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  1. ragwert

    Missing girl in South Wye area

    Molly has now been found
  2. ragwert

    Missing girl in South Wye area

    APPEAL PLEASE SHARE | 14 year old Molly is missing from her home in South Wye. She was wearing a bright pink cardigan and flowery trousers and carrying a sage green bag. Molly was last seen at 8:45pm last night (24 May) with a young white man aged 14-17, with mid brown hair and glasses. He is reported to be around 5'4" and of average build. Molly is vulnerable and both Police and parents are concerned for her wellbeing. If you have seen Molly, the young man she was with or know where she is please call West Mercia Police on 101 quoting ref 98 of 25/5/2018.
  3. ragwert

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    Totally agree,I love a good modern building but this looks terrible & out of place. If it was to look like the building it was perceived to look like in the Link Road video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVZBNxuCGIY I'd have no problem.
  4. ragwert

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    The student accommodation will be over the road next to Jewsons. I agree with you about the look of the building,I will be putting my objection with planning application. The bus station will be directly opposite train station and right next to super surgery & is quite a large area. The canal basin will be directly behind Gibbs & Dandy timber merchants.
  5. ragwert

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    Bus station will be relocated here next to super surgery which in all fairness is a good place for the surgery to go. I think they have also got it spot on with puting the new multi story on the bus station site. I have also heard that there are plans for Drs & nurses to have concessionary passes at the new multi story car park,another good idea.
  6. ragwert

    Texaco Garage Holmer Road Hereford

    About time,place looks a mess & terrible fuel pumps that leak fuel all over your hands. Also the most expensive fuel in Hereford that will probably increase to cover the cost of its rebuild.
  7. ragwert

    Duck Pond Day

    We will be there,reinforced duck signs are ready to go up.
  8. ragwert

    Car crash Belmont Road

    Possible delays in Belmont Road due to a two vehicle crash just before bridge.
  9. ragwert

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    The original video showing what the various buildings up & down the Link Road could look like were impressive. Now we have the reality of plain old boxes
  10. ragwert

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    I have taken a few screen shots of the location of new super surgery which is adjacent to the train station & what will be a new Country bus station. There will be 93 car park spaces including 9 disabled & two ambulance bays.
  11. ragwert

    Ragwert latest forum Moderator

    Thanks all. Great to be part of the team.
  12. ragwert

    Man shot with BB gun during robbery

    Around 12 I think
  13. A 20 yr old man was shot at several times by a young boy who demanded he handed over his cigarettes during a robbery on the Great Western Way footpath. The boy is described as around 12-years-old wearing a blue top and tracksuit bottoms. The girl is described as around 14-years-old."Enquiries are ongoing but officers are keen to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident or who saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area at the time.Anyone with information is asked to call West Mercia Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting incident number 41S of 6 May.
  14. ragwert

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    These plans are in advanced stages with the surgery to be located close to the Rail station. The Five surgeries will merge together on 1st July 2018. The five surgeries are :- Greyfriars surgery Quay House medical Centre Moorfield House surgery Cantilupe surgery & Sarum House surgery.
  15. ragwert

    Robust Pothole Plan Rolled Out Across Herefordshire

    Went to Michaelchurch, Escley yesterday..... Horrendous.There are roads 100 x better in third world Jungles . This money should be given to Balfour 'botch it n scarper' Beatty but to a company that knows how to fill potholes with tarmac correctly not just throw it in the hole for it to come back out 6 months later..