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Many observers say that if ever there is another World War it'll start in the Middle East. My view is that there is more chance of it starting off in Europe.

History in Europe is beginning to repeat itself. The First and Second World Wars began within our Continent because of expansionist ideologies that began during times of economic hardship and nationalistic feelings that created an 'us' and 'them' feeling which eventually spiralled out of control resulting in War.

Today, the very same expansionist policies are being pursued by the European Union creating the movement of vast numbers of people who want what the others have got. These times we are now living in are not that different to those of the twentieth century that wreaked havoc upon the world.

Some nations, more notably the Greeks are being ruled by the mandarins of the EU. This great nation of people are suffering because they were swallowed up by the promise of expansionist ideals that saw them and their tiny economy trying to compete with the mighty Deutch Mark and the EU desire to strip them and everyone else of their sovereignty.

In the United Kingdom, more people arrived in our Country at the beginning of the last decade than they did between the Battle of Hastings and the few years following World War Two. As a result, some seventy per cent of British people want immigration stopped or controlled. Far right groups all across Europe are springing up simply because they choose to keep their sovereignty, they do not want to be ruled by Brussels and they are feeding upon the very natural human emotion that makes people feel threatened and frightened by things they no longer understand.

The Ukraine? Half their population wants to be tied and bound to Putin and Mother Russia, while the other half, notably the younger generation, want to become a part of the West. Throughout it all, the EU are wooing and seducing the people of the Ukraine in the hope that yet another state will become a part of the United States of Europe.

The Ukraine is only a short step away from outright Civil War and despite all their woes, all the bloodshed and the frightening images we see on the tv, still the mandarins from Brussels are orchestrating chaos and madness in their pursuit of expansionist ideology.

Mother Russia is on the rise and before to long I see the Ukraine government inviting Putin to aid them. Then? God knows what will happen. The Russian military will move into Ukraine, the EU and the United States will react and its not beyond the realms of possibility that other Central and Eastern European nations will begin to fragment and join this bonfire of madness.

We've got to get out of the European Union. The EU is rapidly developing into a totalitarian communist styled base of managing people that are no longer British, Greek, Ukraine or anything else. Nationality, the place of your birth and your heritage and culture will become silly things of the past and seen as outdated and pointless labels that are meaningless to the collusus that is the European Union.

Not so long ago, the great Mikael Gorbachev commented, that he was amazed that European political leaders appear to be intent upon creating another Communist style form of rule. These comments should not be quickly dismissed. The EU is now preparing to Hoover up poverty stricken nations like Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo and when Gorbachev suggests we should be frightened I believe we should start paying attention and understand that history is repeating itself and this social engineering experiment that is the EU is going to bring us all misery and national unhappiness.

Many of you will read this and think it to be rubbish. You'll say, 'ridiculous. They'd be mad to allow another War to happen'. Well, perhaps your right. But, if you ain't, and they are mad then we are in the eye of a storm. The greatest man made catastrophe since we sat back and allowed the Nazis to gobble up all the living space they wanted together with the freedoms of millions of people.

The advance of the European Union has already resulted in Countries losing their young people, their bright clever and gifted citizens to the lure of the West and the continued movement of people will continue leaving places like Romania and the Ukraine empty economic shells, asset stripped by the madness of the EU.

There will be a price to pay for this foolhardy pursuit of expansion and it'll be met by us and our brothers and sisters within Continental Europe who'll wake up one morning and see that their future, namely the gifted and educated kids have all left to pick bloody fruit and process chicken in Hereford. Then they'll say, 'if only we had been told that this would happen to our homeland. Stripped bare by unelected power hungry idiots who've destroyed us all because they paid no attention to history and the folly of communism and destroying sovereignty.

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Bobby I feel so sad   :Weepy:


Firstly I agree that some of the global community are suffering needlessly, in my opinion it's mostly down to greed.


Secondly, you are using your time and brilliant mind blogging "War" and not by the Wye with your maggots and Shimano rod dangling your waterproofed booted toes in the deep lapping water!  


