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Corruption At West Mercia Police & Shropshire Council


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Dear Sir, Madam,

my name is Terry Dean Hampson, i was born on the 22nd of october 1980, i am currently 35 years old, and i am a male.

Its taken me 25 years to be able to do this and so i  ask for your patience if i appear to be unclear in what i say, i will try my best.

I was born at wrexham hospital in north wales, i then lived an still live in the village of dudleston heath in shropshire,  i have a older brother (Brett) and a half brother from my mothers first marriage (shane) who also lived with us in our family home, with mine and Bretts parents, ( Tony, Diann)  i also have a half brother and 2 half sisters from my fathers first marriage, they also live in the same village.

my father was a builder, he was very well known in the locality renowned for his hard work and extensive knowledge of the construction industry.

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Tenko999's topic continued...


As a young child i recall that i would spend a lot of time with my father, i would regularly go to work with him, i recall many people saying that we where “2 peas in the same pod” from an early age it was noticed that i was, “bright” and quick thinking, very much like my father. when we where not at work or i was not at school i would help my father with his “bookwork” preparing accounts for the end of year tax assessment and calculating bills ready for invoicing of jobs He/we had completed, this was a job that my father did not enjoy, looking back i think he may well have been happy to do the job and wasn’t so much worried about the money, maybe this was the reason behind his popularity within the community. My father taught me many things which stick with me until this day, the most important was that i always tell the truth, even if i am in the wrong.

we lived in a very big house within the village and my father owned many more within the area, in actual fact, after losing his battle with cancer on 14th april 2003 his estate was valued under probate at just under a million pound, quite an achievement fro a man who professed to never have borrowed ant money, he would work, save and then buy property, he referred to this as his pension policy.

although a very big house we only occupied half of it, we had 3 bedrooms, 2 doubles, 1 single.

Shane (step brother) was approx 5 years older than Brett, who was approx 5 years older than me.  It was clear that there was tension within the house with shane and myself and Brett, shane and brett would regularly fight over silly things, shane would at any opportunity hit brett for something as little as him taking a squirt of his after shave………..my father was aware of it, he knew what a horrible person shane was but to keep peace he would turn a blind eye, my mother would not allow anything bad to be said against shane, so she decided that it would be best for me to share a room with him and brett have his own room, this was the start of a lifelong abuse by him to me, he being older would regular physically assault me.

Most weekends shane would go to his dads, who also had remarried, but had no other children, a number of times it was decided that i would be sent with him so my parents where able to attend a local event. when there he would again carry out horrible assaults and abuse on me,  his favourite would be to pick me up by my ears, this would cause horrific pain. as when i was at home the only defence i had was to try and fight back and scream and shout, he would put his hand over mu mouth in an attempt to silence me, the more i fought to get away the more he appeared to enjoy it……i would keep screaming shouting and lashing out until someone came to my rescue, once this happened i was safe until we where again on our own, i would then be punished for trying to tell on what had happened to me.

one day whilst at his dads we went into the woods behind his dads house, him leading the way we happened to stumble across a half packet of cigarettes and a lighter stashed in a tree, i didn’t realise at the time due to my age (approx 6) that they where in fact stashed by him, in order to ensure my silence he gave me one, saying words to the effects we shouldn’t be doing this….we both be in trouble if we are caught!….again it was only to frighten me in keeping quiet, from that day on i got a bit of a taste for the old fags, a habit that is still with me today.

I was sent to the local primary school in criftins, ( little confusing as criftins is basically the same place as dudleston heath) my earliest memories where of being in the infant class where i don’t recall any problems at all at school, admitted i was possibly a little livelier than the other kids, but i don’t recall getting in anymore trouble than anyone else at this stage, i then recall being moved up into another teachers class who was actually my cousins wife, again i may have been a little more lively but again don’t recall getting into anymore trouble than anyone else, i was around 8 years old at this point.

finally at that school i was over into the last teachers class, this was the headmaster, (geoff Podmore) this man was nothing but pure evil…..he would regularly assault students, hitting them, punching them and me, stabbing with a pen, poking with a finger in the shoulder, i recall one day he punched me so hard i was knocked across the room to the floor, winding me and leaving me in severe pain.

the only reason he would hit a student would be for the reason that a student was not able to understand what he was teaching, he would explain a maths problem for example, some would grasp it some wouldn’t, the ones that couldn’t where hit for this.

the worst affect ed was a lad a year above me, i believe that he would now on todays standard be diagnosed with dyslexia or something similar, this lad had a horrific school life, he was assaulted almost everyday by the headmaster and in turn other students would join in, calling him names and generally bullying him in the playground, i believe that most people would have taken there life in such horrific circumstances, but luckily he didn’t, he just accepted it, a very brave strong person, a far better person that those that stood and allowed it happen without acting on it, it was common knowledge what he was doing, although nothing was ever done.

i was assaulted by the headmaster a number of times, i tried to tell my mum but she insisted i was telling tails, making it up because i didn’t like school, she would say, its not the first time terry you made these sorts of things up is it??…look what you have said about shane in the past?….
i told my father and he said that i should tell mum, she will go in and see him, he just wanted an easy life, i believe he seen his role as the money earner and my mothers “job” was to look after the kids.

So after getting nowhere i had took it on myself to stand up for myself, so i had decided in my had that i was going to deal with Headmaster the very same way i dealt with shane, i waited for the next imminent assault and flew back at him, he punched me, i hit the floor, jumped back to my feet and punched him straight in the chin…..screaming at him have that you fucker!……i then ran out the classroom, and out the school gates….i ran down the road and my father owned a building plot a few hundred meters down the road i hid and took refuse here……..i waited until 3 in the afternoon when other parents where arriving at the school and then would go back, join my mates and ride my bike home………i kept quiet about it at home, i feared that my mother would blame me, and i would receive another beating.

the next day i went to school as normal, nothing was said……….then within a few days i was again hit by him, again i would fight back and run out the gates……..it soon became common knowledge what was happening…….many parents who arrived to collect the children at 3pm would then see me turn up and say, o dear, you been fighting with podmore again???…….but nobody ever did anything….still to this day!!!!……i soon became aware that i was totally on my own, the values of truth that my father had tried so hard to imprint on me had no meaning at all………the general public at that time didn’t want to know the truth, they would rather cover up all this abuse…..just to add here that this was around 1989-1991 a number of years after corporal punishment was abolished in schools (1985).

in 1991 it was decided by parents, mainly due to my academic ability that i would be entered into Ellesmere College, this was a private school a few miles up the road. i left criftins primary in 1991 a year earlier than i would have left if going to the standard state school…..i was all for this at this stage because i viewed it as my ticket away from the abuse i was constantly suffering. 

Now by passing the entrance exam and showing an eagerness to start the new school i appeared to be winning my mother over….she was very happy that her son was being schooled privately, she was able to tell her friends that i was at Ellesmere College……i believe that she seen it as being “above” others……….

the first few years at this school i did well, however i was missing my friends that i had grew up with, i would only get to see them occasionally. around the age of 14 i started to be let out more by my mother, i would meet up with my mates at an evening and we would smoke and drink……this started to effect my schooling and it wasn’t  long after that i began to “rebel”….i blamed everything on everyone……..the fact was that i never did want to go there, i didn’t want to be schooled without my friends……i viewed it as i was there because my mother wanted me there…….had she listened to me from the outset then i felt that i wouldn’t be such a position…..i had real trouble with authority at this school, i would assault the teachers and i would walk out the gate…..after all it had worked previously for me…….i just hoped that i would be thrown out….and in deed in 1995 i was….i was asked to leave.

