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Kington Car Parking Charges

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Councillor defers decision in light of public opinion 


Following a public meeting last week, where Councillor John Harrington listened to the concerns of the community, a decision to introduce car parking charges in Kington has been deferred until a full transport study can be undertaken to understand the issues raised in detail.

The introduction of charges for off-street parking in the town had been proposed as the council considers how it can best meet the needs of residents and promote other ways of travel. It is important that the limited number of parking spaces in any town centre is correctly managed to enable visitors to find a parking space easily and conveniently when they arrive.

The transport study will align with the emerging scoping work set out in the Market Town Investment Plan for Kington, which is due to be considered by Cabinet on 24 March, and identify solutions to address the concerns raised around the parking.

The town council has been invited to review the transport study brief to ensure that it addresses their concerns before it is progressed. The study, which will include further consultation with the town council and local stakeholders, is anticipated to be completed over the summer.

Cllr John Harrington, cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said:

“I’m grateful to the town council for arranging a public meeting last week as it was important to fully understand the detail behind the concerns expressed by those who may be affected by the proposed decision.

“I have reflected on the meeting and the issues raised and have agreed to defer the decision on the implementation of parking charges until the challenges and concerns raised by the community can be fully considered.

“By working with the community to align the transport study with the Kington Market Town Investment Plan I’m optimistic we will reach a solution that will help deliver economic benefits.”


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The obvious thing to do is introduce residents parking permits for use in the car parks, for those residents who live in the middle of Kington, and who are minimising the use of their vehicles (as prescribed by this eco-Council) by being able to walk to the shops, school etc. To then penalise them them for a) doing the right thing and b) helping to keep the core of the town alive and c) not being able to park on their property because of the street patterns is really not a good look (and counter to everything the Council claim to stand for). So yeah, lets throw (more than) a few grand at a study that no one will read and which could be better spent on our crumbling infrastructure. I expressed these views to Cllr Harrington before the meeting - no reply. I note the last paragraph - deliver economic benefits (to Plough Lane) ie not benefits to the residents. Did the lazy officers who proposed this nonsense not think to align it with the 'emerging scoping work', due to be published in just a few weeks? After three years, time has run out to keep blaming it all on previous incumbents - we're still waiting for  those traffic lights to be turned off, amongst so many other things. Herefordshire Council - never knowingly achieving.

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17 hours ago, Paul Jones said:

Why spend money on more surveys, if he has listened to the community, can he not make a decision? 

It's the same old same old with John. Whilst I think he wants to do the right thing most of the time all the other Councillors take no notice of him. Couple that with the mixture of Tories,Ind, greens etc that we have we are asking for trouble really so until most of them are singing from the same book nothing will ever be done.

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