Thirdly, you didn't lambaste or chastise any of those undeserving self-satisfied Herefordshire Council Tory cabinet members or the HC pot snouting overpaid senior officers in the script at all.  I read in trepidation expecting some ingenius twist but was gravely disappointed.  Driven to add aforesaid personal opinion.   :Happy_32:    

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Magicroundabout, Hello my old friend. Im sorry to disappoint you but I can't keep churning out this bloody pointless pigswill. Im serious! This bloody European Union is a threat to all the people's of Europe and whatsmore, if bloody Herman Van Rompuy ever pops round my house begging me for a bowl of sugar, a jug of milk and even contemplates discussing my views on him and his fat, bloated organisation that sees us all racing to the bottom of the economic ladder, he's going to get a piece of my mind.

Im going to tell him, 'clear off Van Rompuy. I didn't bloody vote for you and as far as Im concerned, me, this house that I own and the doormat you are stood upon is no longer a part of your social engineering programme.'

That's exactly what he's going to be getting if ever he jets over here from Brussels with the intention of winning me over. He can get stuffed and if his close protection team ain't paying enough attention to their charge then I'll hit him in the face with my wife's frying pan.

Let him take that back to bloody Brussels. Getting hit in the face with a frying pan is the last thing he'll be expecting and it'll probably be the last thing that I do before I get dragged off to see the Magistrate. My very warmest regards.

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Bobby , your post proves to the doubters that you can put together a well written article . Mrs Ubique and I often have a discussion about the EU - I will put my cards on the table and say that if there was a vote / referendum about stay in / leaving the EU I would certainly vote to come out . I am concerned about the ease in which they pass Laws which in the main only the UK comply with.

Your comments about the poorer EU member countries are having a brain drain is so true - you cannot blame the youngsters for trying to better their life but it is to the determent of their mother country.


Should also add that the length of your post suggests that you have time on your hands with the Wye being in flood and you are unable to dangle you hook in the river.

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I see from the HT that there is to be a "Ukrainian evening" in Michaelchurch Ecsley soon.


I wish it well - to build bridges between people has got to be a good thing.


I just hope it isn't modelled on the Ukrainian evenings that are going on in Kiev this week.  To imagine the residents of Michaelchurch Ecsley confronting West Mercia's finest across barricades of burning John Deere's whilst the evil President Tony Johnson vows to crush the uprising is not a pleasant thought.

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Good bloody grief! It's getting worse in the Ukraine and I ain't talking about the seventy odd poor souls who've lost their lives today in this bonfire of madness.

What can be bloody worse? Bloody Baroness bloody Ashton. Good Lord! The European Union are wheeling her out to resolve this carnage. Bloody High Representative for EU Foreign Affairs and Security. My God!

Baroness bloody Ashton. She, that nobody ever elected, who happened to be a mate of the liar Tony rotten Blair, is now deep in contemplation on how to stop the fighting in the Ukraine.

She's bloody useless and a great example of why I want out of this European Union. The only way she can help to stop this madness is to stipulate that if the carnage doesn't cease forthwith then all of the protagonists would be legally obliged to cozy up to her and engage in acts of bloody love. That'd stop the fighting!

In fact, thinking about it, if Baroness bloody Ashton put that proposition to me and handed me a small pocket derringer pistol as an alternative to cozying up with her, I'd pick that pistol up, check there was a bullet in the chamber, stand before the setting sun and blow me bloody brains out and be happy to do it knowing that I'd avoided listening to her clipped regional tones celebrating the greatness of being a part of the United States of Europe.

Mark my words, the worst is yet to come and many of the poor people of the Ukraine may be required to pay with their lives as the EU and Russia battle for the prize which is the land, the assets and the citizens of the Ukraine.

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I had a bit of the usual trouble last night. I was busying myself working on me home made Hadron Collider trying to find the elusive God Particle and she came in. Bloody wife! 'If you find the particle', she said, 'what on earth are you going to do with it. In here now I want intercourse.

Bloody wanton strumpet! Anyway as we began to fornicate she screamed, 'talk dirty to me fatso'. I said, 'ok, get off me you dirty rotten old bag' and then, there was a strange tap, tap, tap on the bloody door. I thought, 'funny. Tap, tap, tap on my door. Who could it be?'.

Seeing as you didn't ask, I'll tell you. I looked through the window to see Baroness Ashton and Herman Van Rompuy outside dogging on the bonnet of my Ford Focus. I said to the wife, who'd sensibly placed herself in the recovery position to get over her personal gratification, ' Ashton and Van Rompuy are writhing around on my bloody bonnet', to which she replied, 'we've gotta get out of the EU or build a bloody garage.

And anyone who says this is codswallop has had a better education than I expected them to have had.

