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  1. It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the death of Councillor Bernard Hunt, on Tuesday 6 October 2020. There will be a minute’s silence at Full Council on Friday 9 October 2020. Bit of a shock. Had an email from him about a local matter only 10 days ago saying that he would very much like to attend that meeting. Always found him responsive. Condolences to his family over his sudden death.
  2. Revealed: The least and most deprived neighbourhoods in Hereford By Carmelo Garcia, Local Democracy Reporter, Hereford Times - 4th October 2020 HEREFORD has one of the most poverty-stricken areas in the UK, according to council statistics on deprivation. The latest figures show that there are 18,500 people living in deprived households across the county – this is about a tenth of the population. There are 11 places in Herefordshire that are within in the 25% most deprived nationally, which feature in The Indices of Deprivation 2019 report published by Herefordshire Council.
  3. The Fire Brigade and other emergency services dealing with a house fire in Newton Farm. Waterfield Road is closed to allow emergency vehicles to gain access. The fire appears to be under control but fire crews continue to dampen down this evening. There is a lot of damage to the property and traces of smoke continue to come out of the property. Waterfield road is still closed at this time however, this incident is slowly being scaled down. Thankfully the people who live at the address have all been accounted for.
  4. This is a letter that I have sent to to our councillor today in the hope that I receive a response. I am sure that is also an issue in other areas, but when you are not even trying to join the que and waiting excessively, something needs to be done. As for the road surface saga - well its just a joke considering it’s a “new†development! I’ve driven on smoother farm tracks. I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to help resolve some issues we are having on Woodward Avenue (formally Broxash Drive) Every weekday morning we have problems with traffic using the street as a r
  5. Things are steadily getting worse on Hereford's estates with not much activity on the ground. Here on Newton Farm not only are Herefordshire Housing cutting the bulk of the grass, but also the Council's agents (used to be Amey and now Balfour Beatty), and in the case of our street, we pay a service charge for Muir Group Housing to cut the grass and keep the area tidy. There is no co-ordination between these bodies, so some grass gets cut and other areas are left to be cut at a later date. This results in an unkempt appearance and local residents not knowing who is responsible for
  6. Problem in Muir Close. A mysterious hedge cutter came down the road and trimmed what I believe is a council hedge. The pieces of the hedge which were thrown over the road I swept up and left in neat piles on the grass verge. No one seems to know who commissioned the hedge trimmer and everyone - Muir Housing Group, Herefordshire Housing and Herefordshire Council deny it's their responsibility to remove the trimmings. The trimmings are still on the verge 3 weeks since the cut. The ownership and responsibility for estate verges and trees has always been a problem see "Adoption of housing e
  7. These flats have not been up 2 years yet and already they have had to repair the roof, now I see mould appearing in different areas on the external walls, see photographs I took this morning. These flats are starting to look a little shabby already, I wonder how they will look in 5 years time...
  8. The police cordoned off the new skate park at Newton Farm last night and have been in attendance overnight. A young teenage lad was injured last night from an apparent fall with injuries to his face. Scenes of crimes officers (soco) are there today, so this is not looking good.
  9. The turf has been laid over the past few days surrounding the new skate park and vandals have uplifted it and placed it all over the park, I have no words... Here is a quote from a local person who took this photo. Original discussion I am pleased that it was quickly repaired.
  10. High Tea and Fun Quiz at Belmont Community Centre
  11. The work on the new skate park in the fields at the top of Newton Farm has begun. Contractors had already fenced off the old park and have starting dismantling it today. This skate park was built in the 90's and is well used and in much need of replacing. The project is being funded by Hereford Housing as it is their land.
  12. A builders van was vandalised to gain entry and cleaned out. This happened in broad daylight around 11am a few days ago. The van was parked in Radford gardens near the block of new flats. A HH van was also parked next to it but was untouched. I believe the contents was carpentry related. If you are offered cheap tools or hear something, please inform @southsidecops It appears the culprits left in a white transit van that was a little battered, and seen by a few tradesmen around the site.
  13. I can't help but notice that these new houses at the Oval are going to be very dark inside, they have built them very close to the road compared to where the old flats used to be and directly in front of them is a whole avenue of large trees, great planning.
  14. Anyone shed any light on this? Early evening last night.
  15. I managed to grab these few photo's of phase 4. Kilvert Rd first set of flats. The flats opposite are due to come down next.
  16. Notice of disposal of Public Open Space land at Newton Farm Playing Fields, Hereford The County of Herefordshire District Council intends to grant a Lease of the playing fields, car park and changing rooms at Newton Farm, Hereford. Plan here: Anyone know who may have an interest in this scheme and how long the lease will be?
  17. I have just read this on another site and said that I would post it on here, can anyone confirm if Keith B is correct?
  18. They have demolished one block of flats now they have started on the main blocks facing the Belmont Road, all part of the Oval Regeneration.
  19. West Mercia Police Belmont & Newton Farm Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) OCTOBER 2014 Newsletter I see there is a web chat being arranged in this newsletter.
  20. Monday 15 September 2014 in Hereford Times News: Any advice to keep people out of the clutches of loan sharks is to be commended.
  21. Belmont & Newton Farm SNT Newsletter September 2014 West Mercia Police Belmont & Newton Farm Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) SEPTEMBER 2014 Newsletter
  22. I am not sure I would want to live this close to the police station doors.. These are the new houses being built on the site of the Vortex and St Francis Saviour church
  23. I have had many tenants approach me because some of the rendering on the walls of the Kilvert Road flats have become loose because of all the wet weather we have had, therefore it was removed. Tenants concerns is the flats will now become damp. I have had assurance from HHL that if that happened any damp etc would be put right regardless of the flats being part of the regeneration of the Oval.
  24. I wonder can anyone tell me what on earth has happened to the once very pleasant walkway that used to run from Southolm Rd to Belmont Rd. I see somebody has decided that the best way to keep Waterfield Rd safe is to fell the dangerous trees and push them into the brook. Along with a wide variety of drinks bottles, carrier bags and numerous other items the brook is now becoming a health risk and a eyesore . Does anyone know who is responsible and if it going to be sorted ?
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