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Cutting a Public Grass Verge outside your home!


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Fed up with the scruffy look along my street I am thinking of joining some of my neighbours in neighbouring streets and cutting the verge outside my home.  Before I undertake such a role thought it was a good idea to email Herefordshire Council about the rules of undertaking such a role, and to ask the question will I have to pay for the Green Bags that Herefordshire Council issues for grass collections.  If the answer is yes then I will decline to take on the role of helping to keep my street tidy.  As I don't see why I should also pay for green bags to clear a public area.


I shall let you know the reply to my email as soon as I get it.


I know that it has been said in the local papers that Herefordshire Council would like the community to get more involved, well I think anyone who is willing to cut the verge outside their home that is pubic property should check with Herefordshire Council, about rules and the collection of the waste grass afterwards.


Wheezer Weiner

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I do actually like that idea Biomech!


I can't bear to see the city looking such a state....if a group such as "The Guerilla Grass cutters" were formed, we could cut the grass in disguise, then dump it out the front of Plough Lane.....a great photo opportunity for a direct protest!


Then we could form an orderly queue to use the toilet!!

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Dippy I luv the idea of a guerrilla grass cutters front a group of balaclava clad men & women armed with strimmers & mowers attacking those overgrown verges with gusto then dumping cuttings all over brockington towers!! Happy days! but I feel I must warn you that if such a group could exist or ever exist? Then these brave band of desperado grass cutters whoever they are or could be?? would be hunted down one by one from a vengeful & unforgiving council & be made a example of? & as I'd pit any poor fool who was caught & dragged off to brockington towers for interrogation as we all know that who ever enters that place never leaves as the same person who entered?…something very strange happens to them??!!!…It has my full backing a kind of forlorn hope but a necessary sacrifice all the same…now do we have any willing volunteers out there??…oh anyone wishing to volunteer we are giving away a free balaclava!!…but I'm afraid they will have to supply own strimmer or mower also would they mind terrible if they brought there own petrol?

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Now C'mon Hinton Hitman!


I expected you to be at the forefront of this maverick mowing escapade!


The secret strimmers could strike at any time of the day, or night!


(And then you could always nip in to The Plough Inn....use their facilities if you just can't wait!)

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