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Hereford Edgar Street Traffic Lights Out - Northbound Only


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Northbound traffic all last week was great, once you had got over the bridge the problem was driving back up Edgar St where the temp lights were. WHY have they got those there? Pointless, this is the only point wee there is a problem, can't they see that?

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Note: The NEW 3rd lane in Edgar Street is for traffic heading for Whitecross or for traffic wanting to go all the way around the roundabout and back down Edgar Street ONLY! It is NOT for people to cut back across to go over the bridge! Traffic for Ross Road needs to be in the left lane and traffic for Belmont or Abergavenny please use the middle lane.


Please share.


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I concur with Colin's findings, the traffic problem is only for southbound traffic where the traffic lights are in place, when we drove into town this morning it took 12 mins from Newton Farm junction by St Francis to Commercial Road opposite Fusion nightclub, which is pretty good and I put this down to the traffic lights being off north, so this says to me that the traffic lights are definitely causing the traffic congestion


I agree too, traffic issue is only where they have temp lights in place and why only on that exit?

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10.30am, Wednesday took;


5 minutes to get from Ross Road to the train station (Edgar Street North, Blackfriars, Conningsby, Commercial road) - no lights

25 minutes to get back (commercial road, blueschool street South/West, A49) - lights


Total distance 1.6 miles


The traffic queue started at what used to be Subway.


Just to reiterate that.. it took 25 minutes to travel 1.6 miles in Hereford on the route with traffic lights

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Traffic along Newmarket street is a nightmare the lights on the tesco's roundabout only let about 8 cars out before changing causing chaos I'm thinking the council are doing this on purpose ahead of the road works coming in January it has not been this bad at various times certainly in the last 14 years that I have owned the victory pub traffic is queuing right back into st Owens street more time than not now!! I am also waiting for an invite to be consulted with about the road closure even as a councillor we are kept in the dark.

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