i was happy with this result, i assumed that i would then be sent to the state school in ellesmere, but my mother who I’m sure now felt humiliated had a different plan, and i was then sent to penley school, where again i knew nobody………..prior to the school holidays before being asked to leave the college my parents where on holiday in hawaii………shane was at home with me and my brother…….i went out on a friday night with my local mates and got drunk…..i was so drunk that i rode my bicycle into a parked car, bashing my left knee off the bumper of the car, i broke my leg, apparently quite bad, i was so drunk that i didn’t really feel it and managed to get back on my bike and make the 3 mile trip home, i then managed to get into bed and sleep it off………whilst at the college we would have to attend on a saturday morning and then we would do team sport in the afternoon, sport wasn’t my strong point but i did play a little hockey, before going out on the ale on the friday night i got all my things ready for the next day at college, including my sports kit and hockey stick for the saturday afternoon, this was all in my room along side my bed, i crawled into bed with a broken leg which i was then unaware of, the next morning i was awoke by shane…….come on your late, swearing and shouting at me….i awoke with horrific pain in my leg, i couldn’t for a minute remember what had happened the night before……i said to him…i have done something to my leg…….he immediately grabbed my hockey stick and started hitting me with it, saying your not messing me about because mums not here, he hit me a few times one of which was across my broken leg, i was screaming no i have hurt my leg……then he hit again and my leg bent the complete opposite way and was exposed from under the covers, he soon realised that i had in deed hurt my leg, which he had just hit, he left the room and rang my nan, she then came and took me to hospital, it later transpired that i had broke it in 2 places and stretched the ligaments and ripped the cartilage, i was in need of a very delicate operation to rebuild my knee and i was warned that there was a high possibility that i may never walk on it again, my parents had to cut there holiday short and return home to me, again my mother was bouncing.
i had the operation and it was a success although i was in plaster for a total of around 20 weeks, during this time i had around 3-4 weeks in hospital, i was visited then by the chaplain from ellesmere college, who also happened to be my tutor, he informed me on one of his visits that i would not be going back to the college in september.
indeed i didn’t go back, i was entered into penley school that september, i arrived there from private school, i was a 14-15 year old smoker, who drank regular and would take any drugs going, i was also in plaster with a large metal frame around it…..yes i stuck out like sore thumb…….

i tried my best to get on but it just wasn’t to be, i accept that it was mainly my doing why i didn’t.

it wasn’t long and i was in trouble at that school, caught smoking, fighting, abusive to staff and the like, just the same as what i had been used to up until this stage, one lad in particular sticks in my mind and that was a lad named Dan Turner, although a non smoker he would come up the field with his mates who smoked, he would then take the opportunity to bully and assault me, a horrible person.

in 1996 i was expelled from that school and i was allowed back to do some exams, i was only entered in for 4, which i passed quite successfully considering i had no course work, i wasn’t allowed to do anymore, i think that this was because they didn’t want to drag there league tables down, this decision that was made by that headmaster has had a very negative effect on my life.

again i had let everyone down…..but i was used to that, it didn’t particularly bother me.

by now it was common knowledge locally that i was “bad news” always in trouble.

at the age of 15 when my parents had gone away for the weekend i took it on myself to steal a bottle of whiskey with my mate from home, we drank it and then in the early hours of the morning i decided that we would take my fathers land rover for a drive up the road…….it got out of hand…i was driving it around the county for hours before finally being stopped by the police, when stopped i gave a false name, ( friend who i knew his details) the police officer breathalised me and i failed it, he then called for another officer to collect the land rover and bring it to the station, when arriving at the station the officer believed the rubbish i had spun him, and by pure chance they where really busy that evening in the station, so bust they had a backlog for the main test machine, he decided he would wait 20 mins and give another hand held test, which i was informed that if i passed then i was free to go, 20 mins past the test was done again and i passed it, he gave me the keys and i drove out the police station, with the instruction to return with my documents within 7 days, of course i didn’t have them, being only 15…….eventually i gave in and told my parents what i had done, i was bailed to court and received a good behaviour bond and 6 points on my licence, when i got one that is.

when i was about 16 i managed to get a job with a guy my dad did a lot of work for, (Reg Stones) he gave me a job operating a digger on his estate and i would do jobs around the yard with the digger, levelling soil, planting trees etc……….i loved it…..he didn’t pass any judgement on me, he didn’t want to know what i had done previously, it was a fresh start……i was paid cash in hand….and payed well for them days…….reg had many men work for him, approx 30-40…….and they all generally hated him…he was a difficult bloke to work for…he would certainly want his “moneys worth” out of you…..this didn’t bother me…i did what i was told and did it well……thats all he wanted.

being a old man with bad asthma and generally bad health i would be the strength and physical movement of his mind….this didn’t go down well with the other men……i was his right hand man……..the lad that is bad news….still drinking and generally getting trouble at home and the like i was getting in more and more trouble……..my mother was now going out on her own, also drinking….looking back i think it may have been some sort of mid life crisis for her, she would go out and drink with the men in the local pubs and the like and it caused massive problems between my mum and dad…..i was targeted as the reason for this, my mum was getting “very friendly” with a neighbour that she would meet up with at the pub, this really upset my dad because he wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly what was going on…….i seen this as a opportunity to “clear” my name…..if could prove what she was up to then i wouldn’t be blamed for what was then the breakdown of there marriage, so one night i waited until they left the pub together and i followed, on my bike………they went past our house and my mother never got out…..GOTCHA i thought…..the car pulled up at his house and hid in the hedge waiting to see what was about to happen……they went in and i managed to get close to the window, it was dark outside and the light inside with the curtains open….i could see them but they couldn’t se me…….i stood and watched them kiss and start undressing each other…..it was too much for me….i couldn’t bear it…….i wished i hadn’t followed….it was too late..i didn’t know what to do so i banged on the window……i shouted I’m going to kill you!……..then i ran home……i kept it to myself until now…..i couldn’t tell my dad, it would have broke him, although i knew he knew, he wasn’t 100% sure…….

for a number of years i used it as a weapon against my mum….i would use it to get more money off her…give me £20 or I’m going to tell dad what you been up to………….she had no choice but to give in………..very bad i know.

we constantly fell out about it and eventually i moved out of home into a log cabin in reg stones yard…he gave it me rent free knowing that i was having trouble at home, ……..i drank and drank and drank…….i would regular wake up lay on the floor or out in the middle of the yard not knowing at all what had happened….one night i came home blind drunk and must have decided i was going to cook something….i left the chip pan and feel asleep, the cabin went up and i luckily managed to escape out the window, i then managed to get back in and put the fire out, all the damage  was internal, it was absolutely wrecked, everything inside my clothes in the drawers, everything, i kept the curtains closed whilst i tried to repair the damage i had done without anyone else knowing……..due to the lads in the yard being against me it wasn’t long they twigged what happened and told reg……..i was devastated……..i was really really upset that i had let Reg down…….although he told me he wasn’t happy he did want me to carry on working there, but i just couldn’t do it……i was really struggling with it, i viewed at as the worst thing i had ever done, which is probably inaccurate because i most likely had done worse.

so still having one over on my mum i went back home, i couldn’t get on………still getting in trouble constant, with the police and mainly because i was always drinking.

i was at a friend of mine one evening and he told me that his brother was in need of someone to help him at work in Ireland done Tree Surgery for the power company there, i was around 18 at this point, i said ring him, i will go, so he rang and i got the job, i told my mum that i wanted to go and she was delighted……she was finally getting rid of me, she gave a few hundred quid to go with and off i went…………i learnt a lot in Ireland, how to look after myself and the like, and i was good at the tree work, it wasn’t long and i was getting my own contracts off the electric company….i was earning good money, some days i could earn upto £500 a day……but drink was the problem, i just couldn’t leave it alone, i would work, earn money…..drink until it went, then i would go back to work, just working to fuel my drink habit……………i lasted a few years there until i burnt all my bridges with the people there and then i had to come home again, i came back in about 2001, i would have been 21.

on arriving back home i felt a general atmosphere of ….oh god he’s back!

my father was now about 65, he and my mother where getting on much better, the neighbour had moved away, i thought that it was best forgot about what i had witnessed……..but it was hard….i couldn’t resist bringing it up if myself and mother got into a argument.

