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Would You Like to Live Next Door to a Romanian Family?


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That's the question the media are now shoving out after they managed to get Nigel Farage to give them the answer that they wanted to hear!

I want out of this unholy bloody European Union but at what cost? Good grief! Now we're done picking on the Polish people who've taken all our jobs and all our houses, now its the turn of the Romanian people. And why? Because they have a predisposition to commit crime. That's what they say. If it ain't nailed bloody down, they'll steal it.

Good bloody Lord. Well if anyone here in this fair County is bloody qualified to answer this question, its me and my wife who still ain't cooking for me and still makes me sleep in the High Town bed.

For the past two years my neighbours have been a Romanian family. Since they've been my neighbours my car is still out there on the drive, my house hasn't been burgled, my wallet is still in my pocket and the cans of Ale that I hide in the shed because my wife's a nosey bloody woman are still there. Nothing has been taken! Not one penny piece.

And I'll tell you why! My neighbourse are lovely people. They are kind, thoughtful, caring, extremely polite, they speak English, they work harder than ever I did when I was able to do anything that was ever worthwhile and productive toward society, they love 'family' and they ain't a moments trouble.

In bloody short, I couldn't ask for or want for better neighbours than the ones I've got.

In fact, if anyone's the problem in my manor then its me when I stagger home and try to get over my threshold and past my wife who has a predisposition to commit violence upon my fat face.

Don't listen to the media. Don't let them press your buttons and make you afraid of things you don't understand. There ain't anything wrong with people. People are just fine and dandy. All people want is a better life and that's why the migrants are here. They want happiness and a chance for a better life.

It ain't their fault that the politicians have constructed a crazy social model that allows anyone to leave their home Country and move here.

Me? I simply want the chance to put my 'X' in the box that clearly states I want my Country to leave the European Union. I do not want to put my 'X' in the box alongside people who are happy to demonise a minority group simply because the media thirst for a battle between 'us' and 'them'.

Finally, to illustrate how nice my neighbours are and how humour has no boundaries, T'other day I was spraying weedkiller on the front drive. The lady from next door said, 'Hello Bobby. How are you today'?, to which, I replied, 'Every day is worse than the last one. Im killing these bloody weeds'. She said, in her great English, 'Bobby, you know they are English weeds. They are not Romanian weeds'.

How about that for razor sharp humour. It doesn't get any better than that!

My warmest regards to all.

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The question to ask if 10 Romanians moved into a house next door to you is:


1) If a Registered Social Housing Landlord property how did they qualify to get a house over other people in a waiting list.


2) If privately rented have the rules for a house in multiple occupancy been followed


3) If they bought the house outright or got a mortgage on it then you can do nothing providing 2 above is in order and they are not allowed under the mortgage to sublet.


I do not know why the media (The Guardian seems the most frightened and antagonistic) are highlighting the Romamians except to get at Nigel. There are plenty of English people who are not partically good neighbours and have a lot of anti-social behaviours.


Only a few days till the polls.

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This has been bubbling in the media for a few days now. The result of LBC radio trying to trip Farage up (and probably succeeding) over one particular soundbite about Romanians. However most people will not be distracted from looking at, what is, a far bigger picture. 


As has been alluded to there are Elections coming up and all Politicians will say or do anything to increase their potential vote. Or to throw mud at the other sides. As will the media/press to get a story


It is all rather easy to call someone a xenophobe or a racist when they are highlighting certain groups of people. For instance Romanians. 


Last time I looked it wasn't groups of German beggars causing havoc around Marble Arch in London. Nope ~ it was Romanians.


Similarly the last time a shop was raided in the Shire for dealing in dodgy cigarettes it wasn't a Spanish tapas bar. It was an 'Eastern European' grocers. And the next time a shop gets raided for tobacco here you can guarantee it wont be Tesco's or Morrisons. It will be an Eastern European food shop. Or should I say an Eastern European shop fronting for an Organised Crime Syndicate.


