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  1. I'll be very happy to have a drink with you too bobby, since the last time I posted on here I've now moved back into this fine city.
  2. Bobby47 I've just seen an answer to the "why was bobby47 banned?" question and you've been a very naughty boy!!! Admin has said. . . . "The poster made a substantial physical threat towards another user late at night which warranted a permanent ban."
  3. £600,000 he did say, and I can honestly say that I have no idea where? hardly any bills had been paid or staff or players??? think it's more like £60 at a stretch!! now I know Jon hale and can honestly say that he is a big supporter of the club than anyone I also know Martin Watson from Hust and he won't just follow anything I can assure you. Now to 'bullsbanter', there has always been arguments on there (it's what drives it sadly)but it started getting worse since 'warning signs' started to show under 'Keyte'(my view towards him cannot be printed in any form believe me)then apart from a short (about) two weeks when Agombar took over the club and the arguments (quite rightly) just got worse, not helped by Lonsdale and their monkey 'Nathan' started posting on there too (some people still think Lonsdale is still posting on there). Now bullsbanter is having posts on there 'not only' from pro Hust but also pro Agombar/Lonsdale and (most think) from Keytes son. so, at the moment and until things start to settle down (which won't be for a while) it's going to get worse before it gets better.
  4. I've just sent a message to admin on there 'bobby47' so hopefully they'll see sense feels weird me posting back on here again!!
  5. I am (like many other Bulls fans) disgusted at how many broken promises the chairman (Mr Keyte) has made. many a time (too many times to exactly know) he has said- the players wages are on there way to them-the staff will be paid in due time- "the club is safe under my watch" all lies LIES LIES LIES!!!! I am utterly and completely mad at the way that this historic club has been treated by Keyte Belmont Golf club GONE!!!! Racecourse GONE!!!! NOW the'local'professional FOOTBALL CLUB GONE!!!! Lied to and sold off by a lying cheating scumbag!!! 'Sorry' that's how I feel!!
  6. Though I'm disgusted with some on here which refuse to see the benefits of having a full time Professional 'local' club on your doorstep it is sadly understandable of the feelings towards the club!! Now, things are happening at the club (mostly London) which even the most harden supporter of this great club is struggling to understand and we also face the week which may change everything Big plans are being made if/when we get past this week 'so' hopefully there may be happier times coming (watch this space) I doubt it will change certain people's minds though as Hereford seem to have a lot of negative thinking people living in the area who are only happy putting things down and not bothering looking at the positives!! 'Sorry' I had to say that last bit because I believe it's true
  7. Happy retirement bobby Was hoping that one day we may meet 'hopefully' you may turn up to one of the 'meetings' of 'Hereford voice' which I'm yet to turn up to ;-) Maybe you'll be made 'Guest of Honour' and be treated like Royalty with free drink and food made just for you while looking down to the rest of us eating cucumber sandwiches!!
  8. I love history and do wonder sometimes when I pass old houses who lived there, when was it built !! Thanks to those photos it shows how hard it must of been before busses, cars even tv! ! I did live up until recently in a house which was in the same family for over 100years and next door to the same family for even more (I'm now back living in Hereford now), They're both Georgian houses and I've always wanted to find out the history of them, what's the best way of doing it??
  9. "Eurovision is too political for me and has been for too many years." The voting? Yep agree. But the madness and the 'mostly' god awful singing (for me) makes it entertaining! !! Or maybe I'm the strange one? ;-)
  10. I enjoyed it Does that make me mad?? ;-/
  11. I've noticed that there's been an increase of parking in that new (ish) park on the other side of Alyestone hill in the past few months (there's a bus stop opposite). I wonder how long it will take the council to put parking meters there??
  12. I think most of us "lost the will"(to live) during last season to be honest Bobby, It's still the local club though Which should be supported by people from the local area 'Grass roots' football is slowly dying and it can't be allowed to, once 'grass roots' football goes the whole of the football pyramid (and it's starting already at the bottom) in this country will suffer Support your local club
  13. A completely different view from (nearly) everybody towards there local football club from when I first brought up the problems there having!!! 'Yes' the club needs a complete re-vamp from the top down 'Yes' the ground is a tip but with help off local supporters it can be something to be proud of 'Yes' the only way any 'lower' league club survives nowadays is from the support of their local supporters This club has been through the mill in recent years 'hopefully' this is the lowest its going to get. This is your local club, get behind it Support it!!!!
  14. Just driven up commercial street over Aylestone hill and the queue going back into Hereford was half way down the other side near the 'copperkettle' shop!!! If there was a bigger advert for a by-pass....?? Madness
  15. Think I past someone that got knocked off her (think it was a 'her') bike this afternoon at about 1445 just before the new bridge outside the surgery!! It's dangerous out there guys
  16. Agree with gdj completely! ! To much money at the top and the people at the top get greedier/richer while the grassroots slowly get poorer The more clubs at grassroots football level that suffer the less 'home grown' talent is seen at the top, which (I believe) is why the national team is struggling to keep up with other countries! !
  17. Yes Glenda, there are people out there that care about this little fantastic little football club, Heineken has given £10,000 to the cause and also there's two 'sell out' appearances of the well known actor/writer and comedian 'Omid Djalili' which should raise about £20,000, the rest has been raised off the supporters and other supporters from other clubs. There are Some people that may not care there are others that can't see the point but there are 'MANY' THAT DO CARE AND WE WILL NOT ALLOW THE CLUB TO DIE because of a few who think it's not worth it!!!
  18. Oh dear, while most of my posts can (I believe) come across as 'maybe' insulting, straight forward or passionate ( i say what I See and live with my heart on my sleave) the time when I thought I was being amusing people get insulted by it??? I 'apologise' if you thought I was putting this site down (i wasn't) And 'yes' it is a "well run site" (I never said it wasn't) now let's start talking about how the council always seems to get away with it eh ;-)
  19. It always surprises me how you think this stuff up Bobby 'but' if it wasn't for you and your 'ramblings' then this site would be a very boring place to visit!! Keep it up Bobby (supple joke there sorry)
  20. Ha ha No thanks I'm paying enough tax And 'no' I'm not blind and I don't expect it to be delayed The club is in this state because of bad leadership 'from the chairman at the top right down to the players at the bottom' and it's been going on for years!!! (I know that) But if it's worth saving, which I believe it does then I'm going to fight for it, You don't agree with me 'that's fine' by the look of it around Hereford 'sadly' you're not in the minority. I'm not going to lie down and allow the current directors + the chairman to drag this great club into the history books Support your local football club
  21. Thanks for posting that Colin The more people that knows about the club and the trouble its in the more chance its going to be saved!!! Even though I'm disgusted at the lack of support from the people of Hereford towards there local football club
  22. But it's not only "collection buckets" the supporters associations 'HUST' & HUISA have received money from all over the world to help save this great club, and the money IS NOT going straight to the club its being CONTROLLED by the supporters associations! !Support your LOCAL FOOTBALL CLUB! !
  23. 'Well' that has been the main problem with the smaller clubs Not enough people supporting 'what should be' there local club and most being happy to watch overpaid premiership clubs on tv. Sadly its happening all over the country, local clubs struggling money wise With 'just' one weeks wages of some premiership players a club like Hereford United can tick along quite nicely for a whole season? ? How is that right??? The more smaller clubs that go out of Business there's a chance that the whole ' football pyramid' will suffer, and with that the lesser chance of local football talent getting through and in time the national team suffers (my own view is that the national team has been suffering for years and getting worse) Support your local side
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