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    We were all humans until race disconnected us,religion separated us,politics divided us & wealth classified us.

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  1. ragwert

    Change at the Council

    Hereford Times trying to keep up https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/16361940.longstanding-senior-officer-to-step-down/
  2. ragwert

    New Cyber Security Centre Rotherwas

    Building looks very nice.....As long as they build it like the artist impression.
  3. A new purpose built security centre is to be built at Skylon Park Rotherwas in a joint venture between Herefordshire Council and the University of Wolverhampton. The University of Wolverhampton has approved £1.5 million to contribute to the centre as well as successfully securing grant funding of £4 million from the Marches LEP Local Growth Fund and £1.16 million of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Herefordshire Council has approved funding of £3.5 million to contribute to the Centre for Cyber Security
  4. I have just heard that he was 'stabbed'. Take this as an unconfirmed report until i get more info.
  5. I know the family through a brother of the young lad,very sad news indeed.
  6. College park has been cordoned off by police this morning after the body of a 17 yr old was discovered this morning. Update.old school lane at the end of kingswaY by railway bridge has been cordoned off inc part of playing field.
  7. Plans have been submitted to convert the upper floors of Steamer Trading cookshop in Commercial Street into 10 no. flats. The shop on ground floor will remain. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=182521&search-term=registered in the last 7 days& search-service=recent&search-source=items&search-item=registered in the last 7 days
  8. Herefordshire Council have chosen the 'Red Route' for the £129 million bypass. Five homes are set to be demolished to make way for the new road.
  9. ragwert

    Hereford Bypass Proposed Routes and River Crossings

    Herefordshire Council have decided to take the Red route for the by-pass meaning five houses will be demolished.
  10. Plans have been submitted to build a single three storey residential building containing 6 no. 2 bedroom apartments, together with associated infrastructure and access, new car parking, bin and cycle storage facilities and landscaped amenity space. The will be parking facilities for 12 cars, 2 disabled bays and also space provided for 18 bikes Planning Application P182431/F
  11. ragwert

    Brexit Is Finished.

    After last nights resignations Theresa May's position as PM is untennable
  12. No surprise there Alex.They get some of their info from here & Your Herefordshire
  13. ragwert

    80 New Homes for Clehonger

    We are a long way from a house building saturation point in fact we are a long way off building anywhere near the number of homes that should of been built over the last 20 years.
  14. I'm not sure which day this happened but there was a police presence outside the Co-Op this morning with a CSO stood outside most of the day so I'm assuming it was related to the following story. Three students from the blind College were confronted and one was allegedly attacked after trying to cross the road in Kingsway. Constant parking of vehicles outside the Co-Op on 'no parking at any time' yellow lines on both sides of the road is becoming a major safety issue as it is a direct route to and from town for many students. On this occasion one of the students white stick hit a parked car outside the Co-Op which led to the occupant of the car getting out and verbally abusing the students and allegedly physically attacking one. More on this story when I get it.
  15. ragwert

    Statue planned for Old Market

    Lance-corporal Allan Leonard Lewis was the only soldier born in Herefordshire to win a Victoria Cross during the First World War. But, as an adopted Welshman, his heroism is not acknowledged at all in Neath where he lived before the war. He is one of Wales's war heroes, and yet his sacrifice is not officially recognised in the place where he worked and joined the army. Tragically, Allan Lewis was awarded the VC posthumously because he was killed in action, aged 23, at Ronssoy during the battle of Epehy on 21 September 1918. His award was for 'most conspicuous bravery'. First, on 18 September 1918, he was in charge of an advancing section of the 6th Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment which was held up by ferocious machine-gun fire as it attacked outposts of the Hindenburg Line. The official citation reports that, after observing how two enemy machine-gun teams were pinning down his men, Lewis 'crawled forward, single-handed, and successfully bombed the guns, and by rifle fire later caused the whole team to surrender, thereby enabling the whole line to advance.' This in itself was bravery of the very highest order, but Lewis was not finished. The London Gazette reported that three days later he 'again displayed great powers of command'. Unfortunately, though, 'having rushed his company through the enemy barrage' he was killed 'while getting his men under cover from heavy machine-gun fire.' By any standards, Lewis's actions at Ronssoy were remarkably brave, and he made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect his men. But the fact that his heroism is not noted at all in Neath, or indeed anywhere else in Wales, adds an even greater level of interest and poignancy to his story. Although Allan Lewis was born just over the border with England, at Whitney-on-Wye, he was in many ways a Welshman, so much so that he had attempted to learn Welsh. One of nine children, he had left school at thirteen to work on the land, eventually becoming a gardener at Truscoed House near Llandeilo in West Wales. Lewis always enjoyed working with machines, though, and this led to him becoming an employee of the Great Western Railway. He moved to Neath, and, after a period as a conductor, he drove a GWR bus on the Pontardawe route. So, with such strong roots in Neath, why does he remain a forgotten hero, even in his adopted home town? Tireless research and campaigning by Mr Vyvyan Smith over the past forty years provides us with an explanation. Lewis joined the army in Neath in March 1915 and in doing so he left his job without seeking official permission from his employer. This seems to have been too much to bear for the managers of the GWR, and they long harboured a grudge against the man who was to die seven weeks before the end of the war. Indeed, not even the award of a posthumous VC served to change their minds. Other GWR employees who won a VC had locomotives named after them, but this honour was never afforded to Lewis. This extraordinary attitude clearly affected perceptions of Lewis in Neath where his name is not included on any civic war memorial. Surely, it is now time to acknowledge the significance of Allan Leonard Lewis VC, a Welsh hero who gave his life for his country.