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New 'Ducks Crossing Signs'

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As a daily user of Haywood Lane, I have been concenced for sometime at the lack of warning signs about Ducks and Swans crossing the road between the Belmont Pools, So I was delighted to here that some New signs had been installed...



Please forgive me for complaining but they are useless in their current position!

This is the view travelling from the Callow towards Belmont, I am now driving at a legal spped of 40mph and less than 20 metres from where the pools are...Can you see the sign yet?


Ok, now lets get really close and move my position over to the opposite lane and yippee!! now you can see the sign


Too late they are all dead !!


First of all, you DO NOT see these signs until you are on top of them

(so can someone please explain how do these serve as a good warning in order to slow drivers down?) and secondly they are far far too close to the pools and where these animals cross the road.


Driving at the legal speed limit, stopping distance at 40mph is 30 metres (120ft) which makes these signs USELESS as they are much much closer than that and I am assuming that drivers are within the speed limit which more often than not they are not! Why are these simple mathamatics not put into practice prior to any insallation?

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I think just employ robots as clearly they have no common sense, seem to spend more time putting the things right, more cost effective if they get it right first time around. :Angry:  Even I can see that these signs are pretty useless as they are.

Well done Colin for cleaning the sign post, looks new  :Happy_32:

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I have spoken to Andrew Lee-Jones at Amey this morning about the incorrect positioning of the signs, also inviting him to come on here to see the comments, he advised he would look into my complain as he was not aware the signs had already been put up.

Not aware lol that says it all then
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