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  1. Yes same for us with my parents, so difficult for many families.
  2. I will be glad when we can all get back to some normality
  3. These are looking so beautiful around the county, well done to all involved in creating these as a mark of respect for our fallen heroes
  4. We're still here, please that Hereford Voice do not ram it down our throats on a daily basis, we see enough of it on the news 24/7
  5. This pub looks gorgeous, think we need to book Sunday lunch there for next week.
  6. That is all most people around here do is to complain. Nice to see some positivity from Hereford Voice that's more like it 👏👏
  7. Made from hardwood, so should last for years. We only saw this for the first time over the weekend, looks good to be fair.
  8. Not sure about some of the history but the 'Belmont Lake Angling Club' run out of the Kindle Centre they maybe able to give a guide to who owns the pools etc
  9. I agree, I mean where the hell do they get the figure of £2.65m, that is a massive amount of money
  10. 8 years, that is shocking, I would have of thought it was there for only 4-5 years if someone had asked me.
  11. This is interesting, previously businesses were quite restricted on what they could place on pavements because of blind people etc
  12. It was dead in town on Sunday, we parked in the car park in Bath Street but we could have easily parked in Broad Street. The shops were quiet, so not convinced that the free parking has made that much difference.
  13. I couldn't agree more. Brilliant work by the fire service too.
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