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The Herefordshire hotel used for 'diabolical' experiments


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Came across this confusing piece in The Independent yesterday. Rather odd and no mention of dates when this occured. I wonder if the SAS were involved as part of their training?


Revealed: The Herefordshire hotel used for 'diabolical' experiments on US military students

Former army lieutenant colonel Dr John Hagmann allegedly carried out 'macabre' experiments on US military students taking his courses
Behind the façade of a peaceful Georgian country manor hotel, nestling in 18 acres of rolling Herefordshire grassland, lay a dark secret involving a former medical director of the FBI which last week came to light at a medical board hearing in the US state of Virginia.
There, a shocked board heard how Dr John Hagmann, 59, a former army lieutenant colonel and president of Deployment Medicine Consultants of Gig Harbor, Washington, had allegedly carried out “macabre†experiments on US military students taking his courses.
He was accused of carrying out unethical procedures at his farm in Virginia and also at the Pengethley Manor Hotel at Peterstow, near Ross-on-Wye. The hotel is owned by Ex-Med UK, a company specialising in the sale of medical goods and providing medical support and training in “some of the world’s most challenging locationsâ€.
There is no suggestion that Ex-Med was involved with Dr Hagmann or his company Deployment Medicine International, which has received millions from the US government for training soldiers and medical personnel.
The Virginia Medical Board was told that Dr Hagmann had inappropriately provided students with the hypnotic drug Ketamine and subjected two intoxicated students to “penile nerve block†procedures. Students were instructed to insert catheters into one another’s genitals and he was also accused of conducting shock experiments involving the withdrawal of blood from students which was later transfused back into their systems. Students also told of having holes drilled into their shins.
Dr Hagmann, whose antics alarmed top army personnel, was described by a House of Representatives committee member as engaging in abuse “like a diabolical mad scientist at work in horror movieâ€. His experiments with live animals, particularly pigs, were heavily criticised.
Dr Hagmann denied reports that he had carried out sexually intimate examinations on some students during their training session at Peterstow and defended other procedures as complying with standard practices for training medical students, “in fact, utilised in medical schools in Virginiaâ€.
In one case detailed by investigators, Dr Hagmann was alleged to have boasted to a student of his “proficiency with rectal examsâ€. In another he was interested about the effect that “ an uncircumcised penis had on masturbation and sexual intercourseâ€. The student said he was inebriated and felt he could not refuse Dr Hagmann’s request to “examine, manipulate and photograph his penisâ€.
Dr Hagmann’s experience as an army doctor served him well after his retirement. His experience in battlefield trauma and medical care gave him the opportunity to train troops to apply tourniquets, chest seals and other devices to wounded comrades, and his contracts with the Pentagon flourished.
But for some the medical experiments he performed went too far, and on 19 June the Virginia Medical Board unanimously withdrew his medical licence.


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I've just googled this, and it says on the search page "The Independent   5 hours ago"


Also, the photo which is included in the report of witnesses at the medical board hearing, looks very recent. The date given for the outcome of that hearing when he was struck off, is June 19th....a couple of days ago.


The comments section underneath, also seems to concur that this is a "breaking news" story.

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Struggled to read the article in the Independent because of the adverts so the key element for me is when it happened. I know the guys who now own the hotel. Xmed are generally X regiment who offer a specialist medical support service. Will find out more.

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This guy clearly strayed from the brief however some of this is not uncommon in battlefield medicine. Things have moved on from the days of the stretcher carrier and the 21st Century Combat Medical Technician can do great things in the field including tourniquet application, chest drain insertion, chest seals and improved intravenous access via the shin bone (as described). Insuring that a medic can catheterise a male patient can be demonstrated on manikin so to a penile block.

Ketamine is the drug of choice these days in pre hospital medicine and blood recycling has emerged from emergency medicine in Afghanistan however to practice some of these techniques on students particularly those that have sexual connotations goes wide of the mark.

It always pays to ensure good diligence if bringing individuals in to provide bespoke consultancy training on behalf of your organisation because reputations can be destroyed by the actions of just one individual.

Let's see what comes from it.

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Would make sense Roger as before it was operating as a private hotel. Exmed acquired it as a training facility offering medical courses tailored for specific environments. Candidates are often ex military (specific regiments!) Looking for alternative work in the private sector where private security work and medic duties work hand in hand.

UK healthcare professionals like paramedics also attend as there courses for those working for charities overseas.

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