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Farage v Cameron tonight on ITV


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I thought Nigel held more than his own, bearing in mind the constant attack by the EU funded academic and professional plants in the audience. Having said that Cameron is also on the receiving end of ordinary people's concerns at a personal level. Banks, corporations and restrictive professional association/bodies have little in common with the patriotic citizen, rather more than protecting themselves in their counting houses and milking us dry.

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I just keep thinking.....

If this load of disconnected, Westminster ( elected and un-elected ) luvvies, who think the rest of the UK is rubbish, really believed that staying in the EU is absolutely the best possible thing that could happen ....

Why the *uck did they bother to have a referendum in the first place ?

The huge amounts of money on pamphlets, trips around the country, TV appearances etc, all  contribute to a complete waste of time and money, when there is so much constructive stuff to do n this country.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns, comes to mind.

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I thought Nigel held his own, Cameron couldn;t really answer the question about immigration, and rather disappointed he didn;t get the kicking I hoped he would get.

Glenda Cameron was never going to get a kicking his TV appearances are all staged he's not even doing any really debating with the leave side like tonight he did not debate with farage he simple is orchstraiting things to make himself look good!


Which makes me distrust him as I don't find him honest but rather fake!

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I agree with you Cambo. I believe Cameron with his government's policies, backed by the UK press and media is a traitor only looking after the ultra wealthy. In Great Britain the richest 10% of households hold 45% of all wealth. The poorest 50%, by contrast, own just 8.7%. That's the outcome of Cameron's "We are all in this together" policies. 


In the debate last night, David Cameron suggested:


Voters preparing to back a Brexit are “quittersâ€, “little Englanders†and do not love Britain, . The Prime Minister said that Britain is a nation of “fighters†who should take on the EU rather than vote to leave.
Note the divide and rule strategy again. 
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Cambo, As I have said previously Cameron a coward, he wouldn't share the platform with Farage, or Boris but his MP's have written to the 1922 committee to challenge his leadership  and position of PM, they wnt him gone. But in one of the daily national papersthis morning his father-in-law has stated that even if the people vote for Brexit it won't happen because the MPs will stop it, so much for democracy, note as Megilleland said Divide and rule strategy again.

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Hereford Times Letters 8th June 2016

You're (David Cameron) not going to frighten me into voting to stay in the EU
UNTIL a few months ago, I was a happy soul, positive in outlook and confident of a useful future for me and my family. Then the prime minister told me that if Britain leaves the European Union this country will go into catastrophic decline. I was a bit anxious about that but tried to look on the bright side and only had an occasional headache.
Then he sent me a booklet (which cost nine million pounds of tax payer's money) informing me that not only would Britain face a miserable and desolate future if we leave the EU but there would be mass unemployment and economic instability and trade with Europe would all but cease. It followed that my son and his wife would probably lose their jobs and maybe their home, see their savings dwindle and find little to buy in the shops as other European countries closed their trading doors to the British people. To make matters worse, Brexit would mean we could no longer benefit from the professional skills of hundreds of thousands more essential immigrants. The fact that we already have nearly two million unemployed workers of our own seems to have been lost in translation. Open borders and the ever increasing burden on our NHS, the benefits system, our schools and housing was not mentioned but the revelation that we would quickly run out of engineers, doctors and builders led me to believe that I was just too ignorant to understand what is going on in the world. By that time I was depressed and attending relaxation classes.
The worst was yet to come. This week Mr Cameron told me in a speech on TV that if we leave the EU then a third world war is all but imminent. I fainted on the spot and now suffer from awful nightmares about gangs of fanatical Brexit's hiding in the wardrobe.
I am an old lady. I lived through the Second World War in a city regular bombed by the Germans, I have experienced the terror, bloodshed and devastation of war; Mr Cameron has not yet. He presumes to threaten me casually and arrogantly with something he has only ever seen in newsreels. To suggest that war is a probable outcome if we exit the EU is cruel, preposterous and totally irresponsible. He is using base and unscrupulous scare tactics by making unsubstantiated claims of disaster, poverty, deprivation and even a third world war to try to prove political point. He is putting the fear of God into people who cannot know what will happen if we stay or get out. Ruling by fear is a ruthless and dishonourable method of manipulating the masses. Shame on you Mr Cameron!
I add that I have not taken to drink or lost my marbles despite the prime minister's best efforts to undermine my confidence in myself and my country. Unlike him I am one of the Bulldog breed and proud of it. You can't put the wind up my breeches mister or make me feel inadequate, inferior or unable to face the future without the many repressive controls and restrictions imposed on me by foreign people in a foreign place, the place they call the European Union. I am the inheritor of a home land my ancestors built, defended, fought and died for and I want to be governed by a parliament that shares and respects that inheritance and who have faith in our people, our heritage, our abilities and our potential.
If you don't have the wisdom or the courage to steer us through uncertain waters Mr Cameron then let go the helm and hand it to someone who does.
Belmont, Hereford
Well said.
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Excellent letter it is nice to know that the older generation know what it was like before Ted heath took us into the common market. To be run by un-elected members we never voted for ask all the in voters if they can see the expences accounts and the reply will be a flat no. Not one of our mp's can tell you either and they talk about democracy more like Nazi politics to me.

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