Anyway. These elections. I will probably vote for the least worst candidate. And maybe that candidate might not even be worthy of attracting my vote ...

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"There are plenty of English people who are not particularly good neighbours, and have a lot of anti social behaviours."


Quite right! The worst neighbours I ever had, were a couple in their late 50's. They complained about every little thing up and down our street!


We have a great mix of folks on our little street......everybody says hello, and there is always a door to knock on if there's a problem! Some folks stay for a relatively short time, others for donkeys years! Families who moved in with young children, are now welcoming their grandchildren on visits!


It takes many things to be a good neighbour - and it doesn't matter one jot where you come from, because at the end of the day if you get along.....


      "That's when good neighbours, become good friends!"


As that well know soap opera says!!!!

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well, thats the thing - the media does try to make us scared of everything.


I think James O'Brien did a great job on NF. He tripped him up a week ago and we are all still talking about it.


With regards to Romainians - there are good ones, there are bad ones, but you cant say a whole nation is bad!


With regards to that shop that keeps getting raided - why dont they just close the bloody place.

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I agree with Farage, he said he was worried about the high numbers or Romanian immigrants and the correlation to the high crime rate.

Would you want to live next door to 50 early release paedophiles?


People always take Farage's words out of context just for the media hyperbole.


Me, I'd rather not live next door to Romanians simply because the I've had 3 different families of Romanians move in next door and each time they have been over crowded and very very loud. Had some Latvians once, small family, shouted a bit but on the whole pleasant enough

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I agree with Farage, he said he was worried about the high numbers or Romanian immigrants and the correlation to the high crime rate.


The whole problem with this open door free movement policy is that EU people just arrive at Dover with a passport but with very little else. They certainly don't bring a copy of their criminal record from their Country of origin. People who have got a pretty extensive criminal history elsewhere then just get a clean slate here. 


We've got enough of our own home grown criminals so I don't see why we should blindly accept additional crooks from elsewhere in the EU ... with the added bonus of a 'clean slate' incentive for them when they arrive ... 

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A man who voted for UKIP in Thursdays election because he said he feels like a stranger in his own country, is in fact just miserable bastard without any friends according to people who know him.

Oh, Percy Williams? Everyone hates him, said neighbour Heather Smith. ˜We cross the road to avoid the racist s**t. I dont know about being a stranger in his own country, the bigoted bastard is a stranger in his own street.


It is no wonder he thinks the country is full of foreigners.  We all talk in a made-up a funny foreign-sounding language every time he comes near.


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A baboon has resigned from UKIP following a fierce debate in the party over its future bananas policies.

Nigel named after UKIPs charismatic leader “indicated he was leaving the party which, he alleged, has been taken over by a cartload of monkeys.


The resignation follows revelations that two chimpanzees and an orang-utan had left the party amidst claims they had been fiddling their fyffes expenses and following remarks by a UKIP councillor that orang-utans should go back to Pongo-Pongo land.


Labour and the Conservatives have denounced UKIPs attitude as racist while Nick Clegg has challenged Nigel to a televised debate.


Many UKIP members were unaware that the party had a baboon as a member although the party believes that it has strong support from the great ape community.


I saw Nigel the baboon- at our party conference once or twice, one man said, ‘but quite honestly he looked like any other party member. And he made a damned good speech on withdrawal from the EU.


Other UKIP members were unfazed by Nigels resignation.


Some of my best friends are baboons, said one UKIP Europe candidate, so I am not prejudiced against them, but there is only so much room in Whipsnade. The country just cant cope with a tsunami of marsupials from Africa.


A UKIP spokesman dismissed as ‘slimy rumourmongering a report that two toads and a lizard had also left the party.


And rumours that Nigel the baboon will defect to the Conservative party were strongly rebutted by a Conservative spokesman.


No chance, he said. We have already got a baboon as Communities Secretary.


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