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  1. Hi Colin and gang, the proposals put forward were not submitted by the Council but by the Hereford Sustainable Transport Group to the DfT and were in a response to the government's 'call for evidence'. This group put forward a detailed plan after some discussions with Jesse Norman MP. The Council is happy to consider the results when they come back to the HSTG because like Colin I think we should look at the possibility of ultra-light rail. So it's not a Council project or pitch yet but we may become involved. I did in my statement thank all groups that had pushed for this - meaning Col and He
  2. Bobby, you know I adore you, despite your truth bombs. The allusion to your enormous girth revolves around us never having met but someone telling me that you looked a bit like me, What they meant was you had a beard. What I took from that was your were fat too. As fat as me, probably even fatter. Fingers crossed for May 2nd Mon brave, keep up the good work, your comments are much enjoyed.
  3. Bobby darling, you inconsistent, contradictory, fatally overweight and yet surprisingly agile Hollywood Lothario, it's not a case of being 'not far from the truth' sunshine, those are exactly the words that came out of Phil Edwards's pinched mouth. Regards me and Adrian popping up with our tuppence's worth on HV, not only did Colin make me aware of this post and ask me to comment but Shared Space is something I and Colin and others are determined to bring to trial in Hereford City. Adrian has consistently been pushing for investment in 21st century solutions to our congestion and in parti
  4. K.Butt, the Highways England chap with overall responsibility for this road was a very sensible, thoughtful and accommodating civil servant and manager, Andrew Butterfield. At the meeting at the Town Hall in Dec 2013 with Colin, Martin Cassini and members of The Hereford Transport Forum, he offered, wholeheartedly supported by Jesse Norman, to fund a micro-simulation trial of a 'lights out' scenario for both roundabouts and the bridge junction (Barton road). His only stipulation was that there had to be 'political will', explaining that although they did have the authority to act unilaterally
  5. Oh dear oh dear, poor old Paul. The problem with adopting the confident "I'm a good old boy, I know everything, trust in me" casual posture whilst listening adoringly to the sound of one's own voice is you do need to at least know something. And to know something you need to do a little more than half skimming and misremembering your Google search - it will come to many Kiwis as somewhat of a shock that Invercargill lost 48000 odd residents overnight. God, Paul made Cllr Bruce Baker look intelligent with his idiotic ramblings on Shared Space and or variations of Shared Space, a term coined by
  6. If he has, technically he's 'Director for economy, communities and corporate' not 'Economy and Place' (although this could be yet another rebrand we're not yet aware of) I'm not so sure he's had enough AV as seen, perhaps, the writing on the wall - like the impending bankruptcy of HCC (joining Northampton and Torbay and many more to come if central goverment funding does come to an end in 2020). Perhaps he's worked out with no council assets left to get that dear old self-interested halfwit Harry Bramer to sign of sales on, he may have clicked that the end, financially, is coming quicker than
  7. Evening all, The comments Liz made in the Ledbury Town meeting are not IOC policy.And she didn't for a moment claim they were.They have also been taken out of context. She did not try to 'ban bunting' etc etc, she expressed her own views on the best colours to go for. Liz has apologised for any offence caused. John Harrington (Chairman, It's Our County)
  8. Colin and Hereford Voicers, just to let you know that at our last Exec meeting before shutdown for the elections It's Our County agreed to make a exploring the viability of a tram across the Great Western Way a policy commitment. If elected as the administration in May we will be looking at this. If anyone thinks this is a shameless piece of electioneering, you're right. It is obvious from the sheer numbers and variety of responses from all corners that this idea has huge support. We would be fools not to commit to exploring making it a reality. It ties in with our sustainable 21st Century t
  9. @Gridknocker and dippyhippy. We are scrabbling around at the last minute on a lot of things guys but we will be at that party! I am more than happy with our local candidates having a free vote on this until we can include it in our manifesto. It is an entirely sensible idea. I note the sounds of caution from some councillors and the repeated refrain that there will be problems associated with putting the tracks and infrastructure in place. Of course there will be. The difference after May 2015 is we will make it work if a professional independent feasibility study says it will. I always chuc
  10. Colin, this is a very sensible idea and something that should have been properly considered years ago. To effectively have 90 odd percent of the required infrastructure in place already and not put forward a viability study at any stage is a pretty poor reflection on past administrations. Of course houses would not be built alongside it so that may have dented the enthusiasm of some. This is an idea that could and should work. It would allow large numbers to travel directly to the North and West of the City without battling through traffic in the centre. I will ask our executive to consider
  11. It's a brilliant and very sensible idea dippy. Watch this space.
  12. Aylestone, our ball park is for all housing in the county up to 2031 is under 14200, which is in line with the lastest government downwards revision for the county (which is down by 2200 from the figure the Council is still aiming for,depsite the revision). Of that we would want at least 35% to be affordable housing. We hope this will help people already living in the county get onto the property ladder and will encourage inward migration to the county for the economically active. No drawbridge. We value our retired population as highly as new entrants. It is simply that we will concentrate en
  13. Thank you Bobby. If I crept up your drainpipe it wouldn't stay attached to your wall for very long. Rest assured and without fear of tin foil and yoghurt pots on your pillow. It's not a perfect document, it's very hard for it to be but I hope it shows our intent. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  14. Bramer, Morgan, Price, Philips etc al, they are all standing again dippy. I think it was a case of them having no other choice, for lots of reasons . Even the good guys like Mayo are having to stand again (on tip toes perhaps, like when your arm is being twisted behind your back).
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