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Well that didn't last long...


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Well! We have come full circle!

For those who don't follow HT, Biomech was first banned in August. Here's how I felt about it then....


                       "Ode To Biomech."

                      (Shortened Version!)


Listen up you H-T posters!

We must come together and unite!

An injustice has occurred,

Upon this very site!


A comment made by Biomech,

Has seen him rendered "barred,"

This is not acceptable,

It really is too harsh.


Just release him back into the wild,

He'll find his way back home,

Then he'll be free to post again,

And rant and rave and moan!



That didn't work....so we downed tools, and went on strike!

As requested by our Good King Bobby, another poem followed.....slightly crosser in tone!


                              "Give Us What We Want Or We'll Kick Off Big Time."

                                                      (SHORTENED VERSION.)


Give us what we want,

Or we'll kick off big time!

This is a very serious issue,

Disguised in a dodgy rhyme.


Our comrade you are holding,

This really isn't fun,

And so we are on strike,

Until you free the H-T one!



Sadly, that didn't work either......and now, here we are again!!


Biomech,this is for you!


                                    "Biomech's Got Banned Again."


Biomech's got banned again,

This is the second time.

He's now a H-T fugitive,

Convicted of a blogging crime!


He's made a comment several times,

(Perhaps he shouldn't oughta,)

About the articles from the pen,

Of Fragrant Fiona's daughter!


So Biomech,your hands been forced,

Now it really is your choice,

You could try another posting name -

- Or just stick with Hereford Voice!!!



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Dippy you really are a master of verse, though Biomechs a curse

Twas an excellent ditty even when your're squiffy!


Biomech you were never safe hiding behind a 2! You blood numpty! Next time you want to wind them up over on HT can you come up with something less inconspicuous like 'Muppet' we will recognise you old friend....  :tongue_32:


Dippy how'd you like my attempt at poetry took me forever! Your jobs safe lol ..

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No don't encourage me! I'm exhausted, poetry is hard work! I will leave the poetry to you the moaning, groaning and the codswallop to King Bobby and I will continue throwing tantrums while you and Bobby reign me in! Everyone has their niche don't you think? Bobby needs to decide on the positions in this army of ours. You are defo the general, Biomech is a Captain because he will go down with the ship but come back from the depths! I'm more of a private, because I need to keep me head down! Lol 

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I was , and still are banned by the HT for the same reasons , received no warnings , they went straight for the jugular . They have only given me one reason - copying and pasting the full Press Releases from West Mercia Police and others on their website - it breached their rules - sorry, no , that's not an apology to the HT , if it's in the public domain why don't the HT publish the full story on their web site - if they are saving that full story for the hard copy of the paper on Thursdays because they want us to purchase the paper , my reply is that there are enough advertisements on their website which must earn them money.

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Ode To Ubique. .....this was from Dippyhippy at the time of my banishment .


Ubique has been deleted,

His posts we'll read no more.

Not a single vowel or consonant,

Will wash up on this shore.


No more updates from West Mercia,

Will he type upon this page,

Ubique has been deleted,

The end of a golden age.


We'll never get to Liddls now,

For our thrice weekly trolley dash,

We'll never neck a pint of ale ,

At the Forum Posters Christmas Bash.


No....those days are over,

It truly is a shame.

Ubique has been deleted,

We'll not see his like again.....


By D Hippy.

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Hello Ubique!

How are you??

The funny thing about Biomech's second ban, is the post he made about the editors daughter - that was very quickly deleted, but I quoted it in my response,and when I looked last night it was still there,complete with Biomech's comment in full!!

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Seriously why have you been banned? 



Well, the first time was because I pointed out that the HT are very biased towards friends and family, they ignore legitimate press releases from businesses and individuals (some that go on to be published in national papers) in favour of mediocre or pointless posts by their friends, family and business partners.


I have no problem with this, apart from when it encroaches on more worthy news articles by other local people.


I also pointed out that their advertise rates were exceptionally high - £600 for a 2 week job advertisement. The HJ is a FRACTION of this and there are very successful online jobsites that are free. In fact the most expensive online job advertiser are around £250 for a 2-8 week placement.


I hit a nerve when I discovered that this pointless article: http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/10524187.Leominster_Lock_ed_into_new_craze/

(comment still intact as of 5pm Friday 29th November 2013 although clearly downvoted by the HT cronies)


That article was written by Jess Phillips, who is from Leominster and friends with Mr Lock from the article, Jess who works for newsquest (HT), the editor of which is Fiona Phillips.

Shortly after an email exchange with Fiona Phillips, Jess Phillips facebook account became more restricted to public access. You will also notice from this recent article:



That highlights the calendar inspired by Mr Lock .... which is a perfectly fine article, a calendar for charity... this bears no byline and the comments are locked for no reason.


There are other members of staff/exstaff who wrote articles on their family members - again, not a problem when it's worthy of news.


Fiona Phillips didn't like that she was called out for preferential reporting and stifling the free press and opinions of local readers.


The other thing that most commenters noted was that they systematically deleted posts that they didn't agree with. As you've probably noticed yourselves, the new "thumbs up" comment voting system was just a cheap shot to try and undermine the comments that they didn't agree with. You can see this in full effect when someone says something like "traffic in hereford is bad, bloody HA" and they receive 15 downvotes.



I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt this time around, which is why I didn't disguise who I was. But sure enough, the first thing they don't like, the delete button and banning starts.


