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Dippy , for info , they are , at last spending money on our road !


Works on Whitecross Road, Hereford

31 August to 3 September 2014


Whitecross Road will be resurfaced from the entrance to Homer Street to the entrance to Plough Lane as part of a £40 million investment in Herefordshire’s road network over the coming year. The work taking place requires heavy plant and machinery and a large enough space to ensure staff on site can work safely. For this reason a full road closure is required.


Works duration


Works are scheduled to start on Sunday 31 August 2014 and to finish by Wednesday 3 September before the start of the new school term. To minimise disruption all works will start at 6pm and finish at midnight each day.


If weather conditions are good, it may be possible to complete the works a day earlier.

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This is great news! Whitecross Road has been in desperate need of some care and attention for ages! It would have been even better if they could have gone down as far as Rye land Street, as that lower stretch isn't wonderful either, but never mind.


Thanks for posting the Ubique, it's nice to hear some positive news!

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Just come down Whitecross Road, and the large, yellow information sign now says the road will be closed from 18.00hrs!!


It should only be for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night....but be warned that Westfaling Street and Grandstand Road will probably be very busy!!

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Well, my posting pals, the road resurfacing has begun! The diversion is in place, the cones are out and lots of heavy duty machines have arrived on site.


Starting with.............Plough Lane!!


I don't know how far up Plough Lane they are intending to go...........


Hope some of the other side streets are going to get some attention. Holmer Street, and Whitehorse Street seems to me, to be in a far worse state than Plough Lane.


But hey, what do I know??

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