dad now being 65 had decided that he wouldn’t be taking on anymore outside work, he had decided to go about sorting out all these properties we had, do them up one at a time and sell them…..it was the retirement fund, i grabbed the opportunity to help him, i now felt ready to do what i really should have done when i left school, work with my dad, like i used to all them years ago.

we started one of the house and we where getting on reasonably well, bearing in mind that a lot of water had gone under the bridge.

after around 6 months i began to notice that dad didn’t seem himself, something also noticed by my mother, it was decided that he would go to the doctor and see that everything was all ok…………..considering he had never been to the doctor in my lifetime it was quite a brave move on his part.

it wasn’t long and it was discovered that he had cancer, he had cancer of the lung, months passed and he received the necessary treatment, it knocked him for six, this very strong character, this pillar of the community, knocked to bits by cancer, however he fought it, he was strong and started to make a recovery only to find out that he had got cancer in one of his kidneys………..i was devastated, as where we all, apart from shane.

it didn’t stop my dad, he fought on, he had the kidney removed, he had massive amounts of chemo, again he started to recover, truly amazing…..he fought back so hard that we both went back to work gradually, it seemed he had beat it………how wrong could we have been, nobody beats cancer, and it came back with vengeance,he developed it in his limpth glands and subsequently it killed him, he died on the 14th april 2003.

very wrongly i blamed my mother, i said that it was the stress of what she did to him that caused it.

after some time his estate was sorted out, ll the property went to mother, that way there was very little inheritance tax to pay, and his 5 children, plus shane making 6 where all left £30,000 each

i drank most of mine, i was extremely depressed, i didn’t realise at the time, and there was no help offered, the very same as when i was back in school.

my mother tried to pick up the pieces but she knew what she had done, she also knew that i knew.

she tried to steer me into what i wanted to do with my dad, but she was unaware that it was dad that led the way, i just followed his lead and without him i wasn’t able to do these things, i just didn’t have the knowledge, the local people of the area took the pi*% out my mum, they over charged for work and did what they could to get there hands on the money that my dad had worked so hard for, it upset me a lot and under the influence of drink i gradually attacked each and everyone of them verbally when i seen them in public, which all thats done has made things worse for me, again my own doing.

in 2004-2005 my mother wasn’t feeling great and went to the doctor, after some tests it was discovered that she too had got cancer, she went through the treatment for it and lost all her hair and the like, she got to the stage where she wouldn’t leave the house, knowing she would have to wear a wig, it broke her mentally before it did phsically, very different to what happened to my dad, she lost her battle with it on 19th october 2006, 3 days before my birthday.

before she died in the months leading unto her death myself and her got on better, i felt inside that she had suffered enough for what she had done to him, after all i was getting older and more mature, i had come round to the thought of forgiving her, after all as i have explained in this massive bit of text i also had done a lot of wrong, so i put it down as she had made a mistake, one that I’m sure she wish she hadn’t have done, the very same as what i did to Reg.

Either way Dad had gone, and would never be back, it is me that has to live with the failures i have made, and i will so with dignity, as much as it hurts me overtime i think of him, which at the moment is about 8 hours a day.

on the lead up to my mothers death she told me that she had made her will, the remaining property, would be sold and the money would be split between, myself, Brett, shane and john my other step brother, my dads son from his first marriage, she said that she included john because he helped me with some of the property after dads death and she said that it would have been what he wanted, for you lads to be able to have a future, i do have my reservations about shane being included in that but anyway the money was now mums and therefore her choice what was to happen.

a few weeks before she died she was admitted to the hospice, she went there to die in peace apparently, again i find this one hard to swallow because dad died at home, and she always said that, it was the best way, after dad died he was lay in bed at home, all the family gathered at home and i was given the chance to go in the room with him and say my last words, it was bloody hard, but i had to say sorry to him, i didn’t want to say goodbye, only that i was sorry i didn’t live upto what he wanted for me, he only wanted the best for me.

it helped me a lot this did, he lay there, he almost appeared to have a look of relief on his face, that made me feel better, i stood i said what i wasn’t able to say when he was here, and i believe he understood me.

mum went to the hospice, i went a number of times and she seemed to be in quite good spirits, talking reasonably ok and seemed to be comfortable, at this time i had not long started a new job and was working during the day time, however i was going of a evening, as where a number of other family, i was in contact with them and they where keeping me all up to date with what was going on.
it wasn’t long and i was told by my nan that she was getting quite sick, i said I’m going to call in tonight and see her, she said, its not a good idea, why? i said, she said you know how much it upsets her you lads seeing her not well, i don’t give 2 monkeys i want to go see her, she said she doesn’t want to see you, your going to make things worse, i said its ok for all you lot to go but not me why??…she said there is only me and marion (her sister) going to see her, i accepted it, for the first time in my life i thought i would do what i thought she wanted (or what i was told she wanted)

i said ok, i will go at the weekend, later in the week i received a call saying that she had died.

i never did get to say anything to her, goodbye, sorry nothing…..that really hurts, but i found comfort in that it what she wanted.

Anyway, i hadn’t get any money left from Dad because i drank most of it, i was back at work, but i had mad a lot of mistakes locally, in particular in the local pubs, whilst pissed. as i have explained.
there was an incident at the red lion in ellesmere which resulted in me being prosecuted for affray, its bit of a long one but, the landlord assaulted me twice, once the night before i was arrested and again the following morning when i went back to the pub to see what his problem was, he jumped over the bar the second day and bit me on the chest, leaving one hell of a bite mark, which at that point i hadn’t really done anything, after this i went out the pub, grabbed a piece of wood from my van went back in and hit him with it, a few hours later i was arrested and charged with affray, the arresting officer was a constable Derek Macintosh, it was common knowledge locally that macintosh would often go to the red after his shift, drink a number of glasses of red wine before jumping in his car and driving home….which he would be way over the limit, i explained in interview at the station that the landlord had assaulted me twice, i also explained that the arresting officer would not make a fair enquiry, it was all ignored and i was charged.

as part of my punishment (sentence) i received 200 community hours, one occasion whilst on the community service they took me to do some ground work, too of all places the same bloody hospice, it was only a matter of weeks since mum had passed……..i kept quiet and said nothing, they let me out the van with the other lads and when there back was turned i went into reception and grabbed hold of the visitors book,……….and there it was….Shane had been going, plus a number of my mums side of the family where going in everyday to see her, my Nan had lied…..they deliberately stopped me and my brother (brett) going to see her, why would they do that i thought??

i came out of reception back to the van, heart broken, i said to the supervisor I’m sorry but you going to have to get me from here, i feel something bad could happen, my mum died here less than a month ago, he was very apolegetic and i was taken from there and thankfully never had to go back…………but why where we told that she didn’t want to see anyone when she clearly was……..the days leading up to her death was she under the impression that we didn’t want to go?

it ate ate at me…….then the answer came.

the will was announced, it had been changed  on the 22nd august.

the executors where now Shane and a Carole Palmer (a magistrate)

there where cash payments to be made to, Shane £25,000, her mum June owen £10,000,  Carole Palmer £10,000, Mark Owen (her brother) £5000, Marion Roberts (her sister) £5000.

and the remainder was to be split between, myself, brett, shane, shanes daughter, and bretts son.

