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  1. Nobody likes to see empty shops but it is even worse in the city centre, it will be good to have this shop in high town occupied again.
  2. This is never going to happen, it frustrates the hell out of me as the main A49 trunk road comes right thorough our city, I do not believe for one second these stats showing that the majority of the traffic is local traffic, virtually EVERY lorry coming from Wales and heading north through Shropshire and Cheshire will drive through Hereford. I agree we need a better more reliable bus services etc because what we have now is a joke and I also like the idea of turning off the traffic lights, which I am aware Hereford Voice have campaigned to at least get a trial for many years, so with some luck this may come to fruition. Personally, I always preferred the Eastern bypass route.
  3. It is no wonder that less and less people shop in Hereford. This place will be closing next mark my words, I cannot see how it is costing so much to keep a couple of toilets clean, we have 2 toilets at home! It is not like there are loads to clean.
  4. Good to see local businesses active with their online advertising, probably gain more exposure than being in with the masses in the local papers. I have had a read through some of the positive reviews, welcome to Hereford.
  5. Good to see this initiative as long as the cyclists don't ride on the footpaths!
  6. Where does she want this bench moved too? So to get this right, is she suggesting that merely because there is now a rather nice bench on the common is is encouraging people who litter? How ridiculous! In the time it took her to take the photograph on her newsletter she could have simply just picked up the small amount of litter. I ride my bike home this way most nights and I do not recall seeing any additional litter since this seat was put here but even if this was the case (which I cannot see for the life of me) she should concentrate her efforts into catching the culprits and enforcement. I am sure this has something to do with Andrew Wood and his 'litter loving credit scoring cronies' somewhere along the line, they are buddies, you can see that from all of his and her rantings over the past year.
  7. They need to employ someone to advise on the weather! Are you serious? My iPhone is pretty accurate, I will do it for a lot less money.
  8. Love the tram idea, they should use more of the existing infrastructure instead of building roads that nobody wanted! I also agree with Steve about the very poor bus service (if that is what you call it) in Hereford.
  9. Hardly ultra low level stuff imo either, watching these films has come as a bit of a shock, i cannot understand how they are getting away with this, if this were someone in a car or van it would be a different story altogether
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