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Cheap Street Signs

Colin James

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I have been somewhat confused for sometime about our street signs. They always used to be quite nice, for example like this one;


But none of them are the same, they vary quite a lot, I would assume that it would make sense and look smarter if they were all of the same format, but they are not. Whitefriars Road, the sign as you approach on the left is the one above (green) but the one exactly opposite it is like this one from the other end of the road;


As you drive around you then come to Chancel View, again a different sign;


Then you get to Glastonbury Close, now the one on the right as you approach is this one;


But the one exactly opposite is this one (which needs replacing)and they are getting cheaper...


Just an observation, but I just thought that it would be nicer to have them all in the same format, obviously the 1st green ones are the smarter more attractive signs but they have got cheaper and more tackier over the years. So is there a standard format to street signs?

To me, it is false economy to use the cheaper signs with stickers as they have to be constantly replaced, the last sign has been replaced a few times as the lettering just wears off. Surely it makes more sense to use more solid robust painted signs that last for years and years.

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The standard format for these signs are the latter ones that are put in at the requests of the ward councillors in this case Cllr Edwards as he has advised me about his request. The green signs are the original ones that was put in by the developers, over time they have needed replacing and the white one are now supplied by Amey. I would suggest parishoners could attend the next Parish council meeting and ask for any new signs (green border)to be considered and paid for if possible by the parish council out of your precept money.

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