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Economic Migrants

Colin James

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We have just come back from our holiday on Corfu. We have visited the same island and used the same hotel for years and during our trips we have obviously got to know the owners and staff very well. During a discussion recently, I asked if the current migrant situation had effected Corfu at all as I know many migrants had arrived in Kos. I was informed that the only people that normally attempt to go to Corfu are usually people from the neighbouring country of Albania.

I was then asked, if I remembered one of the guys from the animation team when we were there previously, I asked which guy, to which I was informed of his name. We remembered this chap, so the conversation continued, I was told that he was there on summer season work permit from Ghana but failed to turn up to work a few months ago and just disappeared. The owner was later informed that this chap had been talking on his mobile with other people he had been in touch with in Athens for sometime and they told him to get to Athens as soon as possible and join all of the other migrants. He apparently destroyed his passport and is now in Germany along with many others!  This was also confirmed by another member of the animation team that he had kept in touch with and has encouraged to do the same thing. 

How many other people have done this I wonder?

This does not help the plight of genuine refugees and adds further doubt to those countries reluctant to take in these people, especially if they have no passports or documents. 

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Nobody want's to comment now  :Vault: but I will. To me this was obvious from the start. All Angela Merkel has done is made the problem a lot worse. I read all sorts of stories about people burning their fingers to avoid finger their prints being taken, people destroying passports (they have found lots) to hide their identity, why would you do that unless you have something to hide. These people who have no papers should be refused entry into Europe, at least until they can prove who they are and where they are from. I cannot travel even within the EU without proving who I am, so for people coming from outside of the EU this is a no brainer. The real problems have not started yet but I feel that Germany in particular will be sorry in the coming months but certainly a major city within Europe, I may be and I hope I am wrong but time will tell.

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Immigration policy 'hasn't worked so far', says David Cameron






Prime Minister David Cameron has told the BBC the government's policy on immigration "hasn't worked so far".

The PM said he was "frustrated" at the failure to cut net migration numbers.

Asked whether he agreed with Home Secretary Theresa May that social cohesion was impossible if immigration was too high, he said: "She's right."

She told the Conservative conference the UK "does not need" net migration at current levels, saying the overall economic effect was "close to zero".






I looked at the figures earlier. Net EU migration to the UK was 183,000 in the 12 months to last March. Cameron has absolutely no control over that type of entrant. Theresa May has said that this is a threat to 'social cohesion and Cameron agrees. 

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Theresa May 2 years ago was asked how many migrants she had allowed into the UK ,she said she didn't know. 


Probably as there were so many. And she never allowed any EU migrant in due to our Membership of the EU Club. That is beyond her current control in 99% of cases.


"Yet last year, four our of 10 EU migrants, 63,000 people, came here with no definite job whatsoever."



According to Theresa May (writing in The Sunday Times in Aug. 2015) 4 out of 10 EU migrants are nipping over here on a wing and a prayer hoping that something will work out. 


Huffington Post


If there is any hint of the UK moving towards pulling up that drawbridge then there is gonna be one hell of an EU rush to get here don't you think? 

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