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Flood Warning For Hereford

Glenda Powell

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The Environment Agency has issued two  flood warnings for the River Wye. Water levels are expected to peak in Hereford tomorrow. While riverside paths are being closed off this evening (Monday 30th Nov).

Agency officials warned people who use the footpaths to find other routes on their way to school and work tomorrow morning.

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This afternoon I took Little Miss Dilligaf :Grin: out for a bike ride. Within an hour the river had risen a fair few inches. Tonight and Tomorrow I expect there will be some disruptive flooding throughout the shire. Speaking to a few folks on the way, all brought one question............. Why do we not dredge the Wye anymore, surely it would alleviate considerable flooding? The silt lifted can then be given to the farmers for crop spraying.

Photos can be found here.


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The rivers are not dredged nowadays in an attempt to save money.  False economy and with many more houses being built everywhere the flooding issue will worsen everywhere

The river Wye through Hereford and beyond is a gravel bed with very few locations for silt to settle.

Dredging would not help at all.Building on flood plains is one of the main reasons why flooding occurs.

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Ragwert I stand corrected.  It is not only the flood plains surface water anywhere causes a lot of flooding. Nothing to the extent that they are having in the North and North Wales I will grant you but it can cause quite substantial damage.  Developers and planners should listen to the locals when they say the area floods.  For every  field that is built on the surface water has to go somewhere else and so on and so on


In the comment of mine above I tried to copy a photograph I saw on FB which says it all and I thought I had deleted it all but sadly no oh well not a good day at the office.  

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Thoroughly agree that building on flood plains has cost us dearly. Will anyone begin to listen now?


Planting more trees could also help a lot, especially where planted across our upland areas. The roots help the soil soak up water like a sponge, and so the heavy upland rainfall does not reach the rivers so fast. Where there is a lot of grass and pasture the water flows to the rivers much more quickly, and we end up with spectacularly high volumes arriving in our cities. More trees also help with climate change as they store carbon.


Building new and very expensive, bigger flood defences are not necessarily the best answer. I'm sure the EA know all this, but they have to kow tow to the government's house-building agenda.

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