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Retail is struggling. A restaurant in a unit is better than no occupation. By the way  .... I needed an item today ..... To replace something that failed to work anymore. I just went to Amazon and ordered a replacement with one click. No trudging around town searching for anything. It will arrive as if by magic! 

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In The Guardian today:

Ministers are facing renewed pressure to reform business rates to bolster the UK’s high streets, with calls for a “complete review” from the Conservative mayor of the West Midlands.

Andy Street, who ran John Lewis before his election in 2017 as the mayor of the UK’s second-biggest urban economy, said the current system of business rates on commercial properties was no longer representative of modern Britain.

Amazon recently confirmed it paid UK business rates of only £63.4m, almost £40m less than Next, despite the US company recording more than double the sales in the UK of the clothing and home retailer.

In The Retail Gazette

The chances of the government introducing an online sales tax has hit a major snag after the finance minister’s office confirmed it would be illegal under EU rules.

It comes several months after Chancellor Philip Hammond first said he was considering the introduction of an “Amazon tax”, in an apparent attempt to level the playing field as physical retailers are slugged with rising business rates.

According to business rates specialists at Altus Group, Amazon paid £63 million last year in business rates while raking in £8 billion of revenue in the UK.

However, Debenhams and Next each paid £80 million in business rates last year on UK revenues of £2.3 billion and £4.1 billion respectively.

Another reason for getting out of the EU.

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