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Consultants must love Herefordshire Council!

Aylestone Voice

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Just staggering.

As for the Cathedral and Wye quarter - it'll never happen, why bother, and, even if it does in some way, it'll be a piecemenal shambles a bit like ESG, and look how well that turned out even WITH a masterplan. Not to proceed has been 'considered and rejected' - this is not recommended as this will reduce investment in Hereford city centre which is not consistent with the council’s corporate policy to support the local economy and growth. Business will invest if it sees short term gain - no one is going to hang around for Herefordshire Council to deliver - their record is plain for all to see.

The St Owen's Street scheme was signed off and should have started by 31 March this year. It was quietly pulled for no stated reason. Now we have to spend £20k for 'critical friend reviews' - have they completely lost the plot (that's a rhetorical question)?!

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Just like government. Fast track contracts for their friends and brown envelopes in their pockets. 

Government needs to stop misleading the public and come clean. £37bn has been allocated to test and test contracts. Where has that money gone? We should not need to drag government to court to get an honest account.

The problem is that they have had plenty of time over the years to perfect the money making machine.

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