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  1. Not sure about some of the history but the 'Belmont Lake Angling Club' run out of the Kindle Centre they maybe able to give a guide to who owns the pools etc
  2. I agree, I mean where the hell do they get the figure of £2.65m, that is a massive amount of money
  3. 8 years, that is shocking, I would have of thought it was there for only 4-5 years if someone had asked me.
  4. This is interesting, previously businesses were quite restricted on what they could place on pavements because of blind people etc
  5. It was dead in town on Sunday, we parked in the car park in Bath Street but we could have easily parked in Broad Street. The shops were quiet, so not convinced that the free parking has made that much difference.
  6. I couldn't agree more. Brilliant work by the fire service too.
  7. Obviously all this mess has been left behind from people with a very low Intelligence
  8. Stick to the local news guys and keep up the good work.
  9. That look like a huge fire, I was just reading about it on the HT website. Thankfully nobody was hurt, some serious damage there though.
  10. They have provided an excellent service during these difficult times, well done to them all. 👏
  11. This is baffling, I cannot fathom how the car end up on that wall before it hit the house, it appears to be a fw feet higher than the road unless there is another road we cannot see.
  12. We used these when we were on holiday they are brilliant, so quiet and cheap too. We had to download an app, it even records your journey well cool
  13. Some work has gone into making these, fair play they are very good.
  14. I have always tried to show my respect, it is the decent thing to do
  15. Thanks for the heads up, looks like I will be going to Wilko later
  16. This is a feeble excuse from the planners, there are vape shops springing up all over town, so what's the difference here?
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