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EU Referendum scaremongering stories - both sides


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Both sides of the IN/OUT campaigns enjoy trying to scare us daily. How many porkies will be generated over the next four months?


DAILY EXPRESS - Thu, Mar 3, 2016


FRANCE has threatened to sever all ties with Britain by letting migrants cross the Channel unchecked if Britain leaves the EU, while plotting to steal UK's best bankers to scupper our economy.


THE GUARDIAN - Fri, Mar 4, 2016


Leave vote in EU referendum could result in rocketing tariffs on exports, PM says as he seeks support in Scotland


DAILY EXPRESS - Fri, Mar 4, 2016


BORIS JOHNSON today warned Britain will be held like a “frog in the boiling saucepan of water†if the country does not vote to leave the EU this summer.


MIGRANTS living in shanty camps in northern France will be put on ferries and sent to Britain the day after a vote to leave the EU, a French mayor warned last night.



And more to come.


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Shows how much people are dumbed down nobody has replied to the above and it is so important we have lost 80% of law making in this country and a yes vote will see the other 20% go within a year.Are the people of Hereford thick as #### .Our rights as British people is under dire threat here. Are you honestly happy to see 50 million a day go to the bank of Europe in Germany a bank that has never been audited by a british subject.The largest army in Europe is Germany the richest nation in Europe is Germany the people who dictate EU rules is Germany it is an invasion without a shot being fired it is a disgrace and treason all those who gave there lives in ww2 gave it for nothing if it is a yes vote.

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THE INDEPENDENT - Sun, Mar 6, 2016


His comments will undermine Cameron’s claim that the UK will be 'stronger, safer and better off' in the EU


DAILY EXPRESS - Sun, Mar 6, 2016


THE EU has drawn up plans to seize control of the British coastguard service as it creates a Europe-wide border force. 


THE GUARDIAN - Sun, Mar 6, 2016


Italian finance minister warns of trade difficulties and domino effect on other Eurosceptic parties while German finance minister calls out vote ‘poison’


THE DAILY MAIL - Sun, Mar 6, 2016


* John Longworth quit as British Chambers of Commerce director general

* No 10 won't deny officials contacted BCC hours before it suspended him

* Friends say Mr Longworth cleared comments before with BCC president

* Boris Johnson claims chief has been crushed by 'agents of Project Fear'

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Shows how much people are dumbed down nobody has replied to the above 


I think the Cameron scare tactics are disgraceful. We've all had years to see what is going on. It's been going down the pan. We need to get out and the EU will be knocking at the door immediately .... 

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The Guardian - Thursday 10 March 2016


Stephen Hawking among 150 signatories of letter arguing that ability to attract top European researchers assures future of British science


The Guardian - Thursday 10 March 2016


Organisation’s chief economist dismisses Boris Johnson’s argument that long-term benefits of leaving outweigh costs


The Guardian - Friday 11 March 2016


Leading MPs say claims that UK could still be member of single market without making financial contributions are false


The Guardian - Friday 12 March 2016


Boris Johnson on Brexit: 'We can be like Canada'. London mayor says Canada has free trade deals with rest of the world while maintaining control of its borders


The Guardian - Friday 12 March 2016


David Cameron says without single market cost of exporting British beef will soar to £240m, with £90m added to lamb exports


The Guardian - Friday 12 March 2016


Cabinet Office says UK would spend years renegotiating trade and other agreements with EU and non-EU countries


The Guardian - Friday 12 March 2016


The EU has delivered progress for disabled British people – we must campaign to pull down barriers, not put more up.


The Guardian - Friday 12 March 2016


Tim Martin berates remain camp for resorting to ‘tribal’ rhetoric reminiscent of late Northern Irish firebrand Ian Paisley.


The Independent - Friday 12 March 2016


Exclusive: Prospect of intervention is major coup for the pro-EU campaign, but has prompted fury from Brexiteers.


The Daily Express - Friday 12 March 2016


BRITAIN’s record trade deficit would see European countries “clambering over themselves†to agree trade deals with the UK if voters choose to quit the EU, it was claimed today.



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  • 2 weeks later...


