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  1. ragwert

    Application to convert former Chadds building into flats

    No.Hopefully not another Restaurant or coffee shop.
  2. ragwert

    Application to convert former Chadds building into flats

    Some great news at last for the former Chadds store. The ground floor was converted into three separate units and two have now been let No 41 & 42.
  3. ragwert

    Hereford Top For Drink Driving Convictions

    This is pretty incorrect.It's based on 6 million comparison quotes when there are well over 30 million insured cars on the road in the UK.
  4. ragwert

    Money for public parks

    Aylestone park is in desperate need of tarmac
  5. Looks like Maxii Mini was raided yey again five days after being convicted. Supersam in Eign Street and Maxii Mini Market in Commercial Road, Hereford. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17349646.thousands-of-illegal-cigarettes-seized-during-three-raids/
  6. ragwert


    I came out after 9 days of intravenous drip three times a day for a serious blood infection caught after surgery I was told to get a blood test done on a Wednesday.Rang up and could not get one until Friday eve then waited until Monday for results....Which was too late. My blood clot on lung had developed into an abcess filling my plural cavity with 2 litres of fluid. Spent the next eight days in hospital again having intravenous drip & a metal tube put into lung cavity so it could drain. My experience after coming out and having to book blood tests was shocking with doc surgery telling me on many occasions it would be over a week to get one.I then asked to book a blood test through Taurus and could get one done pretty much the next day. I'd say to anyone wanting to book an appointment ask if you can book through Taurus
  7. ragwert

    Burger king coming to Hereford

    Burger King have started a massive expansion plan in the UK looking to open a further 200 restaurants. They struck a deal with equity firm Bridgepoint a year ago to become the restaurant chain’s UK master franchisee who then bought up Caspian UK Group who were BK's franchaise partners.
  8. ragwert

    Stabbing in Ethelstan Crescent

    A youg lad was stabbed multiple times in Ethelstan Crescent, near the entry to the skate park on Friday evening 04/01/2019 If anyone saw two men acting suspiciously in a three door Ford (male driver and male rear passenger) around Ethelstan crescent/waterfield road/masefield avenue/Charlton avenue/kilvert road can you please call the police on 101, incident number 0556s040119. At this time one person from Worcester has been arrested with police looking for the other male.
  9. ragwert

    What the .....

    I'm wondering how the hell they got down there in the first place.
  10. ragwert

    Happy New Year 2019

    I'm just hoping brexit does not stuff up our three week jolly across Europe in August.Rooms booked in London,Paris & Switzerland.
  11. ragwert

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy new year to you all....It's getting worse Bobby. Government has entrusted part of their ferry service to a firm without any vessels. Not only has Seabourne Freight no history of ferrying, they think ‘Brittany Ferries’ is a drag artist and Zeebrugge is a character from the ‘Magic Roundabout’.Grayling’s spokeswoman confirmed: ‘We had hoped to find a contractor with experience of crossing the Channel in difficult circumstances – but all of them were Iranian refugees’.
  12. ragwert

    Town Hall Scaffolding

    Work is to repair & clean the stone work & work to the front porch which has dropped 50mm due to subsidence. The quote for the work was £260,000 without a proper survey being done.Anyone want to bet the cost will go up?
  13. ragwert

    Planning for New Wards at Hereford County Hospital

    New planning application for a 24 bed 2nd floor building on top of the proposed 48 bed unit. This will take the number of beds from 48 to 72 https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search?search-term=registered in the last 7 days&search-service=recent&search-source=items&search-item=registered in the last 7 days#tab2
  14. ragwert


    This up Belmont Road was art https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17320549.political-paint-job-likens-theresa-may-to-the-grinch/?fbclid=IwAR2wubLa3hIxfaFgHpMYeipdiWbf0_osFaEfFlr0pTJ7Z9H2J1nJAyEYABE
  15. ragwert


    Waits 12 months for Council to remove it ...