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  1. Update 31March2021 Photo taken today, 5 weeks after my update from BBLP. The Fownhope B4224 bypass is now open costing +£millions but a simple repair to make this path safe for the poor and disabled is ignored. To be continued.
  2. Update 25Feb2021 I was walking over the Wye bridge and two BBLP employees were looking at the broken railings and temporary barrier fix. I asked when the path railing repairs would be done and the BBLP employee said that their visit was the initial scope and repairs to follow. To be continued
  3. This access of Wye Walk to Asda direction or onto Salisbury etc was closed after the flood in Feb 2020. I know the Manager of the Kindle Center flagged up this lack of access for all walkin clients of theirs. I do not know when they opened access and put the barrier up but it is now 12 months with a unsafe solution. But it is POOR that uses the Wye Walk as access around Hereford. Hereford Council have spent ££Ms for the B4224 road closure which happened on the same day. I question the Council priorities.
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