha ha you will never stop kids swimming in water, signs saying do not swim in most cases will only encourage them. The answer is to stop this sewage and have the water treated and cleaned. This whole area is in need of a good clean up from the posts that I have been reading, some of these are over 3 weeks old (tyres and old toilet) and I am amazed that NOTHING has been done to remove these from the water!!!!
  14. I am sorry to say but actually Councillor you are wrong, first of all I would suggest that you read what Mr Mark Scoffer actually wrote in his email again. I am confused why Mr Mark Schoffer used the term "our Eastern European friends who like to eat them" slight discrimination tut tut tut I am sure all the fishermen possibly eat them, regardless of where they are from. Raw sewage in water is very very dangerous!! There are several diseases that are brought by sewage damage. It is important to have an idea of these diseases and the their effects to our health. Public health The general public is the one being at risk of sewage damage. It is ordinary to hear and read news about cases of hepatitis, cholera and other diseases due to exposure to untreated sewage. Pathogens Most illnesses that arise from contact with sewage are caused by pathogens, which are biological agents that cause disease or illness in a host. The most common pathogens in sewage are bacteria, parasites, and viruses. They cause a wide variety of acute illnesses including diarrhea and infections. These illnesses can be violent and unpleasant, but mostly pass after several days or weeks with no lasting effects. In some cases, however, pathogens can cause serious long-term illnesses or even death. Certain groups such as children, the elderly, and those with a weakened immune system are particularly vulnerable to these long-term effects. Toxic Algal Blooms In addition to pathogens, the high nutrient levels in untreated sewage can cause illness when they create algal blooms. Algal blooms are rapid increases in the population of phytoplankton algae, or single-celled plants that serve as an important food source to other organisms. The nutrients in sewage act as fertilizers and cause the number of algae to swell. Some algae are toxic to humans who can come in contact with them from eating shellfish or swimming or boating in contaminated water. Symptoms from exposure include memory loss, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, liver failure, respiratory paralysis, and coma. If an affected person does not receive proper medical attention, some toxins can be fatal This requires a remedy and soon before all sorts of agencies get involved such as the NRA for example, I am sure that would have something to say about this, especially as the ponds are so close to homes and children. Eating the fish from this water could also make you ill.
  15. I think that would be a little dramatic but it certainly needs cleaning up as a matter of urgency! and the source of these sewage pipes needs stopping or redirecting to the main sewage.
  16. As far as I am aware, Belmont Rural parish council was created in May 2000. Previously, it had been part of the adjacent Clehonger Parish Council.
  17. Yes this is a right mess
  18. I was walking along the great western way the other night and noticed a fair amount of litter, the whole area is poorly lit at night too and very overgrown in parts, which must be nerving for people walking along there alone. Who is responsible for litter, grass, hedges and lighting etc?
  19. I never realised it was shut.
  20. Councillor Powell will be onto them, she is pretty good.
  21. You was lucky to catch that bird in flight, great picture.
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