Shane had got us……he had fleeced us……using a bloody magistrate, who he knew full well we wouldn’t get through, the others are all mums side of the family, all going to see her when we where told not to, i believe that they had cash payments to support the fact that she was in good sound mind to change the will, which when you look at the bigger picture how could she possibly be in a sound state, she knew she was dying, she just watched her husband die.
Shane had managed to get his own back.
we had been had.
nothing I’m sure can be done.

i was again sent into deep depression……as soon as it was finalised which took a couple of years we where getting the payments as when a property was sold, and i was drinking again……far worse than i had ever done before….all the abuse i had from shane…and now he had ripped us right off…….i told everyone…..everyone i met….even if they didn’t know my family i still told them, i hoped that someone somewhere would help……it was never going to be, they wouldn’t help when the headmaster was punching the **** out of students so they certainly wouldn’t help now, id just been had over by the local police so i hadn’t got much chance against a magistrate had i?

something that i forgot to mention earlier was that my dad when he was alive had bought a piece of land (approx 2.5 acre) next to the family home, he bought it for me, the arrangement was that i would work with him and pay off the value of the land, once paid for he would transfer to me, it didn’t happen, he died before this happened…..mum knowing what dads intention was, honoured his decision and transferred it into my name after his death.

after both mum and dad had gone, i had the land and really wanted to do something with it for my boys……i had decided to buy some livestock, with it being agricultral land…..so i bought 3 black pigs, they where great fun, however it became one of the worst mistakes of my life.
opposite this piece of land a house was sold, it was bought by a Dr Victoria Manning, and her late husband…….she was a GP in the ellesmere medical practice, her husband in charge of the money of the said medical practice……..during there time at manor avon ( the house opposite) they made my life hell…..i would constantly be harassed by planning officers, environment agency officers, and the rspca….we had countless visits from these departments, they threatened alsorts of action against me, initially i was worried about there power, and feared what they would do to me……however one day i had a visit from a planning officer, his name was Frank Whitley, he came and told me that i would need to remove some shipping containers that i had on site or face legal action against me, i studied and studied planning law………i was aloud under my permitted development rights to have a mobile/tempoary structure/building so long as it was in connection with agriculture within that unit…….this man had lied to me….i welcomed his threat of court action……my final words to him being “you crack on son….im going to love it”……..needless to say nothing happened…..in fact still to this day I’m getting hassle from both the environment agency and the planning department in shropshire council, none have managed to take any action against me…only ever threats……..they are trying to bully me off my land…well think again chaps…it aint happening…i will die first………...

During this time i was mainly drinking in the Ellesmere Hotel, i had been pretty much banned from everywhere else, there was an incident in the Ellesmere one day, which i don’t recall due to be so drunk, but apparently there was an incident where me and the landlord had some fall out…….it resulted in me being thrown out….i went home, i was on the sofa at home sleeping it off……..there was a knock at the door and my girlfreind answered it, there was 3 BIG lads there…..where is he?….get him now……..my girlfriend refused…and they tried to enter the house…i woke up with all the noise………i stood at the door and they where shouting at me to come outside…..i slammed the door and rang the police…….in a panic i said that one had got a gun….i just wanted an immediate response…i was scared for my family……the operator on the other end asked ridiculous questions, what colour is it?…..i said hurry up and get here.

fearing what they would do next, i grabbed hold of a meat cleaver that i had in the kitchen, again i opened the door and said….you best now f*** off……they seen the cleaver in my hand and ran…….success…i had got rid of them.

i closed the door, put the cleaver down.
shortly after there was a another knock at the door……i grabbed the cleaver again fearing it was them returning….i looked through the blinds and it was the police….again i dropped the cleaver and answered the door…..as soon as i opened the door….i was jumped on by a number of armed officers….there was red dots everywhere in the room from taser guns….i was knocked to the sofa, head pushed between the cushions…i was unable to breath….i was then handcuffed and took outside to a awaiting police van…….i was thrown in the back, still handcuffed, there was police everywhere…….me in the back of the van handcuffed it sped off down towards rednal. they drove very fast, i was thrown all over the van, i was screaming, ******* slow down!….the more i screamed the faster they went, i flew off the little bench in the back, up in the air and came down on my right hand, which was cuffed behind my back, they pain was so horrific i thought i had broken my wrist…….finally the van came to a stand still at oswestry police station, the doors opened i was on the floor of the van hand cuffed in horrific pain, i was got out and the cuffs where removed, i was then placed back in the van and taken to shrewsbury, in horrific pain…..i had a doctor come out to me twice whilst at shrewsbury station….both times he told me in a broken english accent that i was a strong boy and i would get over it, well i haven’t, i still have pain in this wrist today, so much so that I’m unable to play certain sports with the boys.

i was kept at shrewsbury for hours and hours, apparently the paperwork had been lost…finally i went into interview and was advised by the solicitor that came to me that i should reply no comment to everything then he would say a few words at the end, i did this, he did his bit, i was shortly after released….i was fuming…..and still in pain.
i had voiced my complaints whilst at the station, i said these 3 men had driven from liverpool (approx 50 mile) to my house to cause me serious harm, only for me standing up for my self it didn’t happen….i said i hope that they will now be arrested…….weeks later i was approached by a police officer, PC Dan Turner ( yes the very same bully from penley school, now a copper)……he informed me that the lads had been stopped on the way back into liverpool after the incident but it had been decided that everything was dropped….he said your best to forget about it………easy for him to say…i was still in severe pain with my wrist……fearing that it would have an adverse effect on me, i didn’t take it any further, after the incident at the Red Lion with macintosh and my previous history with turner i thought that it would never get anywhere.

at the time i had around a £100,000 mortgage on a property in ellesmere with an approx value of £150,000………i wasn’t working because of my depression (drink problem) just getting wasted everyday, putting my money (my choice) into the land lords tills in ellesmere.
i was really losing control….again no help…they where just waiting for me hand it all over, which i eventually did………….during this time i had insurance on my mortgage payments, PPI……..i went to make a claim on the insurance, i was informed that the insurance was invalid, due to me being self employed, it was mis sold to me because they knew i was self employed at the time, i then had to use what money i had got to try and keep the house, i had also seen the birth of my first son, Charlie, and my second son was on the way , Harry……..i spent all of it….mainly trying to keep a roof over our head…..eventually there was no more money, no more help….the country was then in massive recession, (credit crunch) so no work….i had to let them take the house…..we where all homeless…….we went to the council and they housed us for 3 weeks in a travelodge…..before finally offering us a place in the worst area in the county……….my girlfriend and mother of my children ( Kim)  said we can’t move there……so i heard of a place that we could possibly rent that was due to be demolished, it was a old friend of my dads..i went to see him and he agreed we could have this whilst he was waiting for his planning permission to come through, his intention was to demolish  the old tin shack and build a new house on the site, albeit a tin shack we made it our own and we settled reasonably well…….i was away from the town and the pubs…..and began about starting again….it was hard….all these things eating at me daily………the property is down a country lane…its on the road to nowhere in effect….we very rarely seen anybody driving past part from the odd delivery van or post man……..then i started to notice that the police would come past, drive past slow down and the turn around a few hundred metres past the house and come back past…….i paid more and more attention and it was happening a couple of times a week…..there watching me i thought…but why??…….i thought have they not done enough to me….the episode with macintosh, Turner and the magistrate with the will…
anyway i tried my best to ignore them….i wasn’t doing anything wrong so i thought they can’t do anything.

whilst we where there myself and kim tried to set up a new business, offering a delivery service for items sold on ebay, it was a success but it required massive amounts of man hours which we just where not able to put in…i was away most nights driving all around the country whilst kim was getting new work and organising the work we had, it was just too much for the two of us, but we tried. hardly seeing anything of the boys it was decided that we would stop. I’m come to the thinking that i needed to spend more time with my boys, i didn’t want them to be subject the experiences i had been.

one day i received a text message on my mobile, it came from Dr Victoria Manning, and she expressed that she wanted closure on the property manor avon, after her husband taking his life there, rumour was that he stole all the money from the medical practice…..she wanted to gain planning permission on one of the buildings within the yard, she advised me that she had put in a “pre planning application” and was advised that it most likely be rejected due to the lack of visibility splay when exiting the entrance, it was advised by the planning department that MY hedge the opposite side of the road would need to be cut back to allow enough visibility………..well this must have really cut her deep…..the only reason i left the hedge grow up was due to the visits from the council departments i was getting, which she initially instigated….i thought right you bitch…now is my turn….i have suffered to long…….she had sold the main part of the property and now wanted to cash in more…….but then there was me………so i replied to her, whats in it for me?….she replied stating it would be completely up to me……so in the nicest possible way i gave her some options of what could be done and advised that either way i felt i should be compensated……needless to say i never heard from her again, nor until this day, thankfully.

