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Overgrown hedges, untidy kerbs and overflowing litter bins


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How tidy is your street, your estate. Seen any rats yet? We have had tree cuttings left on the ground since July 2020 even though they were reported several times since , there is even a Christmas Tree lying on the ground.

It appears the council can take away a useful litter bin, but can't empty the ones which regularly overflow. Could that be the reason for the problem? If we didn't have several volunteers who take it on themselves to try and keep Newton Farm tidy we would be under a land fill site by now.

Have you seen any councillors walking around the estate? What's their impression? Maybe they would like to knock on a few doors and seek residents views, but now the elections are over I imagine they have gone back down their burrows.



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After the tree clippings above have lain on the ground since July 2020 I decided to clear up the mess myself and take 2 large builders' bags of debris to the tip this afternoon. I did it while a friend sat in with my partner. Pity that the council couldn't manage it, but over the years asking them to do anything you have more chance of winning the lottery.

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All this rubbish in a small area at the back of Sherborne Close created by a group of idiots getting together most afternoons, some drug dealing. Where are the local community police on their bikes, after all the council want us to get out of our cars. What's happened to Neighbourhood Watch?

These are most probably the people who go on about saving the planet when they can't even look after themselves.

   DSC03335.JPG.277e719fc1755b67bae34ba5947fcb58.JPG  DSC03334.JPG.0c6871bb70a979e42e2fe92c94d5670f.JPG  

  DSC03339.JPG.40bd44ef22430d4d52da8eaa00b802b8.JPG  DSC03336.JPG.990776f01952fe36790de682531f1a42.JPG

 DSC03338.JPG.abf861f8071823740a8e329120f1085d.JPG DSC03337.JPG.be5c213ed016b0017e8a4d6b61ca0acc.JPG


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