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Anyone Remember Wilsons Hardware Store?

Colin James

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When did it close? I have vague recollections of pulling up outside the chippy in the mid 80's during school holidays after going shopping with my mum to get a dinnertime treat and seeing the buckets and bobs outside



TBH I am not entirely sure but I seem to remember sometime early 80's?

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The original Screwfix! Remember going down there with my Grandpops for a few screws or bike chain links or cables and the like. If he didn't have it it wasn't worth stocking.


Shopfront wise nothing much changed in the last 30+ years! IIRC 1984 he closed.

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My brother used to help him out in the shop and when my brother tided things up Mr Wilson used to complain that he could not find anything.  I have no idea how he used to find things, but he knew where things was. 

Used to go there for paraffin and he used to allow me to pour to use the dispenser, remember it well, pull the handle down to dispense and push it back up to fill the glass jar thing back up. Classical music always playing in the back.  The ford Anglia parked outside the front.

Remember when the chippy went on fire, as well, but I never remember it being called the Oval Fish and chip saloon. 


Bring back memories.

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