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Widemarsh Street Kerbs to be Levelled in 2022

Hereford Voice

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Hereford Voice understands this morning that temporary black tape will be placed along the low kerbs in Widemarsh Street within the next 24hours, marking the infamous kerbs that many of us (or folks we know) have taken a tumble over.


Hereford Voice have been advised that works will begin at the end of March next year, for approximately 8 weeks (keeping road open for access as much as possible).

This work is long overdue, over a decade after the road was redesigned and this hazard has been allowed to continue for too long.


Hereford Voice would like to thank campaigners like Barb Tilling and Anna Gardiner from local group Widemarsh Street Trips and Falls for their hard work over the years to raise awareness on this issue and also want to thank the coalition administration who have took the decision and secured the funding for the levelling of the kerbs after nothing was done by the previous administration. We appreciate things take time but are very pleased that common sense has prevailed here.


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17 minutes ago, twowheelsgood said:

What on earth!! That is unbelievable. Can this be flagged with Cllr Harrington please?

Already contacted. H'e's sorting it though they better not be there tomorrow grouting them in as I'll be doing something about it.
Notice whoever took the blocks up have broke a few paving stones.It's like they don't give a sht

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1 hour ago, twowheelsgood said:

This would be unbelievable, but under the present administration is par for the course. How does a short section of kerb amount to 690m2? And £1.3 million? That's £1884m2 - that's a new build house rate. It's all utter madness, and with our money. 

It seems that they propose raising the whole length of the carriageway from Cosy Club to High Town to the current level of the pavement

And 16 weeks of disruption to the businesses

OK it is using some grant cash but this could surely be better value used elsewhere?

I'm not sure if I should add the decision to increase costs in St Owens Street - but hey ho!

https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50105171/Commissioning works to progress the St Owen Street cycle contraflow as part of the Hereford City Cen.pdf

Boom! £1,173,934.70

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