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Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

Hereford Voice

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Elevate Property Group (developers of Alban House) have purchased the Booth Hall.

Work will soon begin to build 18 residential dwellings and two ground floor retail units.

Initially, The Booth Hall will be used as a site office and storage facility for the overall project, once completed the developers will then look to restore the interior and bring it back to life.

Below is an illustration of how Alban House will look once completed.
(Photo courtesy of Elevate Property Group)

Full details can be found here on the developers website: 

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Re Elevate's computer graphic: will it ever happen? In your dreams, suckers!

How long is it since the fire? Six years? Maybe seven (Cambo was fixing our roof at the time and he saw it first hand).

HC allows itself to be used as a doormat, too busy devising (and paying for) fatuous seductive videos of imaginary bridge crossings and empty Link Roads.

Even the mild-mannered Guild Of Hereford City Guides described the lack of activity on this key site as deeply embarrassing.

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After much perseverance by the Ward Councillor, the historic Booth Passage, an ancient right of way, has been reopened, with the gate padlocked open. This gate wasn't shown on any planning drawings, nor the artists impression shown above, and it does not have planning permission Next job is to find the light switch ...





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