SkyNEWS - Wednesday 2 March 2016


Ex-M&S boss said wages of low-paid workers would rise if Britain left EU

He said ending free movement would mean less competition for Labour

Lord Rose said pay would go up and it was 'not necessarily a good thing'


SkyNEWS - Wednesday 23 March 2016


David Cameron says the UK’s booming alcohol industry makes hundreds of millions a year from free trade deals struck by the EU.


Business Insider UK - Thursday 24 March 2016


Investors are putting billions of pounds worth of bets on the pound crashing should Britain vote to leave the European Union in June.


The Evening Standard - Thursday 24 March 2016


The EU Leave campaigners are engaging in ‘truthiness’: if they don’t like a fact they just make up another one


The Guardian - Thursday 24 March 2016

British Bankers Association says more than 60% of respondents to its survey said they would be significantly worse off if Britain left the European Union


The Guardian - Saturday 26 March 2016


Health secretary warns doctors and nurses would go if Britain left EU but critics slam his stance as ‘scaremongering’


The Guardian - Sunday 27 March 2016


Former US general enters EU referendum debate by saying west is under attack from multiple threats and should pull together


The Guardian - Saturday 26 March 2016


Our ongoing Brexit poll, which asks the question Do you expect the June 23 Brexit referendum result to be the UK leaving or staying in the EU?, continues to attract strong interest with the number of respondents now well exceeding 1,000. The results, meanwhile, are significant and continue to show strong expectations for Brexit, which remain in contrast to public polls that show a close outcome.

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From a local perspective, I believe that if we do ever manage to extricate ourselves the negatives will be....

There will be job losses within Hereford, particularly those within the agricultural industry.

The decision to leave will decimate the Hereford agricultural industry and obviously have a huge impact upon those employers who rely and want migrant labour.

There will be an affect upon the Buy to Let housing market and all those heavily mortgaged and reliant upon the shortage of housing. I believe many, particularly those who are dependant upon migrant occupation, will possibly face financial ruin.

Many small businesses dependant upon migrants spending their earnings will either go bust or have to quickly adapt to a very new market.

Families who become torn by our exit will face uncertainty particularly those who've settled in Hereford and see it as their home and this will probably create a surge in applications for British citizenship. A great deal of happiness for many families will cause considerable upset to them.

From an employers perspective, and only from their perspective once the cheap labour tap is turned off, they'll have to pay out more from their profits to get labour.

Employers will stop and pause before they invest in any future business expansion growth plan.



The positives for Hereford,,,,

Wages will go up.

Rents will drop.

Local people will stand a better chance of getting a job.

Housing for families will, in time become a little easier, particularly for the young people who wont be faced by huge rents.

New businesses created and adapted to this new market will emerge and new jobs will be created.

Every single public service will feel the impact and for once, in a very long time, some slack in the system will be created.

Many people within Herefordshire will become happier knowing that some control of immigration is back in our hands.

The urgent needs brought about by language issues will slowly disappear and the costs accompanying this problem will no longer be so pressing in Schools and many other public bodies.

The future Pension bill to local tax payers will be reduced.

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Or are the Conservatives a fit party to run the country without the EU?


If the country votes to come out of the EU then a General Election should be held


Agree. If the public vote out then Cameron and his present governent cannot continue in office. A general election will have to be called. However all the main parties except UKIP are hell bent on keeping us in, and would therefore say, if they won with the usual minority of votes, they had a mandate to commit us once again to the EU. Let's chuck out the lot of them and get on to run our country with a decent democratic system representing the interests of its citizens and not the elite few and their donating corporations.

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Britain sacrifices steel industry to curry favour with China




Britain's special relationship with China is becoming more expensive by the day. It now threatens to destroy the British steel industry, a foundation pillar of our manufacturing economy.


Britain is not alone. Most of Europe's steel foundries are heading for annihilation under the current EU trade regime, with unthinkable consequences through the network of European and British supply chains.


It is hard to pin down the exact moment when George Osborne's love affair with China turned into a Faustian Pact.


What we know is that the British government has for the last three years been blocking efforts by the EU to equip itself with the sort of anti-dumping weaponry used by Washington to confront China. 





EU getting some flak about South Wales steel .... Another headache for Cameron and Sajid Javid .... 

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