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  1. still two elections to go (Ross and Whitecross) which may or may not change the status quo again..
  2. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17684813.eastern-bypass-spat-severs-ruling-group/
  3. They were removed and disposed of by De Koffie Pot people, all credit to them
  4. Belmont road resurfacing is being carried out under convoy, so no road closures there, and work will be done 6pm-1am from 18th Sept. Whitecross Road is also being done 6pm- 1am from 25th Sept. A4103 resurfacing is being done with day time closures 8am-6pm starting 18th Sept.
  5. To be fair, this wasn't work that was planned, or carried out by Herefordshire Council, or Balfour Beatty. The A49 is a trunk road and comes under Highways England, and the works were carried out as an emergency.
  6. Totally tragic incident. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
  7. The Hereford roadshow is today - did anybody go? I think they are also going to be there tonight as it's late night shopping.
  8. Surely both East and West would be best, in an ideal world? (Budgets notwithstanding). The river crossing is the bottleneck. I do see that an East route works best with Rotherwas, and would suggest that the new Ambulance and Fire stations should be there as well.
  9. Exactly. There's more here than is in the public arena. As such it's difficult to comment, and why I wouldn't sign a petition.
  10. I don't know if you are able or fit enough, but what's wrong with you clearing some of them up? Taking a bit of pride in where you live? If you aren't able, then report them. If the leaf fall is obstructing a footpath then they have a legal obligation under the highways act to clear them up.
  11. Why is it pointless? At least they are asking.. You might be right about the topics though! Here's the questionnaire (apols that it's taken so long for me to post it). According to my source, it needed to be brief as people wouldn't want to take the time to fill in pages of questions. It also needed to be fairly specific, to get specific answers, ie not vague. 1. During the last financial year we have repaired 67,000 potholes. We have also been carrying out resurfacing works. If there is one road in your area that you could have resurfaced, which one would it be? 2. Street cleansing - are there any streets in Hereford city/ Bromyard/Ledbury/Ross/Kington/Leominster that need cleansing more regularly than they have been? Yes/no If yes, which ones? 3. Drainage/flooding - are there any locations in your area that flood routinely in wet weather? Yes/no If yes, which ones? Are you aware that it is the landowners responsibility to keep ditches maintained? Yes/no 4. Parks/landscaping/trees/verges This year, with the agreement of Council, 3 grass cuts were carried out in urban areas. Next year, should we target these cuts differently? Yes/no If yes, where should we carry out less cuts to enable us to fund more elsewhere? Where should we carry out more grass cuts? As you know our overall budget is limited. Please rank the following in order of priority (1st/2nd/3rd etc) Parks/landscaping Grass/verge cutting Footpath maintenance Ditch maintenance Street cleansing What else do you consider a priority? Any other comments? Thank you for your time. Then there is a space for people to put their contact details. There is a draw to win a hamper as a thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. The last roadshow is next Wednesday in High Town.
  12. Don't mind at all, dippy! I think they're for filling in at the road shows. I've seen one, it's very general, although there is a comments section.. I'll transcribe it on here later if you like?
  13. There are going to be road shows in each locality as I understand it. Bromyard, Kington and Ledbury have already had theirs. Next week it's Mortimer and Leominster. Week after Weobley, Ross and Golden Valley. There's apparently a questionnaire to fill in, should we want to, so that the priorities of the people who live in each locality can be taken into account. Ward councillors had a chance to give their input at an exhibition at the Shire Hall a couple of weeks ago, and in any case are in regular contact with the stewards. Public consultation will give the opportunity for us all to have our say, if we want to..
  14. Our bins are usually collected at 8am sharp, on a Friday. Last week, they weren't collected til about 2.30 or so. My Dad, who happened to be here and loitering (ie standing outside having a cigarette) went to chat, and found out it was the FOURTH truck they'd had.. All the others has broken down, or had something else wrong with them. End of contract = no maintenance I guess :-(
  15. Evening Dippy! From what I gather, depending on the chemical composition of the Tarmac, it can take variable amounts of time before it hardens (goes off) enough to drive on. So I just wonder if that's the case here. If it's driven on before it's ready the Tarmac is just pushed out of the hole. Time for wine?!
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