so i thought on and waited, i knew she would use her influence as a GP to get what she wanted, low and behold it happened…….Cllr Davenport made a big song and dance locally about the introduction of a footpath, along this stretch of road…….well, the footpath is lethal……it is a accident waiting to happen, it goes around a blind bend with a drop kerb out onto a 60mph road on a blind bend…..someone is going to be killed on this footpath, it makes no sense at all where it has been put, only to serve the purpose of pushing my hedge back and giving the required visibility splay to Dr Manning, shortly after the planning permission had been granted……..i had personally endured far more that any other person over this land but at the end of the day i had become used to it….after all it was only little old me……but now things really where getting out of hand, the council where putting the general publics lives in danger for what?…..so this woman could profit from it.

we spent around 3 years in this tin shack……knowing that the day we have to move was coming closer, after all that was the clear arrangement we had before going there, after my experiences with the corrupt planning department i had taken  a great interest in following planning application and planning law….one day i came across a scheme that had been introduced, it was called, Build your own affordable home, my understanding of the scheme was that it was aimed at people that where unable to afford a house in the area but where from the area and wanted to continue to live in the area, there was a number of clauses in the scheme, the main one being the section 106 agreement, my understanding of this was that it was to stop a developer from profiting from such a scheme……..in the locality there had been 3 already accepted and work had begun on them, i assessed the people and there applications and assumed that it would be suitable for my piece of land, so i went about entering into the scheme…..all seemed to be going well……we really did believe that we where going to have the chance of building our own home, on the land that my dada had bought for me, my dream i believed had come true, it was almost worth all the corruption i had been subject to.

but how wrong i was…….we through all the procedures, it was going well…………again reading planning law i became aware that i would be almost defiantly able to site  a temporary home on site whilst building the house…..great i thought, that will solve our imminent housing crisis and it will give something for the family to work towards.
initially we had a meeting in the council with a David Garret, we told him our situation and he informed us verbally that we would be suitable and we should continue with the application, we did so………it wasn’t long and i was told that having assessed our situation it had been decided that we had “NO NEED” to live in the village…….immeadiatley i thought there at it again, they are trying to drive me out again……..i got into a massive debate with the council and our local MP over it all………saying why do i have no need and yet the these others had got a need……i had one answer that one of the already passed applicants schooled there children at the local primary school……..well that really was the last straw……i flew back stating that i had been nothing but abused at that school and i wouldn’t send my children there if it was the last school on the planet, as far as i was concerned it should be flattened and all the horrific abuse with it………i was basically laughed at, making out that i was lying, well i never really did see any point in dragging up this abuse i received there, I’m unlikely to get much support locally, they wouldn’t support me back than, and after all the people i had upset since then i was likely to get even less, but now i being told i had “NO NEED” to live in the village because of this………..court action now needs to be taken against this school……i don’t tell lies, i was hit for not being able to understand something.

scratching my head i wondered where do i go from here…….my landlord of the tin shack, suggested that cllr Davenport may be able to help……i didn’t comment but thought well yes of course he can, if he can get the foot path of death installed and put the general public in danger than I’m sure he can get around this one of “ NO NEED”……so i agreed that i would go and see him……he lead me down the garden path…making me believe he was on my side…..nothing more than absolute rubbish……it was never to be…simply my face didn’t fit……the council want me gone, 

eventually i ran out of avenues…..the build your own affordable home scheme was deemed by us as no go…….although i still wasn’t happy about it……in one last attempt i wrote to the local parish council explaining my situation and asking for there help, i know they received my letter from the online “minutes” of there meetings, it was decided by them that they couldn’t help and they would write me saying so, they never did so.

me now suffering more and more depression…..and not really able to understand why.

so i began thinking about bringing the old headmaster from the primary school to justice……i messaged the lad who was hit more than me and another lad who i also now was hit badly, we where not the only 3 there was many hit and effected by this evil man, one lad replied instant, reinforcing what i originally thought, but the lad worst effected didn’t reply….straight away i was suspicious, so i said that my solicitor advises that there will be a big payout for the worst effected cases, absolute rubbish, but generally people have a different view if they think there may be something init for them…..again no reply, it went long after that i seen him, he came to see me about something completely different….just as he left….he said you know that other thing you said about, oh yes i said, I’m going to leave it i am….ok i said…….mmm very strange that i thought, but then just put it down to him managing to put it behind him and not wanting to go through it all again, it was bad for him.

we managed to find another property to rent, which we are still in now, we where very lucky to find this property being just a few hundred meters from the land, a few doors up from our family home………..feeing lost not knowing which way to turn, not knowing what to do, being broke……myself and kim decided that we really got change something here, so january last year i decided i would go back to college, start again in effect, my intention was to get my blue CSCS card for bricklaying which i hoped would open some more doors for me…..i got my heart set on now becoming a bricky, same as Dad.

i enrolled at walford north shropshire college at the start of january last year……..it was a little difficult, i ws a lot older than the other students, which i was not aware of before starting, but didn’t see that as a problem, i was there to do my assessments, and gain the qualification, a few days into the course and the tutor get me to one side and said to me that i would have to complete a number of assessments but once i had then i was free to go, course completed, he also advised that he was in the college 5 days a week, and if i wished i could also be there for the 5 days, (oppose to the timetabled 3 1/2 days)………..staright away i thought great, so i was going in at 8am finishing around 4.30 pm, 5 days a week…….i was flying through it, which suited me down to the ground, not only was i to pay for the course i was doing (me being the only one there paying for it myself) but the sooner i did it the sooner i could get back to work and hopefully get my  familys lives back on track……….

the first few weeks where great, i ws moving at a good speed, a lot faster than the others, but i didn’t really care about them, i was there for my own benefit, not theres………then it all started to go wrong, from what i now see of it the college is skint, resources are poor, staff don’t have the proper training, the general appearance of the college is poor, the general attitude around the place is that nobody gives a shit……..something which is started from the staff……in short they all need a bloody good kick up the arse. however its not my problem, I’m there for one thing only, what I’m paying for, a qualification to get me a job….after a few weeks the tutor would ask me to help the other students, i didn’t really mind to start with, but it became more and more, the students didn’t want me to tell them how to do something, which i do understand……plus it wasn’t productive for what i was wanted, whilst helping teach other my work was at a stand still, i was putting more hours in more days just to make up lost time……..there was a huge amount of problems with the way this course was run, mostly entered aroud the lack of funding, again hardly my fault…..the lads there turned on me, i would be outcast by them, sat on my own at break times and the like, then they would pass me in the corridor and call me names such as pedo, pervert and the like, names i found extremely offensive when i was a lot older in a college and having 2 children of my own, i brought the issue up with the tutor and he told me to ignore them and laughed it off………..i tried, it got worse, then i was asked to all kinds of crap, one of which was making some roof trusses, what a joke, we had the wrong materials for the task, the wrong tools to do the required work…..i challenged the tutor, saying wheres the risk assessment and method statement for this work, he looked at me side ways, he hadn’t a clue what i was talking about……the general way of there working was to, do the job then write your risk assessment and method statement after you have competed the task, which would never match up with the actual task set…….for example, we build the truss, we use plaster board nails on the joints, knocked in with a lump hammer, the saw used was the same saw as we used for cutting the breeze blocks, then just to add insult to injury, these roof trusses are suppose to be built to british standard……you may wander why there are so many accidents/deaths in the construction industry, well i would suggest that this is the place to start.

