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  1. I would like to add that damage to this area started way back in 2018, the large fencing areas was only placed there in 2020 who responsibility is it, the The environment agency, the council, the Forestry Commission for allowing all the trees down the river, as somebody suggested that sarky comment they placed on a post I placed on Facebook,
  2. Good job they got the vital equipment Out, that would include explosive oxygen cylinders out of the vehicle
  3. i have used for last 2 years the Taurus health care services in all three hubs and found the care fab, its appoitment only, and relable, but i have also had to use the walk in centre, when i cant get treatment anywhere else, i fine at the walk it has a long waiting times between 3 to 4hrs, not acceptable in this day and age, it hasnt got enough gp or nurses on duty, maybe time to close it and get a larger 24hr better manned service in place
  4. after power loss on the widemarsh traffic lights last week, the piller posts went to default setting and are down, and waiting to be reset or fixed , think its time to bring back the gates
  5. many signs are made with vinyl that have a shelf life, and this is clearly passed it
  6. there is a sign out side my place, its covered, as its yellow underneath, but i asked the local council workers i now, and they dont know what its there for or who has the key, to open it, it was put up about 5 years ago and never been opened would it be better to put a electronic information board there instread
  7. RT @winterhighways: Chilly road temperatures overnight increase the risk of ice in the morning. Many of our gritters in action https://t.co…

  8. RT @DaveThroupEA: We're going to have a go a shifting the debris under #worcester bridge tomorrow morning. I'm back on the bridge! http://t…

  9. RT @YourHereford1: Holme Lacy Road to reopen from 6am tomorrow morning.

  10. RT @southsidecops: Tractor seized on Belmont Rd... Tax was 4 years out of date! #taxlesstractorstoppedinitstracks

  11. Come to http://t.co/PJLaQlpQ6I a friendly printing company which specialises in vinyls, banners, labels and much more.

  12. RT @KingtonCC: We are looking for new members of all ages - junior, senior players and social members welcome @HerefordsCric @HTnewsroom @Y…

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