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B4224 Fiddler's Green to Fownhope due to reopen Friday 26th March

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Following extensive works to the B4224 road from Fiddler's Green to Fownhope Herefordshire following which was severely damaged by Storm Dennis in early 2020.

The B4224 was dealt a double blow by the storm, which caused a 6.5 metre wide landslip and a separate partial collapse of a 100-metre long retaining wall.


Balfour Beatty explain that work at the landslip site is now accelerating, and to help explain the stages they need to go through to reach completion, they have put together some information below. 👇


We are currently phasing between stages 4 and 5, with Openreach works nearing completion: their changeover works started on Monday (daytime) 20 April, with fibre works taking place overnight (See stage 4). They should be finished by Friday 24 April, allowing us to start drainage and excavation work - digging from the road surface down to the base of the slip (stage 5), on 27 April as planned, and enabling us to reinstate the damaged road and open this section of the B4224 by the end of July.

Please be aware that heavy vehicles will be moving from the landslip work site through Fownhope on the B4224 towards the Old Gore cross-roads. We will be telling drivers to be vigilant, but please beware!

Diversion route
We have put out ‘Unsuitable for HGV’ signs at both ends of the diversion as well as additional signs to divert HGVs before they get anyway near the diversion. Hopefully, all the signage changes we have made, plus our continued monitoring of the route, will help the situation and we will continue to work with the Parish to review any further suggestions.

Drivers beware!
We have received comments from residents concerning 
Traffic speeding on the Haugh Woods Road, including cyclists who are apparently zooming down the lanes.

Whilst we can sympathise, road-user behaviour is generally changing under COVID-19 restrictions. While the majority of road users are behaving responsibly, throughout the UK there has been a rise in reports of anti-social driving. Meanwhile, cyclists are enjoying a relatively car-free period.

Please do remember the rules of the road apply at all times, and if you see any anti-social behaviour, please report it to the police.

Rachel Rice, Balfour Beatty Living Places


The road is scheduled to reopen this Friday to all traffic.

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