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Nobody wants to know about abandoned shopping trolleys


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I have taken an abandoned ASDA trolley off my street and placed it in my garden. Children have been using it to get on the garage roofs.


To get the trolley picked up I started by going to the Herefordshire Council Website - report an abandoned shopping trolley. To report an abandoned trolley, please identify the retailer it belongs to, then call the relevant collection service below. 

In this case a company called Trolleywise deal with ASDA trolleys. So I sent a report to Tolleywise only to receive an email saying that:


Good morning Martin,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we are not contracted to collect ASDA trolleys anymore. You need to contact your local store for organising the collection.

Kind regards,
Trolleywise team


Before I rang the store I called Herefordshire Council to tell them the information on their website was not up to date, and that maybe the other supermarkets contracted to Trolleywise were in the same situation. The lady at the council also said contact ASDA direct to recover the trolley. 

When I rang ASDA T: 01432 346300 this is what you hear:

Thank you for calling ASDA Hereford. To keep improving our service we may record or monitor your calls.

If a customer press 1 
If a colleague press 2
If a supplier or contractor press 3

press 1 and you get this:

Due to unprecedented demand we cannot connect your call to our store. Please visit our website.
This takes you to the Trolleywise section on the website which states:

Have you found an Asda trolley in your community that has been taken from our store? Let us know exactly where it is and we’ll come and collect it and return it back to Asda.


Ha Ha technology overpowers humanity again. It is impossible to speak to a human being when resolving problems nowadays.

Oh I have just taken another abandoned trolley off the street. I now have got two trolleys in my garden.
I better report this to the council ! ! ! !

I have a better idea - the local scrap dealer comes round the street every Sunday so if the the trolleys are not picked up by then he can have them.

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Just taken in a traffic cone this morning lying in the street. I think it has come from Sherborne Close. Herefordshire Housing are re-roofing the flats there. It's a pity that these kids picking up trolleys and traffic cones and leaving them all over the place picked up some litter instead. 

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Just picked up a Tesco trolley from outside the house. Third trolley in 2 weeks. What's wrong with these people. I imagine someone left the trolley elsewhere and the kids have pushed it up here to play with. Same problem with trying to speak to someone at Tesco Belmont. After 6 minutes trying get through I was connected to someone in Scotland. On the council website they say will pick up abandoned Tesco trolleys, but on the Tesco website, Trolleywise are responsible. But at the end of the day no correct up to date information available to abate the problem.

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Trolleywise have just been to pick up the Tesco trolley left in the street last week. On the council website it says they (I assume BBLP) will pick up Tesco trolleys but they don't. Still it isn't as bad as this chap in The Sun with 65 trolleys in his garden. These authorities want us to use smart phone technology to improve their service, but basically it's to deter you bothering them.

Trolleywise phone number is 0800 316 1241 or use www.trolleywise.co.uk (not able to connect at moment)

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Trolleywise links takes you to https://www.wanzl.com/en_GB/360-degree-service/TrolleyWise

Works for me. Statistics are staggering;

520,000 abandoned shopping trolleys returned to UK supermarkets in 2017 (1,400 per day).
Industry estimates actual abandoned shopping trolley numbers closer to one million per year.
Cost to British business is £35m per year (more than £95,000 every day).
40% of UK shoppers do not think there is a problem with trolley theft.

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Abandoned trolleys getting worse. They appear to be everywhere. Trolleywise now want you to use their app to report abandoned trolleys. They simply want you to take a photo using the app alerting the nearest Trolleywise collection team - they will then do the rest! What's the point in taking a photo, because in a day or so the trolley has been moved by persons to somewhere else. Example two trolleys in Dunoon Mead have now gone and one now found in Kingfisher Road, the other most probably in the stream. One still in Muir Close and one taken off the road and in my garden awaiting collection.

I don't use a smart phone, so I won't be reporting any abandoned trolleys - let someone else do it. That's progress for you.

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