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    Playing devils advocate. Managing to live in this crazy world
  1. Just proves Alice in Wonderland is alive, kicking and well !! Utter bloody madness I tell you.
  2. I just keep thinking..... If this load of disconnected, Westminster ( elected and un-elected ) luvvies, who think the rest of the UK is rubbish, really believed that staying in the EU is absolutely the best possible thing that could happen .... Why the *uck did they bother to have a referendum in the first place ? The huge amounts of money on pamphlets, trips around the country, TV appearances etc, all contribute to a complete waste of time and money, when there is so much constructive stuff to do n this country. Nero fiddles while Rome burns, comes to mind.
  3. When I joined HV 2+ years ago, I'd hoped to be able to make the odd sensible/ sarky comment to enliven proceedings. Since then unfortunately for me ( but probably in all your best interests !) health problems have got in the way. So now having had the all clear for 2 1/2 years,I'll explain what I feel after the nightmares I've seen. THEN you'll understand why I regard all religion as the work of, dare I say it, the devil. The devil I'd hasten to add that is in all of us. Not some hell and brimstone wally screaming about souls. Some people need direction in life, a classic case in point was
  4. but who actually owns/owned this plot. Here is the F & c press release: Historic F&C name survives major BMO rebrand By Dylan Lobo 11 Jun, 2015 BMO Asset Management has decided to keep the historic F&C name following a major branding exercise 12 months after it bought the firm. F&C can trace its roots back to 1868 when Foreign & Colonial launched the UK’s first investment trust. In 2001, the firm was acquired by Eureko and rebranded as F&C Asset Management. While BMO will become the dominant brand at the merged entity, there will be no nam
  5. Well here's a thing, having searched thru companies house records there is no mention of "Omaha Properties Ltd" Many other companies called Omaha xxx Ltd, but no one called Omaha Properties Ltd.... unless they're based in New Zealand. So we have a conundrum, a ghastly eyesore in an area where the council want to spend 2.5 million in regeneration. During the last war, many cities were bombed to extinction, Afterwards the councils just compulsory purchased the land and then sold it on to developers...usually at a profit. It was up to the previous owners to prove title, and get meagre recompen
  6. Tithes ? in 2015? I'll doff my cap tighten my twine around my trews and rush off on Sundays to believe in sky fairys. If it wasn't real it would make a good sit-com probably on a sky fairy channel !!!!! Trouble is because we now don't have any safety net left for disadvantaged people ( thank you council and government ) then this seems a good deal. Hmmmm maybe FC should offer to rebuild the houses of parliament with their petty cash. Then we'll really need Guy Fawkes
  7. Many many years ago , ( and I'm getting aged now ) I remember a neigbour who apart from having a terrible BO problem saying to me ... at a distance ..... "any 'ism is a bad ism ' and I have to agree. Think about it and add 'ism' at the end.
  8. Hmmm, too may resignations ... something rotten in the state of Herefordshire. ( Well Denmark is a tad too far ). In the meantime the potholes get worse, the city centre dies and Nero is good at fiddling.!!!
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