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G24 parking fine can anyone help?


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Hi everyone, I'm very new to this so please bear with me if I'm doing this the wrong way, I find myself in a real predicament, and would really value anyone's input if they have any help for me on this.  I will try not to bore you with all of the details at this stage (don't want to put you off reading it), I find myself with a fine from G24 for parking in a disabled bay on a retail park (which I gather is classes as private land parking).  I am entitled to occupy this space with a current blue badge, (I was using my son's car therefore the letter was sent to him via the DVLA I assume). The incident apparently occurred on 18th December the letter arrived a few days ago, I am worried sick about this, I have read many posts on different forums and mainly say that private land fines are hard to enforce, but the majority I have come across are with regard to overstaying the limited times, I can find virtually nothing about disabled parking though I guess really from G24's point of view a fine is a fine!  I feel sure I put the badge in the window but I cannot honestly swear to it, along with physical disability (difficulty walking very far), I suffer from a condition known as fibromyalgia one of the symptoms of this are what is loosely termed 'brain fog' which simply means lack of concentration, periods of poor memory & confusion, hence me not being 100% about the badge.  I have since been back to the car park and happened to see the young man in operation, he literally ran to the car as soon as the driver was away from the vehicle, took a quick shot front & rear on his mobile phone and disappeared into the crowds, He was dressed in normal clothes nothing to say he was a parking attendant, despite on G24 website showing their attendants wearing Hi vis jackets with the name on, I contemplated speaking with him but didn't see the point & didn't want the confrontation I guess.  My question is does anyone know what I should do I have read so many conflicting stories, I cannot afford to pay the £100 and really if I'm honest more to the point feel it's unjustified I was entitled to be there, also a lot of the posts I have read refer to unreasonable charges relating to overstaying stating that it's unreasonable to charge more than the land owner would have lost, well in this case they would have lost nothing as I was entitled to be there and also in and out and off the car park in less than 30 minutes only popped to buy dog food. Sorry if I've rambled on when I said I wouldn't but it's really stressing me out, please can anyone help??

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Dear Gabm1956


Welcome to the voice.


Throw the fine in the bin! It's not legally enforceable, the only fines that are legally enforceable are fines issued by the Local authority and the Police.


I am confident you will get lots of responses from people on the voice who will confirm what I'm saying. The company will continue to send you lots more letters threatening action but just throw them away! Don't contact them by phone or email and try not to worry about it, they will get fed up soon enough!


Warmest regards!

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Dear colleague, My dear and good friend Flamboyant is right. Ignore it. Alas, you'll be bothered by the odd letter or even a phone call but simply do not pay. It's a charge rather than a legitimate and enforceable fine.

Send the leaches a polite and firm worded letter respectfully suggesting they take the matter no further and at the same time disclosing to them that you know that they've no power to recover the charge.

Don't worry about it kiddo.

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Spartacus shows up the farce of getting a parking ticket on private land




From: Spartacus Lives

Date: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: Re: Contractual Parking Charge Notice Number [123456789] issued to [name and address]

To: customer.services@g24.co.uk

Dear G24 Ltd.

Re: Contractual Parking Charge Notice Number [123456789] issued to [name and address] Vehicle registration number [AB 12 CDE]

I am Spartacus. I was the driver of the vehicle on the day in question. I live at the same address as the registered keeper.

You seem to be under the impression that I entered into some kind of contract to pay you £100 to park in Argos’s car park [address], but I can confirm that I did not enter into any such contract as I did not see any signs either in, or around the car park.

In fact, even if I had seen the signs I could not have entered into any contract with you, because on the day in question I was an ignorant slave who spoke only Latin (with an American accent), and I could neither read nor write.

Fortunately, a crash course in English has enabled me to write to you to explain the situation. The spelling and grammar checking thingamabob on the computer is also a very useful tool (a crash course in computers was also helpful), and I trust my English is now sufficiently improved for you to understand my case for not paying your invoice.

Me and the lads in the slave army (it’s a little project we are working on) reckon that unless you can bring forth the mighty armies of the Roman Empire to force me to pay up or, as is more likely, if you refuse to cancel invoice number 123456789, then perhaps you should issue me with a Popla appeal code.

Please address all future correspondence concerning this matter to: Spartacus, [address]. I look forward to receiving your invoice, appropriately addressed.

Kindly acknowledge safe receipt of this correspondence.

Yours faithfully







G24 replied to the above email ...


Reply here

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So there you have it kiddo. Roger is a fine retired Police Officer who concurs with the advice we've given you. Ignore it. Don't worry. Have fun playing with them as they try to make you pay for something you lawfully do not have to pay for.

My very warmest regards to you pal.

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Hi Bobby!


Happy New Year to you too mate!



What do you mean.....back to work????? As if I haven't been!!!!


I have been busy blogging since the start of the year, whilst you were on your hols!!!


Hope you've come back with a decent tan, and a thirst for a beer and a catch up soon!


(Apologies for going off topic.)


Brilliant link,by the way Roger!

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