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If the EU seeks to bring communism to Europe, good, I'm all for it! 

I for one am sick and tired of the uk's brand of crony capitalism, and i think alot of young people feel the same way.

Jonny I am sure that you are a level headed person however I must disagree with you , my decision is based on what was happening after WW2 in Eastern Europeon Countries when I was growing up as well as when my Father was stationed in Berlin in the late 1940s early 1950s not a place I would want to live , nor would I now , you only have to see the standard of living in Bulgaria , Rumania etc .and the past problems in East Germany. I do however agree with you about the politicians , it's just the young that feel this way I can assure you.


Bobby is so right with his thoughts.................

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I'm certainly not advocating we embrace a soviet style communist dictatorship. I'm looking for democratic socialism like we have at the e.u or the green party here in the UK.


The problem I have with the way things are in the u.k is not just the polititions but UK corporations and the people who manage them, think companies like b.t who make huge profits from us and still demand public subsidies from the tax payers and the pay their directors millions. Think bankers and their bonuses. This country is a playground for the rich and it has to change, if the eu will bring about this change, so be it, if you think the EU is bad for the working people with little power and money then you may have been influenced by Tory propaganda.

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Nearly a goner there!!  Innocently catching up on "War" and fell over the canine intimacy incident - I truly almost choked with laughter on my daily piece of fruit  :Winky:


I admit I am responsible in part for our UK EU experience, having voted yes in the European Referendum many years ago.


Sorry for that  :Blushing_32:


My heart goes out to the good folk fighting for their principles in the Ukraine today.

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Well the Ukrainian opposition certainly seems to have chased the president/dictator from power.


He must wish he'd followed a different strategy when his people started to get restless.  My advice would have been:


1. Claim that no-one else has any ideas of how to do things

2. Offer the opposition some seats at the cabinet so that they can share the blame as he continues his policies

3. Carry out and then ignore an on-line consultation

4. Outsource the running of the country to an opaque and shadowy "Shared Services" organisation.

5. Hand over parts of the territory to western style expensive "department stores" to give the illusion of economic progress.

6. Lots of bluster.


That way he would have remained in power for ever.

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Talking of dictatorships:


Local government cabinet system
Responsible department: Department for Communities and Local Government
"In the year 2000, Tony Blair's government introduced a new Local Government Act. This Act had the effect of focusing far too much power in the hands of a Council Leader and a few of his hand picked colleagues. The practice, know as the Cabinet System, denies the vast majority of elected Councillors on Borough and County Councils to be involved in what are often crucial decisions.
The Cabinet System, which is often lucrative for members of the Cabinet, should be disbanded, and British Councils should revert to the democratic system that was in place prior to the year 2000. This would enable all Councillors to participate in the best interest of their constituents".
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What next? Here's my shot at answering my own question. There'll be a short period of calm as all involved within the Ukraine political system jockey for position. In the meantime the outgoing leader will be supported by Mother Russia. Arms, will start pouring into this corrupt and volatile state, all involved will get themselves organised, and the Russian military will ratchet up the tension by deploying their forces to the east of Ukraine. The internal fighting will begin, it'll all descend into a civil war, though it'll be sometime before its ever acknowledged that its a Civil War, and eventually Mother Russia and the European Union will agree to share the spoils of war, the place will get divided up and as soon as its reasonably safe to travel, bloody Councillors Jarvis and Phillips will travel to the newly created West Ukraine where they'll beg them to revisit Hereford, all at our expense and build their subsidised factory that'll allow us the pleasure of sitting on one of their production lines that make a bomb that might one day be used to kill a British soldier.

But that ain't the worst of it. All the other impoverished nations like Albania who've been patiently waiting in the queue to join this Empire of Dirt will have their noses pushed out of joint because West Ukraine were fast tracked into the political union in an effort to be a part of the great and welcoming peace deal that wins Baroness bloody Ashton the Nobel Peace prize. They, feeling somewhat hurt and angry that they have to remain in poverty and are unable to leave their dust bowl of hunger, well they'll kick off, they'll start fighting amongst themselves and eventually they to will be quickly signed up and before to long another 2.5 million people have left their homeland to another place that promises so much but delivers very little in terms of sovereign wealth and happiness.

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Pretty much agree with all the posters.


It's a domino effect.  When people easily view a better life within their grasp they go for it in whatever variety it presents to them.


Who wouldn't follow a path dangled so temptingly, probably mainly for the sake of their loved ones?

