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Fiona finally finishes


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According to an article in today's printed edition (quickly perused whilst queuing at petrol station),  there is to be a new editor and Fiona is being sent into exile abroad (well, Newport).


Does this herald a new dawn of high quality journalism, has circulation been falling?  Is it just time to move on after a few years?

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Yeah ... Saw this the other day ... It was reported on a HUFC themed football website ... The new Editor is a veteran of The Kidderminster Shuttle so if you ever read that then you may have an idea about the content he has previously overseen ... 


SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2014
Hereford Times Gets New Editor
By Bobo
The Hereford Times is getting a new editor, with current chief Fiona Phillips leaving for a post in Newport.
Phillips, who spent just over four years in the role, is being replaced by news veteran Clive Joyce. He spent 21 years at the helm of the Kidderminster Shuttle before 'retiring' last month as the local office was shut and production moved to Stourbridge.
He returns to the grounding of his career at the Hereford Times where he began working in news in 1969, spending ten years at the paper including reporting on Bulls games:
“It seems incredible now, given the clubs’ respective places in football’s pecking order, but I covered United when they played Chelsea in league games in 1976-77! That season we were also playing Southampton, Hull, Wolves, Fulham, Nottingham Forest, and Blackburn. How fortunes change in football?â€
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I mentioned this on the Petition to Get the Grass Cut, thread.......as Fffiona has written a piece about it on the "Opinion" section. Quite possibly her final offering!


The new editor also said " The development of newspaper websites alongside traditional print editions, means we are reaching more people than ever before, and The Hereford Times and its website is a tremendously powerful combination."


(But not as powerful as the Deleters' Button!!)


Will the Mendacious Oddities miss her???


Just a little bit perhaps!


There's always a positive though isn't there??.......


.........maybe your ban will be lifted now!!

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Excellent news!


I wonder if my ban will be lifted :P


This guy will be onto an easy winner if her steps in and:

1. Drops the price to £1

2. Adds researched / detailed articles

3. Works to support local businesses and groups (such as this one)

All things that Fee-ona failed to do.

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Colin , it's just my thought for the day , actually , one of the Posters will know that it's my second thought for the day - is it worth you , as our leader asking for a meeting with the new Editor to explain HV policy etc , how we can help the HT as well as the HT helping the HV etc.

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Nice thought Ubique, but with Colin scooping on quite a few news stories - the results of the by election, if the Independants were going to accept Tony Johnsons kind invitation to join them, and the robbery at the bingo place in town -to name but a few, I feel it may be quite a one sided deal!!

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I'll tell you all this, in the fullness of time, you'll all come to acknowledge the great work the departing Editor gave to the paper and to us the Hereford public.

This lady is one mightily impressive journalist and I wish her good fortune and happiness in her new role. There! And anyone who thinks otherwise disagrees with me.

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Dunno if the new Editor has any views on reinstating the HT discussion Forum ... ? It got binned after certain comments (due to no proper Moderation) and it was also getting spammed ... But I suppose that idea might be redundant as everyone is on here! 


Clive Joyce went out from the Kidderminster Shuttle after 'retiring' ... So I doubt he will try and install a Tidal Wave of change ... If I'm wrong then fair enough! 

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If it were me, I'd make people know I was in charge. Drop the price to £1* and make the first issue a launch. Fill it with proper articles and content. I don't think getting people to do their job properly would be considered a tidal wave of change :P Give people a REASON to buy the paper, make them know it's in new hands.




* £1.20 is blood ridiculous, it requires more effort and thought to dig out £1.20 - granted not a lot, but it's these things little that make a big difference. Like the Seven toll is something stupid like £7.56 etc. Bad marketing

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If it were me, I'd make people know I was in charge. Drop the price to £1* and make the first issue a launch. Fill it with proper articles and content. 


Latest strategy is as per the picture. Don't really know if Tesco need to up interest in their bread rolls or the HT want to increase circulation. I think the content of next weeks edition will be the same as always tho. A couple of out of date stories, adverts, and obscure sport ....



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