i took as much as i could….finally i snapped……the whole class turned on me, i became frightened, there was approx 15-20 of them, one tutor who hadn’t a clue what to do, i grabbed hold of a hammer from a bench, i approached one lad one left the room, he was what i believe to be the instigator of the name calling……i was never going to hit this lad with a hammer….clearly i would have killed him, however i do accept that he may of thought i was going to hit him, i wanted to frighten the life out of him, so much so that he may think twice about calling people such names again, the tutor wasn’t able to do anything with him, so i felt i would, i had decided that i was going to walk out and felt i had nothing to lose….i was attacked from behind whilst in this other room by a number of them, grabbing around the throat, hitting kicking me punching me, all the time i held the hammer, never hitting any of them.

eventually it all died down, and i ended up in the tutors office, by the tutors own admission he says in his statement that offers me tea to calm me down?????….tea?..whats he on like
a number of other staff came in and i flipped on them all, screaming and shouting, saying its absolute joke this place, the head man, told me that some education was better than no education he went onto say that they where under funded like every sector, i replied that if that where the case then they should leave the brick laying to college that has the correct resources, i went onto say, that nobody really nows whats happening here, the management is very poor……..i said you have just walked through that door, whats the safety sign say on it?….no answer…..well i will tell you, it says that anyone passing it should be wearing safety boots, wheres your ******* safety boots??…….i went onto say that he wasn’t the only one, literally hundreds of people pass it every week, none of which pay any attention, this i said is the start of the problems, your setting the complete wrong example…..i went on, i said that the notices on the boards, the text in the books all have spelling mistakes in…..you don’t this because you never have read them, again the wrong example……..eventually i was escorted off the premises with the view of returning the following day to give my version of events, the following day i refused on the grounds it went safe to do so, this continued for a few days, the incident happened on a tuesday, by thursday i had enough, it was clear they where not going to accept my version of events, so i wrote a very long email, explaining that i would be taking this further, to health and safety and the like, i felt that someone was going to be hurt in such an environment……after they received this email, on thursday afternoon i heard nothing from them, i went to bed that evening and at around 11.30pm i was woke up by a number of police officers at my door, i was arrested for possession of a offensive weapon in a public place, assault by beating, and affray.
i exercised my right to a solicitor and gave interview at the station, i was later released on bail pending further investigation, 2 months passed and i was set a date for magistrates court, the solicitor who was the solicitor that the police originally called in the station it was Lanyon & Bowdler, i was advised too stick to my no guilty plea and we would ask for it to be moved to crown court, as i would have a better chance in front of a jury.
it was done and a crown date set, i returned to the solicitors office, now i had another solicitor who said straight away i should plead guilty…….i was gob smacked, the sentences in magistrates would have been less than being in crown, so if that was the course of action then why asked for it to be moved to crown?…….i felt that yet again i and been had….i challenged this solicitor, suggesting that i felt that there was something wrong, corruption!….after all it wasn’t the first time i had been on the receiving end of this type of thing…..he refused to answer me and told me that i should seek another solicitor, this was just a few days before my crown appearence….again…he had me…..but i was getting closer to the truth….anyway it had a terrible effect on my case….i found another solicitor and like lamb to the slaughter i had unknowingly walked into yet another of there cronies!…….i was doomed….jail was imminent……i appeared in court after charges being dropped then added on again, then dropped, it was just one massive cock up which would only result in me going to prison, all because i believe i was gong to report them to H&S.  i still have a number of photos repeating to the evidence of there breeches and i will be doing so, they failed to silence me, jail or not.

i was sentenced to 9 months on the 23rd  september 2015, i did 4 weeks in winson green, (hmp birmingham)…..before i was sentenced i decided to get help for the depression i was suffering, i was very reluctant to go to the doctor due my experiences with my late parents, plus the actions i had witnessed from Dr Manning…..however i did, i was prescribed citalopram for depression, and after a consolation with a psychologist it was confirmed that i was depressed…….whilst in this meeting we talked about some of the issues i raised here, most importantly the headmaster knocking lumps out of students…..which i believe was one of the main factors or problems i have had in my life, she quite simply wasn’t interested…….she didn’t want to know……well when i was in jail i had plenty of time to reflect on this, i highlighted that i wasn’t the only and wasn’t able to understand why such a person offered no help……..she also made an absolute cock up of the report she made, having kim down as my mother and various other mistakes…….she hadn’t listened to me at all…..why not?…..i was only in there approx 30 mins, she made notes and apparently a professional think it fair to say that she should have really got what i said to the letter, kim was with me and said i explained it clearly…..the only feasible answer i arrived at was that she knew what the outcome was going to be, she had decided before arrival…and therefore was preoccupied in steering the conversation one way only, thus not listening to me at all………..o dear…the penny had dropped….CORRUPTION..

as i say i did 4 week s in winson green, i was then transferred on my birthday to hmp sudbury a cat d open jail………whilst in the green i had spent 4 weeks trying to get my 2 boys on the visits list…i wanted to see them……and kim of course, but i was only able to get kim cleared for visiting, the boys application kept coming back with stupid mistakes on it….the day i moved was the 22nd of october which was a thursday, earlier that week i had finally managed to get them cleared….i was over the moon, i could now book a visit for them to see me, i booked it for the thursday, my birthday…..what a present i thought…..the morning of the 22nd came, i had been awake all night with excitement…..normally i would have gone to work in the morning and visit in the afternoon……ironicaly i got a job in jail teaching bricklaying of all things……madness, they gave me a key for a tool cupboard with half a dozen hammers in it, more than anyone else in the workshop….you couldn’t make it up!!……my cell door opened and i was told that i was being transferred………i was nearly physically sick…….but my cell mate reassured me that it would be ok……he told me that i was more likely to get my tag and home curfew from a cat d, therefore i was more likely to be home for christmas….he also told me that what ever happens don’t let the fuckers get to you….this was some of the best advice i have received in my life.

so i was transferred we left birmingham and we arrived later that afternoon in sudbury, i spent hours and hours in the “meat wagon”……it was that out that confined….and me fuming that i missed my visit…..happy birthday to me.

on arrival its standard you get issued new prison gear, searched, plus various other formalities one of which is a quick interview with the nurse and clarification of any medication etc.

she had the correct information for me, (something the jails are notoriously crap at) 40 mg citalopram…..she explained that the jail pharmacy didn’t have any stock and gave me a pack of 3 of them, i had already had thursdays and so i had enough to last to the following monday when i would be able to collect some more from the dispensary…..i got no problems with that although looking back it was a bit poor they not got anti depressants in jail.

she continued by asking if thee was anything else, i replied no thank you miss, remembering my previous cell mates advice ( don’t let them know there getting to you)……she said  are you sure?. yes i am, well it seems to me she sad that there is something wrong, no I’m fine, come on she said i might be able to help you……..i just couldn’t contain it…….you wanna now??……you want to know whats wrong with me…..?    I’m extremely fucked off…..thats whats wrong with me…..i waited weeks to see my kids and I’m moved to this place the morning I’m suppose to see them, you expect me to be happy about it??…..im right fucked off…..now what you going to do about it??….f*** all thats what your going to do………….
o she said, i think i will be having them back then, and leant across and took my tablets from me……you can’t do that i said, they where prescribed to me by my doctor, you can’t take them from me for no reason at all……i can do what i want in my jail…….o dear i thought, she went on to say if you want them you can que up with the resr of them in the morning to get them……….i said thats going to make me worse, I’m trying my hardest to keep control of this illness and you are being nothing but horrible……see you in the morning if you want one she said and out i went……i never went the following morning but had a slip under my door for nurse appointment saturday morning…..i went in, different nurse…….why haven’t you been yesterday for tablets he said??…..so i explained….i said i felt that it would make me worse queuing for them and if that where the only option i would rather do with out,( easy said when your blood stream still full have them)……..he went onto say, these old school nurses don’t like people speaking to them like that…..you clearly never been to jail before have you??…i said no i haven’t…….i pleaded with me to take a 20mg there and then, he explained i would have ever problems if i just stopped a 40mg dose straight away like that, he also went onto say that he would try an arrange for me to have them in possession again as it was wrong what she did………from there on i had countless visits to nurses, and psychologists all saying the same thing that it was wrong what had happened…..as time went on i was getting worse…….anxiety was getting a severe grip of me, i didn’t know what it was at first, shaking sweating like mad…………all these people i seen apart from then very first nurse seemed to want to help me, they all said that they didn’t see a problem with me having them in possession, they also said that they could clearly see that i needed them, however none of them had the authority to prescribe any medication.

