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Champagne Signature Restaurant (Union Street)


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As a result they now have to keep a log available showing details of persons employed, date of birth, passport details etc, is this not standard practice then?


Where I work, they have all of my details on file, name, date of birth, address, nationality, driving licence details, passport details, national insurance number etc.

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We were talking about where we had been in the EU on holiday, I mentioned southern Italy as my favourite place  and that I would have to move quickly if i wanted to go back as my passport was about to run out, she told me I didn't need one as she had come here without a passport.


I travel a lot within the EU for work and pleasure and I can assure you I have needed my passport every time, so I agree with Mick, not sure how this works at all. I am sure there is another explanation to this story if you were to dig a bit more Glenda. 

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