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Wallaby spotted in Hereford during heavy snowfall

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A Wallaby was spotted hoping around during the snowfall last night in Breinton Hereford.

Our friend and local resident Crispin Abel got in touch and said he could not believe his eyes and wrote on his Facebook page; 


2021 has already surprised me. I drove my son to work this evening. Things to expect. Snow yes, ice yes, slush yes, Wallaby nope.

As I drove along Breinton Road, I saw a figure in a gateway. 30 metres later, I stopped the car. My brain registered a small kangaroo shape. I asked, "Did you see a kangaroo back there?" Following a brief discussion, we decided it was a wallaby. I reversed back and saw the wallaby hopping down the road. I then phoned West Mercia Police, because.....well. The call went as expected....."I would like to report that there is a wallaby loose on Breinton Road." (Silence......) ,"Pardon!". "Yes, there is a small, Australian, marsupial hopping down Breinton Road, Hereford.

So, if this is how 2021 is going to start, who knows what surreal things are going to happen next!

935128849_HVWallaby.thumb.jpg.c8ef8ef49100eb40f3a786b05a61d3ec.jpg 1548538557_HVWallaby1.thumb.jpg.006b5c0c0928ddb6a3a5bd3b87afdd70.jpg

Hereford is a fabulous City and always full of surprises! And there is nothing better than a happy and positive story to start the day..

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  • Hereford Voice changed the title to Wallaby spotted in Hereford during heavy snowfall

Incredible Stats of our Facebook page with our story today about our little Wallaby friend has reached almost 60,000 people in less than 2 hours! WOW!

We rarely publish statistics but just wanted to highlight the reach of social media with warm charming articles like this.

We all love a great story and this one was no exception. There is something delightful and contagious about being 'positive' and having lovely stories to write about. Our fabulous city of Hereford often surprises us with some great news subjects like this one.


This story has captivated so many people today, we have reached almost 60,000 people in less than 2 hours with virtually 26,000 engagements and over 900 likes, 600 comments and nearly 700 people have shared our story.

There is a lot of sadness and uncertainty in the World at the moment but we're loving this window of 'Positive Hereford' today.

Have a great day folks and keep those stories and photographs of this fabulous city of ours coming our way.

#herefordvoice #positivehereford #hereford

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