time went on…i was getting worse by the day, after around 4 weeks i had what i believe to be a “nervous breakdown”…..i wasn’t able to stop shaking, crying uncontrollably and the sweat was pumping out of me……..a friend i made whilst there told me he was going to have me put on a ACCT document…..it was decided between him and another that they would basically make up a story that i told them i was going to take my life……quite believable when you looked at me……..by doing this i was on suicide watch, checked every hour on the hour, i spent  3- 4 days on this, although a pain in the arse being woke up every hour during the night i had managed to get a official document which in itself explains my condition……..i had meeting after meeting with various prison officers and kept saying the same thing to them….it was inevitable what was going to happen when the nurse took them from me…..it wasn’t long and they could see the clear problem…the nurse, but they are not going to have anything said about there own, i was told that the tablets where there all the time and it was my choice i refused to take them, that may have been true of the first 3 days in sudbury but after that when i was going back and too to various nurses, why where they not able to get them for me?….because they never had any…..o dear yet another authority cover up……this one nearly cost my life.

eventually i was told that i could be released on tag, but i would have to take 5 days of tablets before doing so…….i said so now you going  to force these tablets down me by using going home as bargaining tool…………look terry just go and take them………..i said that its really going to f*** me up this is…..i wasnt very good with doctors before all this now your forcing tablets down me before i can go home……you have to take them for 5 days if you want to go home.

so i did……first day stood in the que, my turn to go up, tablet passed over to me….it didn’t look the same as what i had been taking before but i had to take it otherwise i would still be there…i took these for 3 days and i was getting worse, shaking uncontrollably, i thought to myself the bastads are trying to poison me…..so the following 2 days i took them in my mouth but lodged then between my teeth and didn’t swallow them, when outside i disposed of them………i arrived home one hell of a mess……id lost around 2-3 stone, all of which i lost whilst at sudbury…..i couldn’t stop crying, not so much upset just couldn’t stop crying……..my head was racing, hundreds of things spinning round and round……….i was shaking constantly, and i never sweat so much in all my life……the kids hardly recognised me and the dogs where scared of me…….luckily Kim has supported me all through…..christ knows why.

I’m better now, although depressed and anxiety is still a problem………..then after all this lot i guess thats to be expected……..

since being home there is a number of things that have come to light………we have a pig on the land, Morris ( the not so micro pig)…..  it turns out that the environment agency have yet again been out due to his welfare, again NOTHING wrong at all….just more bullying by shropshire council……ironic really….im screaming for medication i need and unable to get any help, morris a pig….is able to get officers from shropshire council to come and check his welfare…

i have dug very deep into each of these problems, and more i have left out due to the size of the document…….i go round and round and I’m coming back to the same place overtime…..FREEMASONS

for the purpose of this txt i have left a good majority of my findings out, due to its size.


Terry Hampson…..x x x x x  god bless folks.. (Tenko999)


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Welcome tenko999 all I can say is Flipping heck I can see you have a lot of luck the trouble is it's all rotten…& you've been surround by a lot of rotten people over the years apart from your wife kids & a few other good souls!…I hope things pick up for you buddy!


What do you think your do next?

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Hello Terry,


Firstly, thank you for sharing this incredibly personal story.


What a life. You truly are a survivor. What happened in your childhood was abuse. You know that, right? What happened to you at that young age was not your fault.


Following this, you understandably went off the rails, you made wrong decisions, and bad choices. You were also on the receiving end of further negative experiences. You had to deal with the death of both of your parents, which is huge in any circumstance, but complicated more with the difficult relationships you had.


But you acknowledge your faults, you freely hold your hands up to errors in judgement you have made,you don't shy away from admitting the wrong paths you have chosen, which is a credit to you. You've also worked hard to provide for your partner and your children, there are so many positive qualities about you. You've had one hell of a rough ride, yet you are showing resilience.


Please build on what you have in the here and now. Your past may have shaped what has happened, but your future is yours for the making.


Don't be afraid to ask for help, it is out there.....


Sending you all good wishes, and a hope that you find the closure that you're seeking.


Warm regards.


Dippy x.

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Thank you very much people....im really unsure what to do..........for me...its almost too late...i can't turn the clock back but reading other peoples storys it is clear that someone has to make a stand.........otherwise it will just continue.....tackling such issues in itself leave me some what frightened..........i have spoke to many people over the years about certain aspects of all this and nothing positive has ever become of it.........then as i explain i was jailed.....whilst in hmp birmingham my cell mate was a lifer....he is 4 years into a life sentence for murder...being around 55 he is unlikley to see freedom again, i have mixed feelings on whether that is right or not........but the one thing he did show me was too stand up for myself....his words being no other f@@ker will do it for you...........i many a conversation during our 23 hour lock ups........him i am very grateful for.......god bless  you Samuel Dunwoody............right or wrong you are a true friend

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Hello again, Terry.


Difficult to know where to begin, isn't it? There are a number of issues which may or may not be related. Break it down, and tackle things one issue at a time.


It's always worth picking your battles.


Just take a moment though, to ask yourself whether you're absolutely certain about this. It will no doubt take an emotional as well as financial toll on you and your family. Everybody wants to see wrongs righted, and to know that justice has been done.... but weigh up where you are in the here and now, then if you still want to proceed, continue.


There isn't an easy answer.


Sending you my best wishes.

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i do believe it is all connected....via the freemasons.... the lodges being.....the brownlow lodge 2131......shropshire round table lodge 9104 ......the old ellesmerian lodge 5368.......west mercia lodge 9179....and the latest incident with fitz alan lodge 1432......normally they say if you can't beat them join them..........however i think thats unlikely.........so they way i view it is i walk away.....accept that i have been drove out...or stand up and be counted....fight back.........the later being the most favourable in my mind but with that i don't expect to win...............so again...im lost......i certainly feel that the most obvious criminal activity needs to be addressed.....with that said the lengths these lot go to to cover up there brethren activity is beyond belief......hardly a wonder they have been active for so long.........all in the name of a few quid.....sad really......i just want to be treated the same as everyone else.....fairly...thats all.....i don't see that it is too much to ask for

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It's most definitely not too much to ask for, Terry.


I'm no expert, but perhaps go with your gut instinct as to which thread of this tangled web you want to start unpicking first. To try to confront them all at once will only overwhelm you.


I do hope you have the support of your partner, because you'll need to ensure that you don't become so wrapped up in this, that you end up becoming consumed by it.


Should that happen, once again your life will be impacted. You sound very determined, I just hope that if you do continue, you can find someone who can advise you on the best course to follow.


Sending my warmest regards to you.

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As an afterthought, have you thought about approaching your MP, or possibly a local councillor?


Or perhaps a local journalist may be interested in helping you?? -  Forgive me if these are avenues you have already explored -  It is a very intriguing set of circumstances.


Whatever your decision, don't forget about the positives you now have in your life.


They are truly worth so much.


Take care.

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.. it was my first port of call.......mp.......basically i understand it as being a no go.....did some research into it and it turns out his wife brother was chairman of northern rock at the time they unlawfully took my house from me........you couldn't make it up.......priceless...........

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I had a feeling you'd probably ticked these boxes already!


I'm sorry I can't be much help. Perhaps other members may have some suggestions as to the best way forward?


Keep us in the loop.


Good luck in your quest.




(One final thing, Terry, this thread has barely been up for 24 hours, and has over 700 page views. Your story is certainly generating interest.)