I believe the unrest and migration is a cycle of our modern life.

Sadly, people suffer again and again.


I am totally against sending any more money to the Ukraine above the amount we send already.  I suspect the high TV current coverage is related to energy supplies or some other western self-interest in area of the world.  The UK needs more of our attention as people are hungry, homeless and suffering here. 


Signed the local government anti-cabinet petition.  The sooner they are gone the better.  Generally Herefordshire tory council cabinet appear to be not up to the job.  For example Cllr Price's recent reply to me illustrated he could not count to 6!  In his reply it seems he overlooked himself in the count!!!!!!

Also at a Brockington meeting last year twice Cllr Johnson spoke about income tax, in error, meaning council tax!!  He gave the other councillors a laugh but really was not aware of the name of the tax he gaily spends!!

What a bunch!!!!!

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Out of interest, have you signed the "No confidence in Herefordshire Council" petition, that was started by Neil Jeffery??

It began about 6 months ago, and I think as the rules stand, it has to gather around 7000 signatures before the council will consider acting on it. I believe this figure is a percentage of the Herefordshire population - could be wrong, feel free to correct me anybody who knows for certain!!

I haven't heard if this managed to maintain momentum.....anyone in the know, an update would be great!

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Out of interest, have you signed the "No confidence in Herefordshire Council" petition, that was started by Neil Jeffery??

It began about 6 months ago, and I think as the rules stand, it has to gather around 7000 signatures before the council will consider acting on it. I believe this figure is a percentage of the Herefordshire population - could be wrong, feel free to correct me anybody who knows for certain!!

I haven't heard if this managed to maintain momentum.....anyone in the know, an update would be great!

The link is here - approx 1012 votes registered so far. Need to get 7000 votes to kick in. 
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Good Lord! The size of the man. Wadimir Klitscho! Seven foot tall, nearly twenty stone, solid muscle with the punching power to quickly pulverise your brain, confine you to a wheelchair and see you sipping scotch broth through a straw for the rest of your life.

Good grief! This is a tough, tough man and to think he was the smallest from his village. I wouldn't fight him. I wouldn't! I see no shame or dishonour in refusing to fight him and saying, 'Get stuffed. I enjoy eating solid food and being able to complete simple arithmetic. Find someone else.' And I've boxed. Drew one, lost two and chickened out of twenty five. No! He's just to big and powerful and I'd urge anyone out there considering travelling to Kiev to fight Klitscho to stay at home and eat your kebab.

I see Baroness Ashton has arrived in the Ukraine. After cuddling up to the former leader Yulia Tomichenko, she announced to the world, 'you know me. You know my views. I want to see the Ukraine having good relations with Russia and the European Union'.

That's bloody wisdom for you. You don't gather wisdom like that without having a very unusual approach to foreign affairs. I bet the citizens of this steaming cauldron of civil unrest were mightily impressed with that little offering from her. Bloody Ashton!

Course, now the Ukraine need near on twenty five billion quid because their economy is collapsing. Lovely! Just what we need. Another bloody Greece. We'll be paying a huge slice of that despite the fact that we've no money ourselves.

Next up will be Belarus. Just as corrupt as the Ukraine. Slightly less violent but equally as skint as their neighbours. All of this is going to go on and on and in time, probably very quickly, it'll all develop into a type of Arab Spring. Some states will want to cling to Mother Russia and others will thirst to be affixed to the European Union and be free to leave their homeland and travel to the West.

In the meantime, it wouldn't surprise me to hear that this Council are still harbouring dreams of getting the Ukraine to build their weapons factory at Ross-on-Wye and thus creating the 'thousand jobs' that are often promised whenever a brick is laid.

It'll all end in tears and the worst is yet to come.

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from Daily Telegraph:
By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels 2:28PM BST 05 Apr 2013

