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Belmont Haywood Country Park

Colin James

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I have just read this article in the HT.



Two of the Country Park Supporters (CPS) volunteers alongside one of the new signs

Photo courtesy Hereford Times


BELMONT Haywood Country Park, bordering the city on the edge of Newton Farm, now has a real presence thanks to a grant from Herefordshire Housing Limited (HHL).

Erected in late September by Country Park Supporters (CPS), the park has three signs showing people they are entering the 11 acre site. One points the way from the car park off Waterfield Road, Newton Farm, one is situated on the brow of the hill at Newton Meadows and one is sited off Sycamore/Cedar Avenue by the ancient oak tree below the children's play area and the Belmont Pools.
The oak signs, supplied by Herefordshire based Walford Timber Ltd, will now put the park firmly on the map for those people living in the South Wye area and beyond.
Phil Edwards, chairman of the CPS said, "The park is now looking good thanks to the work the CPS volunteers do with equipment bought from previous grants, and we have been very lucky again in getting funding from HHL to help promote the park with these signs. A small group of our volunteers worked hard installing the signs so that the park can be identified as the lovely place it is.
The signs help give the park 'status' that will encourage people to visit it for enjoyment such as walking, cycling and ball games - as well as helping to promote health and wellbeing by being in the fresh air surrounded by nature. Such an amenity should be celebrated and used by as many people as possible - it has something for people of all ages and abilities and a perfect place for a picnic. People can now see that Newton Farm is not 'just a housing estate' but a community surrounded by beautiful open spaces."
The CPS won second place in the Hereford City Council Community Achievement Awards competition in May, plus first place in the Hereford in Bloom (HiB) Community Open Space Project. An oak tree awarded as the prize by the HiB Group will be planted by volunteers on receipt of the tree in October.
CPS is always looking for volunteers and funding to help to keep the park tidy. Anyone wishing to join the volunteer group or donate funds should contact the CPS secretary, Bobbie Edwards - 01432 350688/bobbieann@talktalk.net
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I'll back Glenda with that.  The person in question appears far more involved with what he perceives as his own personal domain that his councillorial role.


He had the nerve to ask my lad to stop talking on the grass opposite his house because he is trying to grow wild flowers! - Didn't say it when we were all there, but hung back just to intimidate an 11 year old!


Wouldn't have minded (so much) had he addressed all of us, and given a reasonable reason not to do so.  Walking on grass, in a designated Country Park, who'd have thought it!


He certainly did nothing to boost my opinion of him on that post-election day.

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It is not right for Glenda to do the job Cllr Edwards is getting paid for.Nobody has seen him since the Election.Except for this putting up a sign right on his doorstep.People are still coming to Glenda with there problems because they know she will sort them out.And as for telling a young boy off because he was trying to grow wild flowers what has happened to all the wildflower seeds that were sowed a few years ago.I did notice the only ones that were there were mowed away by him and have not come back this year.

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