I could actually go all day making accounts, posting and causing them grief, but they manage to make themselves look stupid all by themselves.


Remember when the price when up 25% without any prior announcement or explanation by the editor? 



It really is a shame, because it could be a good paper if the management weren't so closed minded and interested in only themselves.

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Well, whilst I regret that my two dear and good friends Ubique and Biomech were thrown over the side, and in Biomech's case, twice, which is a truly remarkable achievement considering I couldn't buy a deletion, I ain't for being to critical of the Hereford Times. If it weren't for them and the editorial line they follow, how on earth would any of us know what was going on within the Council Cabinet. No, I'll never go along with the rhetoric that implies the HT are doing a bad job. I think it's a great little local paper and I for one am prepared to sit in the life boat, snuggled up warm and not lift a finger as I watch Biomech aka Biomech two point zero, thrashing around in the water trying to get back on board the HT vessel.

It may well be that Biomech, in adopting the new bloggers handle Biomech two point zero was simply looking for trouble and forcing the hand of the staff who threw him over the side in the first place. No! I've said it before and I'll say it again, my dear, good and much respected friend Biomech is a menace and he should remain cast out and unwanted by the Hereford Times.

And whatsmore, if Biomech comes back as he surely will, registered as Biomech three point zero, Im rolling over on him. I'll bring him down, tell the Editor and get him thrown over the side for a third time. We've got rules on the HT and I for one am happy to comply with these agreed protocols.

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I disagree bobby, we know that there are many council-type stories that they don't publish. For example, after all the foray about the lights and roundabout, they never mentioned the accident that left a car parked in the middle of the roundabout early one morning. No, while they do provide some news pieces, they do a bad job - a very bad job. Just look at how they behave, biased reporting, deleting of non offensive comments that they don't agree with, they lock articles for comments to prevent discussion. Look at how many times Ubique and Milligilidiland have to go and find more information to add to the pi*% poor effort that they put out. And what happens? Ubique gets banned for posting public service announcements and embelishing on, what are essentially, tweets of news that the HT often put out.


The only reason you may think otherwise is because there isn't really anything else to compare it to, they have the monopoly on priced news reporting in the city.

I switched to the Journal long ago, their advertising rates are fair, their reports and photographers keen to hear a story and their staff always helpful and willing to hear you out. The HT are only interested if it directly benefits them at a personal level.


Imagine, if you will, that the only newspaper in the UK was The Sun. Everyone would think it was a great paper because there would be nothing else to compare it to.

Sorry bobby old chum old pal, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one :)

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My first post on here (Hereford voice i mean)


the paper has gone from being popular (nearly everybody bought it at one time) which at the time was a great read to a paper that hardly anybody buys! !! Even though the massive rise in the cost of it hasn't helped.

But there's other reasons too

The badly written stories/articles in the paper, the constant 'headlines' which are so far from the truth (mental illness headline comes to mind).

And there's 'which most of us are part of' the on-line stories, their was a time 'not so long ago' when we were able to comment on almost all stories, now though we are being 'forced' to comment mostly only on non-stories

And when we are 'allowed' to comment on 'meaty' stories its strongly controlled by the 'dictatorship' ( yep, it's a strong word but it's the only one I believe that's right)

There's posts being taken off, people being banned (sometimes twice ;-) ) and even whole threads being taken off just because the posts are not what the HT want (I think there's other forces though beyond HT that is pulling the strings),,

For example there was interesting posts on a story about 'i pads' with some great posts with different views on whether ipads should be used in schools.... GONE! !!! wiped out with no more comments allowed? ??.

HT has turned from a paper that cares to a paper that's gone seriously downhill in a space of just a few years

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Minds of your bloody own now I see! Taking no bloody notice of me and my tappings. Oh! we'll think for ourselves and ignore Fortyseven thank you very much! We've suddenly become bloody liberated from this endless dross, tripe and bloody codswallop he's associated with and we've suddenly become 'thinkers'. Folk who've suddenly become big time bloody Charlie's quite happy and confident enough to have an opposite view to mine.

Well, when they repair the hole on the bloody poop deck of the HT and you all want to come scurrying back aboard you'll find I've pulled up the bloody gangplank and you ain't getting back. Im staying. I'll never go. Never, not while I've got a wifi connection, a single diazepam tablet stuck in the roof of my mouth and there's rum in the barrel. Im staying until the bitter end and if any of you come shouting, 'Biomech is a false prophet, we've changed our minds take us back', I'll tap you a bloody message saying, 'clear off. You'll find no sanctuary here. Im busy posting on a series of unexplained chip pan fires and I'll be bloody damned if I need company aboard the HT.'

They can serve me up tales of unusually large marrows produced by some fool who's the most boring man in the world and I'll shout, 'hoorah! Lovely just what I wanted to know'. Each day of the week they can send me a chapter lifted from the book titled, 'A fascinating insight into third party fire and theft insurance' and I'll roll around on my front bloody room carpet screaming, 'hallelujah give me more of the same' and still I'll stay loyal to the HT.

And, if the HT bloggers site is doomed to be consumed by the brine and its clear to me that Im stood on the main deck beneath four hundred foot of water, even then, despite there's no oxygen and its bloody uncomfortable, still I'll tap away on my keyboard, transmitting the words, 'Jarvis can get stuffed'. I'll never leave. Ever! And anyone who says I will leave is someone who underestimates my determination to continue blogging even when Im staggering around trying to get a signal whilst tapping underwater.

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