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Hereford FC in Midland Football League for the 2015/16

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Just announced on the Hereford Football Club Website 




It has this afternoon been confirmed that Hereford FC will be entered into the Midland Football League for the 2015/16 season.

This means the club will be starting at Step 5 of the National League football pyramid.

Speaking about this news, Hereford FC Chairman, Jon Hale, said:

‘We always knew we were likely to be placed at Step 5, as Football Association guidance suggested we would have to start two divisions below the last league Hereford United played in.

‘As a club we will look forward to making new friends in the Midland Football League and clearly the local derby fixtures against Westfields will be hugely interesting.

‘Now we have clarity about the league we’ll be playing in, we can really focus on all the challenges that lie ahead of us. However, I know I speak on behalf of everyone at the club when I say these are challenges we are really looking forward to.

‘There is little doubt that as a club we have a quite a journey ahead of us and I think it will be an adventure that supporters can really enjoy.

‘I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the day we can start thinking more about football is one I’m really looking forward to, and I feel today’s announcement is bringing that exciting day even closer.’



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A 2am licence will help their function facilities. All income for them has to be good.


Plenty of demand for Wedding reception venues and I would fully expect the Club to go down that route to maximise bar revenue. 

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Hereford fans warned to be on best behaviour at Highgate tomorrow




HEREFORD FC chairman Jon Hale has warned supporters to behave themselves at tomorrow's game at Highgate following some incidents that they have been made aware of at Stourport on Tuesday night.


Alleged abusive behaviour and items being thrown onto the pitch were reported by some supporters on social media and internet forums following the game.


A corner flag was also apparently removed


Ludlow Advertiser


Ridiculous ..... HFC are playing at tier 9 in the big scheme of things .... 


"Then, on Tuesday night, we took over 1,000 supporters to Stourport – a level of support that is absolutely fantastic.


This is obviously a big headache for the Authorities .... 

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