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Hereford Leisure Pool - Diving Pool


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They say they are going to build op the pool to make it shallower for a training pool, why not just lower the water! Lot cheaper! Seriously, I think it's better that all the children learn to swim rather than have the facility not used. :Happy_32:

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I see that Herefordshire Council have approved has approved to spend £150,000 on changing the diving pool to a learning pool.


That is more than double the cost of the repairs to the diving pool equipment. Also if the Council had this money in their Capital budgets why wasnt this used to repair the original LEA Pool to keep that going. I no longer use Hereford Swimming Pool as it is so noisy and busy in the day with school children and after work when swimming lessons are taking place. So is the Council just providing the swimming pool as a replacement LEA pool now and tough on people who arent in a swimming club, want swimming lessons, etc. I am pleased alot of children are learning to swim as we need ti with a River running through the City, but the balance for "the public" versus schools and children seems to have been lost. 

I know that the diving pool used to be used for other lessons such as safe learning of capsize routines for some of the boat clubs around Herefordshire, which cant be done in a teaching pool which will be far too shallow. The Council must have known about the need to provide swimming lessons in all the Hereford schools before they closed the LEA pool. Am I the only one thinking this Council has no long term plan for carefully managing our public assets?

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I never use the pool - I had to go there many years ago for physio when it was run by the Council (as opposed to Halo) and found it to be filthy, badly equipped and maintained and staffed by disinterested teenagers and malcontents. I'd like to think things have changed for the better. As for the £150k - to raise the floor? This seems excessive, but then according to the report, the Council don't care because Halo are paying, which is simplistic, because the Council are paying, and Halo repay over 25 years. As ever, something relatively simple is over-complicated to the nth degree


13 option 3 : To permanently decommission the diving boards and reduce the pool depth of the tank to 1 metre creating an additional learning pool. Construction works of £150k, creating additional income of £24k pa and cost savings of £10k on utilities pa yielding a £34k bottom line improvement for Halo pa.


The Council recognise that communication will be a priority. They will hold an open customer forum to explain the preferred option. 

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Boards and top platform gone already. Word is they're putting an adjustable floor into it, to enable all ages and abilities to use it!! The only other place with an adjustable floor is Barrs Court School, great if you're confined to a wheelchair or have mobility issues. Becoming another teaching pool. There is a long waiting list for lessons.

Costs a considerable amount more than just updating the diving pool tho!!! The leisure pool has wheelchair access..... Food for thought......

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