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Hereford Housing Planning for 77 Apts at Former Council Offices

Colin James

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Hereford Housing have submitted a planning application to build 77 apartments on the site of the former council offices in Bath Street Hereford.


Proposed plans.png


Re-development of former council offices at Bath Street, Hereford including change of use from B1 - Business to C3 - Dwellinghouses to provide a total of 77No. apartments (comprising 1 & 2 bed apartments). Re-development includes partial demolition of existing buildings (as indicated on submitted drawings), conversion of remaining elements, extensions to existing and also new build to provide residential accommodation and associated landscaping, drainage, parking and ancillary buildings.


Herefordshire Housing wants to build the one and two bed apartments- 49 would be available for private rent and 28 would be social rent. 


See complete application here


Personally, I think this is a great idea and I hope the bods at the planning office see sense and approve this development.

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Amendments to original planning application re-submitted August 2017.


This document gives the complete picture - Amended Design, Heritage, Community Involvement, Access & Transport Statements (33MB too big to download) The rooflines have been re-designed to soften the previous harsh appearance - slight improvement


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"Partial demolition of existing buildings" is a horribly chilling phrase, although I see that the plans have been drawn up by Architype, one of the county's better architectural practices. Nevertheless, there's many a slip between cup and lip - especially when Cllr 'Flash Harry' Bramer is lurking in the shadows.

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" half of which are Tory Cllrs " nor sure what you are getting at Glenda ?


77 homes for people that are desperate for a good roof over their heads - that is really good news . ( They certainly didn't want. Bobby47 and me climbing on the roof of the buildings to protest with Dippy feeding us takeaways from some local takeaway with a -1 for food hygiene on the door ! )

I do really hope that consideration is also given to Veterans who I know from first hand experiences as volunteer with SSAFA are struggling to find permanent housing.

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It will go through at the planning committee, half of which are Tory councillors. also Herefordshire Housing bought the site last year, can not find out how much they paid for it yet but I know someone in the know.


Half of which are Tory councillors? What does that have to do with proceedings? 

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