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  1. I have posted on many similar subjects/threads over the last few years and my view has been consistent: 1. This is not a problem unique to this county, this is happening every day throughout the UK. 2. The law is an ass..heard that before. If a shop has an alcohol licence the Police can and do take it to a licensing review to get it revoked. 3. Revoking a licence does not mean that a shop can no longer trade. This does happen in this county, but rarely in other areas of West Mercia who have bigger towns and cities, larger multi national communities and significantly more corner shops. Perhaps locally the Police and the council have got their eye on the ball. 4. The Police and council can use closure powers under the Anti-Social Behavior, Crime and Policing Act 2014. The powers mean a court case in the Magistrates - who can order a premises to be closed for up to 6 months. This means it excludes everyone - a part from the owner - from entering the premises. This rarely happens - but who knows with these shops... 5. A landlord - who owns the premises - receives a rent. If they are aware of the shop has been involved in criminal activity it is fair to say that they are receiving rent which has been obtained as proceeds of crime = money laundering. 6. The law is inadequate - shops need to be closed permanently, those who own/operate them need to be disqualified from holding business leases. If they are no EU citizens and fail to obey the law of the land and are convicted, UK Immigration can and do have them removed from the UK. 7. Lastly and most importantly very few of these shops are owned and run by Polish born citizens - they are normally run by Kurds and are a front for more sinister activities. If east Europeans shop at the premises, they are no different to those British citizens who are looking for cheap cigarettes and who do use these shops, and some openly sell tobacco brought in (by them) from abroad for so called personal use...its a crime...
  2. Perfect location and type of building for another Whetherspoons - might bring some life back to this area of the city
  3. Alert ! Alert! Just seen one of those food delivery riders - on the road going in the right direction and stopping at the red traffic lights. All in Bath Street - need to put a blue plaque up..
  4. Its an annual summer camp that has been held for about 5 years at the college
  5. Parking permits PLUS at least another 500 paid at a reduced rate allowing parking at a cost no more than £1 A day (also open to the favoured few in the police) PLUS reduced cost parking at Plough Lane...employee benefit = increased council tax through reduced parking revenue...
  6. Using the council 'report a problem' process I regularly report issues such as this. Nothing gets done Nothing will get done They - the council and 'Half Soaked Betty' - do not care It's not about money - it's about dealing with an issue early before it becomes a problem.
  7. Daily this is the state of the city centre. Bins outside the Town Hall are the same. 'Half soaked Betty' empty once a day but do not pick up the overflow litter - that's left to the BID to do. As soon as you enter the Old Market it's a different world. Bins in place for regular recycling, staff who sweep and pick litter throughout the day, steam cleaning for gum and seagull droppings and cleaning out moss between the slabs!! So why can't this be done in the city centre or Maylords (which is 'private' like the Old Market)... perhaps as a start those take always such as Gregg, McDonald's adopted a more robust social consciousness to keep the areas in front of their premises clear of litter. However whatever happens it's down to the council to keep the city clean. So absolutely no chance of their approach or pride in their city changing. So campaign loudly - tell your councillor, post on social media, get the HT on board - make a noise - be a nuisance
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