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yes i seen that..........although the amount of comments on here don't reflect that......should i be worried??......reading my comments back ....i don't mean to come across as dismissive.....im very grateful for your input, thank you very much for the time you have spent, if there where more like your good self then perhaps it would never have got this far, again thank you.

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Your comments read fine! Don't worry! Very often it takes a little while for threads to fill up.... in all honesty, you only need one person to read it - one with some ideas on how best to pursue this, so don't feel disheartened.


Give it a little time.


I'm always happen to listen, and throw my two pence worth in..... just sorry that this isn't an area I've got much experience in. So I'm afraid I'm not much use!

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whilst in hmp birmingham my cell mate was a lifer....he is 4 years into a life sentence for murder...being around 55 he is unlikley to see freedom again, i have mixed feelings on whether that is right or not........but the one thing he did show me was too stand up for myself....his words being no other f@@ker will do it for you...........i many a conversation during our 23 hour lock ups........him i am very grateful for.......god bless  you Samuel Dunwoody............right or wrong you are a true friend


hmmm ...



I never gave up hope we'd see mum's killer jailed Family of frail pensioner get justice after 25 years



The son of a frail pensioner strangled to death in her home 25 years ago said he never gave up hope of justice after finally seeing her killer jailed.



Margaret Telford was murdered in north Belfast in 1988.




Samuel Dunwoody (52) was yesterday sentenced to a minimum of 19 years in prison for her murder.


He had been living in England when arrested by detectives who linked him to the murder following a forensic breakthrough in 2011.


Dunwoody, who had been on release from prison for attacking another woman when he killed Mrs Telford, was traced after his DNA was found under the fingernails of his 68-year-old-victim.


Her son Peter Telford said family members were now able to move on with their lives after a long wait for justice.


"It is like taking a breath of fresh air after holding your breath under water for a long time, you can breath out," he said outside Laganside Crown Court in Belfast.


"I'm satisfied with everything including the way the police have worked...they've done a good job."


He described his mother as a nice person, quiet, good fun and generous.


The court was told Dunwoody was known to Mrs Telford as she had helped him in the past, providing his family with clothing and lending him money.


The court was told Dunwoody had gone to Mrs Telford's home at Twaddell Avenue in February 1988 seeking money.


He ransacked rooms in the house and killed the pensioner when she challenged him, the court was told.


Dunwoody faced another two years in jail if Mrs Telford alerted the authorities, the court was told.


Mrs Telford's body was discovered lying in the hallway of her home by a shopkeeper on February 4, 1988.


She had been strangled to death. A pulled-out telephone wire was lying nearby. Mrs Telford, who had heart problems, had also sustained injuries to her face and head.


The killer has a string of violent convictions for assault causing actual bodily harm and battery, including attacking the same woman three times.


Outside court, PSNI Detective Inspector Peter Montgomery said Mrs Telford was a widow, living alone and in poor health.


"At 68 years of age Peggy deserved to live in safety within the sanctuary of her own home," he said. "However Samuel Dunwoody decided to exploit that by murdering a much-loved mother, friend and neighbour.


"The Telford family have endured unnecessary suffering over the past 25 years. I hope today's events will provide some comfort and closure to them," he said.



Belfast Telegraph

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yes thats right...he is there for murdering this lady..........i think i have already said that???.......... he is paying the price for his crime........   what about all these people i have named???.... as i have said, my father always said tell the truth, right or wrong.......he admitted guilt and as such he is serving the relevant sentence, rightly so, its the law.......   so back to it, which lodge are you a member of????.....



lets have another look at this corruption lot.......   hollie greig???

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Hello Roger, I hope you don't mind me saying, but I don't feel your posts are particularly helpful, in this instance!


Terry has already explained his association with Mr Dunwoody, and the circumstances of how and where they met. Aside from the advice that Terry has taken on board from him, he has very little to do with this thread.


Why do we need to delve into this??

I think this is going well off track!


(Happy New Year, by the way!)

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so back to it, which lodge are you a member of????.....


I'm not a Freemason. Or a Member of any such similar Organisation. It's not my 'bag' ~ that sort of thing. They (Masons) do a tremendous amount for Charity tho ~ which is no big secret. But I am sure there is some mutual back scratching that goes on. 


I had to pull you up about your 'true friend' as he seems a thoroughly nasty piece of work. Serial woman batterer and I think he was 27 when he strangled the life out of that old pensioner whilst trying to steal a few quid. I suppose that's what he means when he says you got to do the dirty work yerself. Who else would murder a defenceless old woman on your behalf? 


I have a tremendous amount of time and understanding for you tho about other matters you raise. I was working in Ludlow, Shropshire in the 80's when Ralph Morris was running Castle Hill School. This was before, during, and after things came to light about what was going on there. You may know already but if not all the info is on google .... 

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thank you roger for the help, again it is greatly appreciated............when in a prison, you can't really expect to meet what you may refer to as "nice" people........sam has clearly done a hell of a lot wrong, very very wrong......however  when i was there he helped me, and as such i am grateful for that, my point with sam was that a complete and utter murdering stranger was able to help me and yet the people i have lived along side all my life, my parents before me have ALL turned there back on me....all for what i believe to be self gain..........


again thank you for your positive input, i do appreciate it.



also Happy New Year!

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I've just read an interesting article about police and the masons.....


The Independent-  Police defy force with Masonic Lodge. (Apologies for the lack of a handy link...!).


Quote. " Senior police officers have defied official disapproval, and established a new Masonic Lodge, despite widespread public fears about the influence of the secret society on the criminal justice system."


It's quite dated - June, 2000 - but is about a joint lodge for Shropshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. (Knowing very little about this subject, I decided to Google, as you do!)

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I've just realised that this is in fact, the West Mercia Lodge No 9719, as mentioned in an earlier post.....



Further in the article "The Commons Select Committee ran an inquiry into Freemasonry in 1998-1999...."


They recommended a voluntary register of police officers, judges, probation officers and Crown Prosecution Services staff....


An MP on the committee, said the register should be mandatory and public..... is it????

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however  when i was there he helped me, and as such i am grateful for that, my point with sam was that a complete and utter murdering stranger was able to help me and yet the people i have lived along side all my life, my parents before me have ALL turned there back on me....all for what i believe to be self gain..........


I can relate to that. I'll tell you a not too dissimilar story:


My dad was one of two brothers and their very elderly parents (my paternal Grandparents) lived in Hereford in a big house. 


My dad died very young, in the early 70's, of an incurable disease. I was about 11 or 12 at the time. My two brothers were about 9 and 5.


Very soon after my dad died both his parents died. Very rapidly. Probably the shock of it all.


You would think that their Estate would be split with the surviving son getting 50% and the other 50% getting split 3 ways between me and my two brothers. Seems reasonable ~ as everyone got on.


Nope. After my dad died the Grandparents Will was rewritten (I wonder at whose suggestion?!) leaving the bulk of the Estate, including the house, to my dad's brother. Me and my brothers had a few crumbs .... Within a few week/months the Grandparents were dead ... 


Such is what goes on sometimes! Needless to say I have never sent him a Christmas card. That's if he's still alive. I haven't checked ...

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i empathise with that roger........just to go back to your earlier post where you suggest they give to charity...... i know a lot of these guys...my dad was asked to join them...like yourself it wasn't his bag.......knowing the people involved i can assure you that they are not the giving type at all..........so i wonder where all the money comes from......if you google shropshire freemasons you will see all there lodges, chapters and the like....they are quite open about it........a recent news story on there about the good charity work, £50,000 just gone to hope hope........yes i agree excellent charity work that....but where does the money come from??.....out there own pockets??.....maybe so.......i would suggest a more likely idea of it coming from the brethren they help in such cases.......so it may possibly be that in the case of your story it would be half for your uncle and half for our good charity work.....just speculation.....wouldnt want to be slanderous in anyway..... :Surprised_32: ..............the rt hon owen paterson has already warned me of such.........     

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