Baroness Ashton will be paid £400,000 by the EU to do nothing

Baroness Ashton will be entitled to £400,000 at the taxpayer's expense over three years for doing nothing after finishing her five year term as the European Union's foreign minister at the end of 2014.
Research by The Daily Telegraph has established that the Labour peer, who finishes her job as High Representative of foreign affairs in October next year, will be paid £133,500 a year, 55 per cent of her basic salary, until the end of 2017.
The "transitional allowance" does not require her to do any work at all and she will be paid under reduced rates of EU "community" tax, rather than the standard British rates of taxation for high-income earners.
The allowance is defended as "the price for the total independence" of senior EU officials like Lady Ashton, who is also a vice-president of the European Commission, who must also "ask permission for any job they would like to do for 18 months after leaving".
"It's important that commissioners don't start looking for a new job during the last months of their mandate, and that they take their time over finding appropriate new employment," said a commission spokesman.
"That way, they can continue to give 100 per cent to the job taxpayers are paying them to do, and there is much less risk of a conflict of interest."
On leaving her job on an annual gross salary, including allowances, of £287,543, making her the second highest paid female politician in the world, Lady Ashton will be paid one month's salary, the sum of £23,962 as well beginning the transitional payments "on the day after leaving office".
The allowance will not be reduced unless she earns over £134,000 in additional income, allowing Lady Ashton to take up her seat in the House of Lords, where she will be entitled to £300 in untaxed daily allowance for sittings of the unelected chamber, without loss of EU payments.
In contrast to the EU allowance, ministers are entitled to severance pay equivalent to three months of their ministerial salary when they leave the Government.
In 2021 on reaching retirement age, Lady Ashton will become eligible for her EU pension which will be worth £61,000 a year, over three times the average in Britain and also covered by the reduced rates of "community tax" paid by European civil servants.
Lady Ashton has been criticised by the Government for failing to honour a promise that her EU diplomatic service would be "budget neutral" and for making "ludicrous" demands for extra cash at a time of deep cuts to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
A recent report by MEPs attacked the EU's diplomatic service, created by Lady Ashton, for being "top-heavy" with highly paid officials as well as plagued by incompetent staff and absenteeism in its 141 embassies or delegations across the world.
Douglas Carswell, the Conservative MP for Clacton, said that based on her performance Lady Ashton should be paying money back to taxpayers rather than the other way around.
"The system is run by, and for the benefit, of those troughing officials who work in Brussels," he said. "If Baroness Ashton got proper performance related pay, she would be writing a cheque out to HM Revenue and Customs."
Speaking to a Brussels audience recently, Lady Ashton admitted that her successor, rumoured to be Radek Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister, might be better suited for the job.
"I think it will have been a great privilege to have served in this role, but it's quite hard. There's a lot of travel and a lot of sitting on planes," she said on 16 March.
"It is exhausting at times. And I think, in any event, you lay the foundations but there are people who can do things with this that probably I couldn't do so it would be good to hand it over."
The next British commissioner is expected to be Andrew Mitchell, the former Chief Whip, who will be rehabilitated following the "Plebgate" scandal with the top EU job, thought to be the key economic portfolio of competition.
Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, said: "Ashton just goes to prove the Brussels pay formula: that Eurocrats are paid huge amounts of money inversely to the amount of work they do or the little good that they achieve."


"There's a lot of travel and a lot of sitting on planes," she said on 16 March. Not bad for the money -any vacancies?



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Oh, I had a bit of the usual trouble last night. I was sat upstairs becoming highly aroused as I watched the execution of Saddam Hussein on Youtube, when all of a sudden my eyelids began to droop as the affects of the ale began to kick in. I quickly got into bed and realised that I'd forgotten me Lords Prayer. Of course, my nemesis the wife said, 'you've not done your bloody Lords Prayer'. I said, 'I bloody know you rotten old bag' and so, I got out of bed, knelt down and got to the bit about trespassing and I forgot the next bit. I said, 'what comes after trespassing' and then, the strangest thing happened. I passed out! I did. I'd completely passed out and went into a deep sleep where I began to dream.

And there I was, stood in a boxing ring in the middle of High Town surrounded by thousands of Herefordians who were chanting, 'knock his bloody head off'. I said to them, 'who's head?' They howled, 'yours you canvass kissing, yellow bellied coward'.

And then I saw my opponent. It was only Vitalli bloody Klitscho. Good grief! The size of the man. Fists like shovels.

Anyway, the bell went, Klitscho raced toward me and began his onslaught upon my fat face and my ale bloated torso. In the first round, he cut me below the left eye. In the second, he cut me above the right eye and in the third round, after he cut me again, I said to the Ref, 'bloody Klitscho is going to kill me. Take that knife off him'.

Then all of a sudden as I was bobbing and weaving trying to get a shot away, it happened. He hit me. Smack on the chin. He hit me so hard I had to pay to get back in. The changing rooms were miles away and Im only glad that I didn't have to walk there.

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