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A Boycott For Cath Kidstons Pop Up Shop..

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Appears to look a little unfair on the surface.


I would guess that Coco never discussed being an exclusive outlet for the Cath Kidston range for Hereford City Centre when they placed the order. It does seem a bit unfair tho that the Old Market people have verbally agreed a deal with Coco and then apparently gone back on it. 


Does anyone know if there are other existing third party outlets for Cath Kidston in Hereford ? I wouldn't know as I don't purchase that sort of stuff. 

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I think in a funny sort of way this could be a win/win for everyone involved.


Excellent marketing by Coco, they have turned a bad situation possibly into a good one by letting a large number peope know they have a large range of Cath Kidston stock in and that they have been treated unfairly.

An article in the Hereford Times and facebook/Hereford Voice have helped them advertise this for free to potential customers!

There is a strong community in Hereford so they will no doubt sell a large amount of their stock because of this. .


But the development have to think of their shoppers/customers first, . Best of luck to all of them!

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