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Charity - Support the Heroes ordered to suspend fundraising?


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I have posted this because this "Charity " SUPPORT THE HEROES set up their stall outside Laula Ashley Maylord / Commercial Road Hereford selling Draw tickets for £2.50 each . It is a UK Draw so you can imagine how many tickets are sold .The person manning the Stand takes 33% commission , paid in cash . The Draw is every two months and the first prize is a TV !

The last time they submitted their accounts to the Charity Commission they reported MONEY IN £548,440 MONEY TO WORTHY CAUSES £15.153 , the experts say that is 3% .

Going on from that there is a local connection to these Charity Organisers - you will recall that William ALDRIDGE was the youngest Soldier killed in Afgan. The same week 7 other members of our Armed Forces were also killed in Afgan. A short time later the mothers of these young lads and ladies got together and formed AFGAN HEROES , for the first two years they were really positive and raised over £2million . Then a man called Tony Chadwick got involved with his Company, Prize Promotions Ltd. of Blackpool selling Draw tickets , it then went all downhill and he declared himself bankrupt.

He then set up another Company with a friend called SUPPORT THE HEROES - using a Company called Targeted Managements. Now the Charity Commission are looking into that Company

To my simple mind I think that the Charity Commission are toothless tigers - the Military Charity I am involved with have been complaining about Support the Heroes for at least two years to no avail.

The Charity Commission are also looking into a new Charity " Our Local Heroes Foundation " who's fundraising is managed by Target Management and Tony Chadwick has a finger in the pie !

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Both the Charity Commission like the CQC both need a serious looking into in my opinion. Not at all surprised there are so many people on the make at the expense of somebody else's misery. They have no morals whatsoever.

I agree Denise the whole charity sector is in need of looking into with a total overhaul of the rules & regulations on how they operate as it is open to abuse with some being abused by scammers & people on the make who are taking advantage of others good will who believe their donations are going towards those who these charities profess to be helping?


But in reality only a small percentage of donations actually go towards good causes.

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By the seems of it the National Trust(see Meggie....'s post on HC Farms) is another one with double standards oh we will also include the RSPCA who I will not give to I do not need to name the obvious closer to home one!  I am certainly a lot more discerning which charity I give to nowadays.  Straying slightly off topic ho hey!

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The TV programme which brought this into the public domain was an investigative BBC Scotland programme , they initially highlighted a male on Blackpool Sea Front selling wrist band to support "'Work Initiatives " . The seller was not and had never been a member of the Armed Forces .

You guessed it the " Work Initative " was his and he kept all the money collected - Police and Benefit Agencies are dealing .


Re the Charity Commission , I gathered from the programme that if you fill in the Application Form correctly , your in one is over £5000 , submit Annual Accounts , give a penny or two to your stated Charity you have complied D with the Regs.


Further to to that , the Charity that I am involved with is SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity , we receive Car Parking and milage expenses , we do not have any paid staff in the County . Over 80p in the £1 goes to helping Serving Members of the Armed Forces and Veterans.

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Cambo , do not know - it appears that his Companies were all based in the Blackpool area , I am sure that with a bit of research by you or Megilland will come up with the answer .

I only ask ubique because there is a guy who is from Hereford with the same name so people might think they are one & the same when they may not be?

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There you go waiting for my cup of tea to cool now off for a walk

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Freedom Church should 'hire' him for themselves! Might help them line their pockets!


On a serious note, this is nothing less than a serious extortion racket. Will he be found guilty- no. Why, because he has given some to charity.

Have a look how easy it is to set up a charity collection, let's say "abandoned blind puppies" street collection over 2 weeks - £500 donated, less expenses and overheads marketing etc (even charities have them!), total actually donated to ABP PLC £58.67

£440 in the pocket for a few hours "work" and a handful of 'printed' recipes from tinternet just in case!. The Charities Commission won't check because 'you' received a big thank you letter for your kind and great full donation from ABP.

Clothing bags/banks donate +-75p a tonne to charity, profit margin £150+ a tonne after export!!

Please read the small print before donating.

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