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    We were all humans until race disconnected us,religion separated us,politics divided us & wealth classified us.

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  1. ragwert

    Swarovski store closed down

    Yes they did.I know someone who directly knew these two restaurants were going to close then I went to a customer/management meeting where I was told not only that they were not closing and all speculation on social media was false but they had stores and restaurants waiting to fill them.looking on the estate agents site they are both stilll available. I won't be going to another meeting,I hate being lied to.
  2. ragwert

    Swarovski store closed down

    Discounted rents were between six & nine months depending on size of unit . Another retailer is already lined up to take this store.
  3. ragwert

    Lance Corporal Allan Leonard Lewis VC

    Few more pics
  4. ragwert

    Lance Corporal Allan Leonard Lewis VC

    Great ceremony apart from the rain.
  5. ragwert

    Swarovski store closed down

    Swarovski shop on the old market has shut up shop.
  6. Problem with illegal immigrants is they won't have any documentation on them so the authorities do not know Where they have originated from so cannot send them back.immigration centres are so full that they are let go on bail to Attend a police station once a week then vanish until they are caught again.
  7. ragwert

    Lance Corporal Allan Leonard Lewis VC

    I just hope that the statue is higher than it looks under the cloth that covers it as it looks to be around 4ft tall.
  8. ragwert

    University campus on Station Approach

    The new multi story car park is still planned to be built on the Country bus station site.
  9. ragwert

    Green dragon sold

    Agree.You only have to look at the sucsess of Castle House to see that a revamp of the Green Dragon can only be a good thing.
  10. Like this one ? https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar
  11. ragwert

    Morrisons car park

    Just ignor. Remember also that it costs money to take someone to court and a lot more if they loose. They have to take the driver to court not the owner or registered keeper so they need a vey good camera photo.
  12. ragwert

    Union Passage & St Peters Square Improvements

    Nice to see Tim back as he's not been well.
  13. It never rains but it pours with Herefordshire Council.........With money. I'm sure that the met weather online give you very accurate 7 day forecast for absolutley nothing & In fact there is a weather app that gives you a live 15 min updates with maps for free too.
  14. ragwert

    University campus on Station Approach

    I'm sure most will be around the City Denise. Along with the main uni on Station App they also have they buildings in St Owen St,St Peters St & the magistrates Court building in Gaol St.
  15. ragwert

    University campus on Station Approach

    Few other bits I have found.It looks likely to be called Herefordshire or Hereford UniverCITY .The name proposed is flexible enough to add the ‘University’ tag in the future once they have degree awarding powers. A city wide bike share scheme called 'Herebike' The scheme is operated via an app on the users mobile phone which unlocks the bike once the hire period has been paid for. All bikes are geo tagged and there is a geo fence area that the bike will not operate outside of.Funding for this scheme has already been given by DOT.